Magazine: Tiger Beat
Editor: Diane Umansky
Volume: 23
Issue: 7
Publisher: D.S. Magazines, Inc.
Page: 34

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Q. Does Michael J. Fox have a steady girlfriend? How old is he?

A. Once the steady date of Facts Of Life star Nancy McKeon, Foxy Michael J. does not currently have a steady girl. The 25-year-old Light Of Day star, born June 9, 1961, says he just doesn’t have the time to get seriously involved with anyone.

Q. Is either Ralph Macchio or Matt Dillon married? Do they have girlfriends? Can you list the movies they’ve been in?

A. You can breathe easy, because both Ralph and Matt are single. Brown-eyed, 5'11" Matt, who’s been spending a lot of time lately with blond actress Jenny Wright, has appeared in a slew of films including Over The Edge, Little Darlings, My Bodyguard, Liar’s Moon, Tex, The Outsiders, Rumble Fish, Rebel, and The Flamingo Kid. He also appears in the new film, Native Son. Best known as “Daniel” of The Karate Kid flicks, 25-year-old Ralph, who’s been seen with a pretty brunette, also appeared in The Outsiders and then went on to the feature films The Karate Kid, The Karate Kid II, Teachers, and Crossroads. He’ll soon start working on Karate Kid III.

Q. Where does Andrew McCarthy, the one who stars as Kevin in St. Elmo’s Fire, live? Please tell me anything you can about him.

A. A Westfield, New Jersey, native and current New Yorker, Andrew, who describes himself as “just a regular guy,” starred in the films Class and Heaven Help Us before joining the Brat Pack in St. Elmo’s Fire and later in Pretty In Pink. He’ll soon be seen starring in the movie Mannequin. A serious actor, Andrew explores his art on the stage as well as the silver screen. His last project was an off-Broadway play “Bodies, Rest and Motion.”

Q. How old is Madonna?

A. Madonna is 28; her birthday is August 16, 1958.

Mike Nesmith, Micky Dolenz, Davy Jones

Q. Could you please tell me if the Monkees play their own music? I know everyone asks this question but I have never gotten a straight answer. Also, could you tell me how to join their fan club?

A. This is no simple question. The Monkees can and often do play their own music, but frequently do not. Hired musicians played the music on their first two albums, but later the Monkees picked up their own instruments and sort of did it all. Today, while on tour, Davy, Micky, and Peter spend most of their time speaking and singing to their audience while another band plays their tunes. Peter explains, “We don’t want to occupy our hands with instruments all the time… Why should we jam our hands into being guitar players, and piano players, when what we do is clown around? That’s what we are really expert at.” But, he adds, “We might like to pick up our instruments and do a number just to show that we can do it.” The Monkees official fan club, called Monkee Business, is located at 2770 S. Broad St., Trenton, NJ 08610.

Q. I’m the world’s biggest John Stamos fan and I was wondering how old he is?

A. Handsome John was born August 19, 1963, making him 23 years old.

Q. I love Kool and the Gang, but I don’t have their address. Where can I write to them?

A. You can write to Kool and the Gang at Polygram Records, 810 Seventh Avenue, New York, NY 10010.

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