Inside Track

Marty Ross
Info Will they or won’t they?… Will The New Monkees be able to compete with the orignal Pre-Fab Four? We’re tallying the answers of TB readers to that question now. Meanwhile, New Monkee Marty Ross, who used to play with a group called The Wigs, doesn’t look worried.

Hi! Quick: who are the hottest performers around right now? If you guessed The Monkees, you get an A! Thousands upon thousands of letters from TB readers have been pouring into our offices here. So, please, be patient. We’re doing our best to answer all your questions. Hope our special Monkees section, beginning on page 49, will help. We’ve got a whole slew of top notch color photos of Micky Dolenz, Peter Tork, Mike Nesmith and Davy Jones, as well as puzzles, interviews, and reprints of original 1967 articles. Speaking of Davy, I had a nice long chat with the one-time aspiring jockey recently, and he filled me in on all sorts of Monkee business (sorry, I couldn’t resist!). Actually, a lot is happening with the group—Davy’s working on a book and a solo album; he, Micky, and Peter are planning next summer’s tour and single, and they’re also talking about movie possibilities. “And we will be doing a live album,” Davy promises. So, stay tuned to TIGER BEAT for the scoop from the big bananas themselves . . . Rob Lowe is one hot actor these days and we’re not the least bit surprised! He’s certainly getting better and better as he gets older—and we’re not just talking about his looks. In Square Dance, a film of rare beauty, he takes a big chance—and it works out wonderfully well. Try and catch this flick; it’s sure to warm your heart. Anyway, Rob talks about what’s in his heart and other romantic topics on page 31 . . . Romance is certainly in the air these days, so it seemed like a perfect time to talk with some of your favorite celebrities about love. Want to know how Pat Petersen’s spent his best Valentine’s Day? Or who Ryan Lambert wants for his Valentine? We found out and we’ll tell all. Just take a peek at page 26! . . . One romantic couple in the music world these days is Nu Shooz’s John Smith and Valerie Day. Not only are they married, but they work together, too. Find out the recipe for their happiness on page 61 . . . The new year’s new movies are beginning to make their presence felt, and Michael J. Fox’s Light Of Day is at the head of our list. Following closely behind is the new John Hughes flick, Some Kind Of Wonderful. We’ve got terrific prizes to give away from both, so flip to pages 36 and 42 to enter these special contests. . . . Besides catching up with all the latest gossip, TB visited the sets where some of your favorite celebrities were hard at work this past month. We traveled to the set of The Guiding Light for a brief chat with Kimi Parks, then stopped off in Burbank, CA, for a visit to Kirk Cameron at Growing Pains, and even managed to sneak some pictures of Madonna hard at work on her upcoming flick, Slammer. All together an exhausting month! Hope you enjoy. See you in the next issue!

Magazine: Tiger Beat
Editor: Diane Umansky
Volume: 23
Issue: 7
Publisher: D.S. Magazines, Inc.
Page: 5