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Sometimes I hate myself for being a Negro! Sometimes I hate myself for liking Davy Jones. The first time I saw him was on TV in 1966, and I was drawn to him like a magnet! Ever since then I’ve been a devoted fan of his.

I cry myself to sleep because I think of all the other girls who have a better chance with him if they’d meet him. I’ll never have an opportunity like that, I know.

If there’s anyone who understands my problem, would you mind writing to me at TiGER BEAT to help me get over this, please?

Washington, D.C.

Don’t all these people who write such cruel things about Sajid realize what they’re doing to him? He’s very talented and sensitive and his feelings can be hurt very easily! I can tell by reading articles about him and studying his pictures that he’s taking all the criticism very hard.

He’s like all the rest of us, can’t you people see that? Doesn’t anyone, anyone have a heart anymore?

Devoted Fan
Anderson, S.C.

I think Davy Jones is darling! I like Sajid Khan too, but I must admit I still like Davy better! I think it was so considerate of him to visit that sick girl, Rhonda Cook. But then Davy is always thinking about others. (He’s not like Lulu who is always thinking about herself!)

Suzie C.
Erie, Pa.

I’m writing this not only for myself, but for many of my friends who agree that you are being totally unfair with Clarence Williams III.

Time and time again we see, whole large articles on Peggy Lipton and Michael Cole, which is very good because they are groovy, but then you spoil it by having a few small pictures on Clarence, or he is briefly mentioned in Peggy or Michael’s stories.

If this is not unfair, nothing is. And it’s not just Negroes that love him and want to see more of him because I and my friends are white and we think he is the cutest and best actor we have ever seen. So, come on, get with it!

Lynn Mallory
Rochester, N.Y.

First of all, Lynn, Tiger Beat shares your views. You may see articles in other magazines on Clarence, but, in the past, Clarence has not granted personal interviews. Therefore, Tiger Beat has always covered Clarence in pictures only rather than “make up” or print untrue articles about this fine actor. Recently Clarence agreed to do a few interviews, so before long you’ll be seeing some groovy stories on him in Tiger Beat. You see, we’re as eager to know more about him as you are.

I was reading an article about Jonathan Frid in another magazine and it was very good. But the author described Jonathan as “a tall, attractively homely man with a face like a gardening trowel.”

Attractive? Yes! Homely? Maybe. But a face like a GARDENING TROWEL? I’d say he was better looking than that! What do you think?

Darlene Yarnell
Austin, Tex.

I read that awful letter in the February Tiger Beat saying Dark Shadows should not be on the air. Well, the girl that wrote that is crazy. Most people go to the show to see horrors, not love movies. I just think that Dark Shadows is the best show on TV and I just love Jonathan Frid. I think he is the best actor to ever hit the screen.

Josephine Frederick
Cleveland, Ohio

I am writing this letter to you hoping you will print it before Raider fans start placing judgment on Keith Allison, the new Raider.

Charlie Coe left the Raiders so that he could live the kind of life he wanted. Now that he’s gone, we’ll have to face the fact that there’s a new Raider—Keith Allison.

Recently I saw a Raider concert, and all the while they performed, I watched Keith. I didn’t watch him because I was a fan of his. I did it to see how he acted—how well he compared with Charlie, who I had been very fond of. Then, as I watched him, our eyes met, not just for a second, but for practically the whole first show. It was then that I began to think about how he felt, being compared with Charlie.

When the second show began our eyes met again, for most of the concert. Now I could almost see the pleading in them. It kept getting stronger and stronger until finally I realized it. As he stood there smiling at me, I realized the terrible mistake I had made. He seemed to be saying to me, “Don’t foget Charlie, but please be fair to me. Give me a chance before judging me!”

Believe me, if you fans will just give Keith his fair chance, you’ll see him for what he really is a truly beautiful person! I know I do now!

Patricia Hood
Indianapolis, Ind.

I would like to comment on your recent article by Sajid called “Ten People I Would Like to Meet.” At the end of the article he mentioned a few people that he didn’t want to meet most. One of them was Jesus Christ.

I know Saj is a Moslem and he is entitled to his own opinions. I respect all religions, including his. But I love God, and I love Jesus, and I was deeply offended by his remark!

I respect Sajid for voicing his opinions, but I think because he is in the business he is that he should not state views that might offend his fans!

Lecia Elzig
Tustin, Calif.

I’ve been looking at pictures of Davy’s girlfriend Linda Haines lately, and have decided that she looks quite a bit like Peggy Lipton of “Mod Squad.” Anybody agree?

