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Davy Jones, Mike Nesmith, Peter Tork

To Davy, Micky, Peter and Mike
The only true Monkees in the land.
There are some things I’m gonna’ say,
As one of your devoted fans.

You’ve helped me through in many ways,
But you never realized just how much.
You’ve helped me through my troubled times,
A big part of my life you’ve touched.

When Davy sings, “I Wanna Be Free,”
I have to pull myself together.
And when Peter sings “Shades of Gray”,
He makes me feel so much better.

And when Micky sings “For Pete’s Sake”,
My view of life isn’t blurred, but clear.
And last but not least, when I hear Mike’s
country voice, nothing is to fear.

I have written some songs just for you
That I hope someday you will hear.
I hope to write more songs to you,
For the meaning will always be clear.

Your love for your fans is easy to see
Through the years, you’ve shown us so much fun.
And we hope to see much more of you
For many years to come.

Tammy Wertz,
Owings Mills, MD


Recently, when I was going grocery shopping, a TIGER BEAT caught my eye. So, I picked a copy up and brought it home. As I thumbed through the pages, I saw a lot of new, young faces, but there were a lot of old familiar faces, too! The faces of the stars that stole my heart away 20 years ago like Davy Jones and Peter Tork. TIGER BEAT was 35 cents a copy back in those days. It’s hard to believe how fast the time goes.

I wanted to write to you and thank you. You see, through your magazine, I met a wonderful person. I got her name and address from TIGER BEAT’s pen pal list. Her name is Renee Koizumi and she lives in Hawaii. This July, Renee and I will have an anniversary, too. It will be 20 years that we have been pen pals.

Renee has been a very dear friend of mine through the years. We have never met face to face, but we have a special friendship. My dream is to someday meet my dear friend and introduce her to my husband and three children. Anyway, TIGER BEAT magazine, I thank you again. Through you, I received a special gift—my dear friend Renee!


Mrs. Mimi Porteus,
Petersburg, NY

Magazine: Tiger Beat
Editor: Michael Edrei
Volume: 24
Issue: 1
Publisher: D.S. Magazines, Inc.
Page: 68