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Dear readers:

I want to thank each and every one of you for your thoughtful letters. I love reading each and every one of them. Time and space make it impossible for me to answer each one personally, but your likes and dislikes and your opinions are given “careful” consideration here at Tiger Beat. Whenever you have a suggestion, a criticism or just want to sound off about something, drop me a note. I “love” hearing from you!

Ann Moses, Editor

Where it’s at

I have always loved Tiger Beat and when I buy it I can’t wait for the next issue. One day I had just bought Tiger Beat and I walked into the living room and there was my mom reading my magazine. Thanks to Tiger Beat there’s no longer a Generation Gap in our family—my mom really knows where it’s at now.

Donna McCurskey
Anaheim, Calif.

Keep ’em comin’

When I got my October issue of Tiger Beat I opened to the center page and who should be staring at me but that great big picture of Bobby Sherman. What a groovy pic. Keep up the good work Tiger Beat. Let those stories and picture keep coming in.

A Real Bobby Fan
Campbell, Ontario, Canada

Trade anyone?

I’m willing to give all my Len Whiting pin-ups away to anyone who will trade them for Mark Lindsay pinups.

Dawn Menneke
DeWitt, Iowa

In respect

I am not a fan of Davy Jones. I don’t even like him. But I am writing this to show my respect.

I am very happy for Davy and Linda for finally they got what they both want. And I hope Davy and Linda have all they want in life. And I also respect their love for each other and I hope that Davy keeps his private life private, for I respect someone like that. Good luck, Mr. and Mrs. D.T. Jones.

Orange, California

Dimes for Davy

In your October issue someone said that everyone ought to pitch in dimes and send Davy back to England.

We think that everyone ought to pitch in dimes and send that person back where she came from, wherever that may be. Probably the moon.

Angele and Tara
Monterey Park, California

Thank you Tiger Beat

I was so happy and excited when I bought my October Tiger Beat because in it was the most beautiful color pics of Davy and his lovely wife, Linda!! Thank you so much for such a smashing story on such a beautiful couple. And to top it off was an outasite picture of Davy on the back cover!! All I can say is Tiger Beat will always be my favorite magazine. Thanks!!!

Huntington, Beach, California


One day I was looking at a picture of Bobby Sherman. I drew a mustache on him for kicks and I was shocked! He was beautiful! He’s beautiful now but with a mustache he’s even more beautiful.

Bobby Sherman Fan
Shadow Hills Estates, California

Bobby wants to grow a mustache too but the producers of “Here Come the Brides” won’t permit it.

Great record

I think Bobby Sherman is The Greatest! I just love “Here Come the Brides.” He’s so cute on the show. I have his record and I think it’s great. Especially “Little Woman.” I buy every book that has Bobby in it. I like him very much.

A Devoted Fan
Great Falls, Mont.

Elvis sings sweet

In your October issue you compared Elvis Presley and Tom Jones. It was okay, but you left out two main factors: 1. Elvis is very good looking and Tom is not. 2. Elvis sings so charming and sweet and Tom does not.

Nina Clevenger
Rogers, Arkansas

Tom sings sweet

Thanks for the article about Elvis Presley and Tom Jones. Please put more in like that and more pictures of Tom Jones. I love him and so do all my friends. Please keep it up!

Los Angeles, Calif.

Congrats for Davy

I would like to congratulate David and Linda on the birth of their first child, Talia. I saw a picture of her for the first time and I think she is absolutely beautiful.

Love & Peace,
Regina Fulton
Bergenfield, N.J.


I think David McCallum and Len Whiting are almost exact look alikes. Anybody agree?

Marjorie Hilborn
Hoxie, Kansas

Loved Len

I seldom write to magazines, but I feel I must express my feelings! I just saw the movie “Romeo & Juliet” not once but four times. Then I bought the original sound track record. Oh, what a beautiful movie! And Olivia Hussey and Leonard Whiting were simply great! If I were in charge of the Academy Awards this movie would win them all! Please, please feature more of Len and Olivia in your magazine. I’ll buy every copy! Three cheers for “Romeo & Juliet.”

Harrison, Ky.

Long and skinny?

Would you please print a picture of Jon Provost’s foot. I read he wore an Eight A shoe size. I think his foot would be long and skinny. Don’t you?

Cindy Doan
Decatur, Georgia

Neat new people

I just saw “The New People” on TV and I think it’s fantastic! When it first came on I didn’t know what it was—I figured I’d wait and see. Boy was I surprised! I really hope it continues to be as good as the first episode. I think they’re really trying to say something and I believe they’re going to get through. I just can’t find words to express how enthralled I was. The show really makes you think.

San Francisco, Calif.

Dear Lois: Meet them on page 20!

Dopey’s a doll!

When I saw the picture of Bobby’s new dog, Dopey, I just had to write and tell you how cute he is. I think he’s one of the cutest dogs I ever saw.

Another dog lover
Oakdale, Wisc.

Touch of perfection

I loved the article on all the new TV shows in the October issue. Just finished watching a new series, “Room 222.” It’s a great show with a darling new actress, Karen Valentine. She’s great and really gives the show a touch of perfection. Please do lots of articles and print lots of pics on “Room 222.” I subscribe to your magazine and it’s the best!

Jeff Johnson
Golden, Colorado

Dear Ann:

I have a real problem! I’m sick, sick, sick of going to my neighborhood drugstore to get Tiger Beat and having it all sold out. This is the third month in a row I’ve missed it!

Sammie Barket
Dorchester, Mass.

Dear Sammie:

You can still get those issues you missed. See page 64. Also, why not avoid newsstand sell-outs by subscribing to Tiger Beat—you get the magazine two weeks before anyone else, plus free Bobby Sherman books. See page 8!

To Mrs. David Jones

I want to tell you how lucky you are. Out of the millions of girls in this world, YOU were chosen, YOU were lucky enough to fall in love with and marry David Jones. Be good to him and love him as you and only you could and add his fans’ love too. We send our love through you now. You’re our interpreter. I found a poem by Blanche Shoemaker Wagstaff that seems to be written just for you and David:

All paths lead to you
Where e’er I stray.
You are the evening star
At the end of day.
All paths lead to you
Hill top or low.
You are the white birch
In the sun’s glow.
All paths lead to you
Where e’er I roam.
You are the lark song
Calling me home!

Fair Haven, Vt.

Girls vs. boys

The movie “Romeo and Juliet” was just about the grooviest thing in the world! In the place that it was shown in our town, there were about 60 or 70 girls and about six boys. All the girls were sobbing and all the boys were laughing at us. They couldn’t understand why the girls were crying!

Anacowda, Mont.

Dear Ann:

Thank you and Tiger Beat for the excellent job you’ve been doing. Whenever I have any questions about my favorite stars I can either look in Tiger Beat or write in. Keep up the good work!

Susan J.
Madison, Conn.

Dear Susan:

We try and it’s nice to know when we have succeeded!

Bobby great!

Bobby was the greatest Guest Host of Music Scene Ever! I wish he’d be on every week! Mike Cole was a gas too!

Betsy Colon
Fremont, Calif.

Magazine: Tiger Beat
Editor: Ann Moses
Volume: 5
Issue: 5
Publisher: Laufer Publishing Company
Pages: 6, 9