Philadelphia, Pa.

Last night I read the January issue of TIGER BEAT. Just before I fell asleep, I was looking at a picture of Mark Lindsay. I had the grooviest dream ever! So it pays to read magazines and look at pics of your faves just before going to bed!

Robin Schneiderman
W. Nyack, N.Y.

Thanks for your groovy July article, “How to Act When You Meet Your Fave.”I kept the article around for a long time, just in case, and I used the advice when I met the Cowsills.

Our chat lasted over 30 minutes, with an invitation to return soon. Please keep printing helpful articles like that one!

Julie Knadle
Sioux Falls, S.D.

Have you ever taken a good look at Bobby Sherman? Look at those beautiful eyes! They look so gentle.

Bobby is wonderful all over, don’t you agree?

Wanda Owens
Nashville, Tenn.

I talked to a girl who met Mark, and she said he wasn’t very nice but he was very self-centered! I can’t stand thinking this might be true!

I’m not letting her influence me in any way about him! I’m still ready to meet Mark anytime!

Oaklawn, Ill.

I want to recommend the soundtrack from “Head” to all Monkee fans! It’s a must for everyone who luvs good music! It’s very funny in some places, too!

I think it’s the best record I’ve heard since their last album, at least! Keep ’em coming guys!

Carol Davis
Rensselaer, N.Y.

When the Monkees make you happy when you’ve just had seven teeth pulled!

Karen Mixer
University Hts., Ohio

I just came up with a wild idea for a groovy new singing group! With Sajid’s experience and baritone voice and Jon Provost and Jay North as tenors you’d not only have a swell-sounding trio, but also the best-looking one around!

I think D, D & B are great, but what’s wrong with J, J & S?

Clifton, N.J.

Why don’t you quit prying into our faves’ lives? Every time I read a story about a fave, I get tears in my eyes. Of course you wouldn’t understand. You have a cold heart and just want the money.

If the faves had enough willpower just maybe they could make it on their own without you. So stop holding them up and let them try to make it on their own!

Lorie Owen
White Bear Lake, Minn.

All our stories are written from interviews that are willingly given by your faves. They realize the importance of using Tiger Beat as a contact with their fans, who would know very little about them without the magazine stories.

When Davy did a concert here recently, he went to the Children’s Hospital to see the kids who couldn’t make it to the concert.

This should prove to all disbelievers that Davy is very considerate!

Cheryl King
Birmingham, Ala.

I just had to write and tell you how very much I enjoyed the drawing that Mimi Scova drew of Micky and Samantha for your December issue. It is REALLY GREAT!

Mimi is a friend of mine, and she has done many portraits of my father, Robert Goulet. My dad loves her work and so do I!

Nikki Goulet
New York, N.Y.

Well, it’s about time! Tonight the TV just happened to be on the “Red Skelton Show” and you’ll never guess what I heard. They were dancing to “Don’t Cry Now” from Mike Nesmith’s Wichita Train Whistle Sings album. It’s a great album and it’s about time everyone found out. I hope more people start using it on TV. It’s a beautiful piece of work, Mike, so please keep up the good work.

Pontiac, Michigan

In your January TIGER BEAT I was reading Duke Lewis’ column, “Happening in Hollywood” when I noticed he called Clarence Williams III Clarence White III. Was he trying to be funny, or was it an honest mistake?

Betsy Knight
Kinsale, Va.

An honest mistake, Betsy. It was a typographical error.

Over school vacation I had to do a project on Julius Caesar. Since there are quite a few records of the play, I went to a local record store to get one.

The manager directed me into the back room. I didn’t find the record I was looking for, but I saw Davy’s first album under about three inches of dust! I asked the man how much he wanted for it.

“I can’t sell it!” he said. “Nobody wants it! You can take it for nothing!”

Out I ran with Davy Jones album—for freezies! Not all people over 30 are bad!

Davy Fan
W. Cheshire, Conn.

I’m writing this to congratulate you on the great job you did at your concert in St. Paul, Minnesota. You completely charmed the audience!

At the press conference you said that you didn’t sing very well. You’re crazy! You are great—especially with the song, “Where is Love?”

Good luck in your movie, TV series, recording and everything you ever do! Just stay as kind and sincere as you are now, and you’ll never go wrong!

Debbie Anderson
St. Paul, Minn.

Magazine: Tiger Beat
Editor: Ann Moses
Volume: 4
Issue: 8
Publisher: Laufer Publishing Company
Pages: 6, 9