Inside Track

Hi! Ready for a vacation? Some of your favorite celebrities certainly are and we know where they’d like to go! Would you believe Israel for Rob Lowe? Or Japan for Ralph Macchio? If you want to find out where the young and famous like to relax, take a peek at page 12 . . . Speaking of vacations, Head Of The Class’s Brian Robbins took a great trip recently—to Europe—where he was able to combine work on an upcoming film with time off. Brian, who spent a day with TB during a visit to the Big Apple, says he stopped at Rome, Florence, and Paris and loved it all. “My parents came over, too, and it was really nice to be able to share it with them,” he says. Sounds nice . . . Everyone seems to be taking trips to New York these days and what with Rob Lowe, Michael J. Fox, and Charlie Sheen in town, photographers all over the city are spending many sleepless nights chasing these three hot stars down. TB’s shutterbug, Michael Benabib, though, discovered that Charlie, who’s been busy working on Wall Street, (no not the place, the movie!) is staying in his apartment building for the duration. We caught up with Charlie very early one recent morning and though he was gracious enough to let us snap a couple of pictures, he was reluctant to remove his shades. Still, with his hair slicked back, and wearing a crisp blazer, the young star looked sharp . . . TB’s been taking some trips too. After a rewarding visit to the set of Jaws—The Revenge in the Bahamas, where we met up with a tall, blonde, and very tanned Lance Guest, we popped off to Los Angeles to visit the set of Lori Loughlin’s upcoming flick, Back To The Beach. We’ll give you the scoop on these two movies in next month’s issue . . . One of the big scoops in this month’s TB is an exclusive excerpt we’ve got from Davy Jones’ new book, They made A Monkee Out Of Me. See page 49 for a taste of this very funny and enlightening book . . . Also in the book department is part two of our excerpt from The Growing Pains Book, a perfect gift for any Kirk Cameron fan. Kirk’s been one very busy guy these days, finishing up the school year and working on his upcoming movie. He’s also been devoting time to the “Just Say No” program . . . Jack Wagner is back with a new album and a concert schedule. If he’s not hitting your town, don’t fear, ’cause we’ll keep you posted. See page 42 for some news on this ambitious performer . . . Having any dating problems? You’re not alone! Everyone worries about guys, even stars such as Alyssa Milano. Alyssa talks about this sensitive subject on page 39. Check it out, ’cause this article’s sure to make you smile. Also sure to keep you happy are pieces on Bon Jovi, Mackenzie Astin, Billy Hufsey, The Monkees and much more. So, start turning those pages! See you next month!

Magazine: Tiger Beat
Editor: Michael Edrei
Volume: 23
Issue: 11
Publisher: D.S. Magazines, Inc.
Page: 5