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I would like to comment on my feelings about Sajid Khan. First of all, I’d like to say that I’d like to punch him in the nose! You see, my girlfriend is crazy about him. She has put him in her scrapbook next to a picture of me. If he makes a television appearance, she increases the volume of the set! She has read me his life story and can give me every fact about him.

This all irritates me very much. But I count it as a phase she must go through. Perhaps it will pass, perhaps not. One way or the other, I guess I don’t really want to punch him in the nose. There are more peaceful ways to settle one’s differences. But it sure is fun to think about it sometimes!

Paul Wicks
Oceanside, Calif.

I have just received a letter from Micky Dolenz. It is the grooviest letter I have ever gotten in my whole life!

Now I realize how much he really digs his fans. I don’t care if he’s married or not! He’s still the same groovy Micky I’ve known and loved for the last two years!

Micky’s Fan 4-Ever
Stoughton, Mass.

I would like to tell all of you what a great guy Desi is! He’s proud to work with his family, and he loves it! He doesn’t have long hair like most group guys.

Just keep it up Desi, and you’ll go far!

Fenairda Garcia
Denver, Colo.

As an AAA (Association Admiration Aggregation) member, I want to thank you for your recent series of articles on the Association. I feel that they are a great group and deserve much more attention than the average magazine gives them!

Gale Mathis
Jackson, Tenn.

TiGER BEAT is a great magazine, but in order to remain groovy, you’ll have to keep out the Association articles! They are just a bunch of snobs and we don’t want to read about them! So no more Association junk!

Seven T.B. Readers
New York, N.Y.

I’m not a matchmaker or anything, but I think Goldie Hawn and Mark Lindsay make a perfect couple. They have lots in common! Just to name a few things, they are both cute, have a good sense of humor, and are featured on two of the grooviest TV shows ever!

It’s just a thought, but I think it’s a good idea, don’t you?

Bronx, N.Y.

I finally saw “Head” the Monkees’ movie, and I luvvvved it!!! I’m not knocking the Beatles, but “Head” was cooler than “Help” and “Hard Day’s Night” put together.

So be cool and see this movie! The songs and colors are all type of outasite!

Lisa Valencia
San Francisco, Calif.

I feel I must answer the letter in your recent issue from a reader who felt TIGER BEAT is a “childish and vulgar” magazine.

Why does she buy it then? There’s no use buying a magazine if you don’t enjoy it! She also said you printed lies. I don’t think you do—you tell it like it is every time!

What does she want for 35¢ anyway? Shakespearean Inc.? I think this girl should write back to you and beg your forgiveness, and I know lots of your fans agree with me! We will guard you with our lives, TIGER BEAT!

Greenwich, Conn.

Thanks for the compliments, Marn. We’ll do our best to continue to deserve them!

In your groovy January issue one page 10 you printed a beautiful picture of Mark Lindsay with Paul Revere’s son. I think it is the most heart-warming picture I’ve ever seen, and I can’t thank you enough for giving it to all us Lindsay-luvvers to cherish forever!

It is a truly beautiful picture, one in which you can see and feel the real Mark! Thanks again!

Mimi Scova
Valhalla, N.Y.

On behalf of Lulu, I would like to write this open letter to all TiGER BEAT readers. Lulu would like to thank from the bottom of her heart all those who have sent such wonderful and gracious letters to her, either through her record company (Epic) address or her fan club address (608 W. Prescott Ave., Salina, Kansas 67401.)

She regrets that she is unable to answer each individually, but hopes that this “thank you” note will be put in TIGER BEAT instead. She really appreciates your very kind thoughts and the fact that you have taken out time to write to her.

However, she asks that all of you keep on writing because even if time will not permit her to answer personally (although she does answer a few) she loves reading them!

Carolyn Stier
Club President
Salina, Kansas

This is to those two girls who wrote in TiGER TALK that everyone should pitch in a dime and send Sajid back to India.

Do you realize that if everyone in the United States (even you) would pitch in a little understanding and good will, nobody would want to send Sajid back to India? After all, aren’t Americans supposed to be understanding?

Sandy C.
New York, N.Y.

Re. sending in dimes to ship Sajid back to India: As long as we’re pitching in money, I’ll send 50¢!

Muskegon, Mich.

In your November issue I saw an unbelievable article. It was about Tiny Tim. I would like to say something to all the sick folk who have seen him (and they are sick if they watch him)!!!!

What I want to do is quote Phyllis Diller’s comment about Tiny Tim: “His voice sounds like a living bra committing suicide!”

Hanover, N.J.

That Barry Cowsill better grow a little faster! I’m 5'3" and so is he! If I grow any taller and he stays the same let’s face it, we won’t be evenly matched anymore!

Houston, Tex.

Mark Lindsay used to be a farm boy. He was ugly and most likely had a sweet and kind personality. He wore country clothes and went out with country girls.

Now that he’s a big star and has lots of money, cars and groovy clothes, he can go out with all of the Hollywood stuck-ups. He doesn’t even date his fans like Sajid and Desi and Dino do.

I suggest that Mark date girls he meets at “Happening ’69” when it begins taping. I am sure he could ask at least one girl out! Like me! I’m 20 and go to all the tapings. Why not, Mark?

Wants Mark
N. Hollywood, Calif.

I just saw “Head” and WOW!!! If you love the Monkees or not, everybody has got to see this fantastic picture! Especially those who think the Monkees don’t have talent! This movie will change their minds in a minute!

Long Beach, Calif.

You may be hip to meditation and psychedelic music, but did you ever stop to think that not everyone is? Guys like Steve Lawrence, Bobby Vinton, Andy Williams and Elvis Presley really know how to sing and are great by me! The Beach Boys in ’63, the Four Seasons and others had lots more talent than some of those bums around now!

What was wrong with Richard Chamberlain, James Darren, Sandra Dee, Annette Funicello and Troy Donahue? I’d still rather see them than any top people today who don’t take baths or comb their hair!

I know many people will disagree with me and think I’m square, but I still have to say it—what was wrong with just five years ago?

Rebecca Hutchens
Monett, Mo.

When I saw your Life-Line on Michael Vincent I thought, “Oh joy!” But when I read about some of his miscellaneous dislikes, I had to write!

In this country we have freedom of speech, as Mr. Vincent demonstrated, and freedom of the press, as your magazine shows. His opinion of the police is his opinion, and he is entitled to it. He can also dislike military uniforms if he wants to. But I believe that I must show that not all young people share his opinion!

My father is fighting our war in the Navy, and my brother will soon be drafted. I’m a 15-year-old girl who, if they will have me, will join the U.S. Navy. I will wear my uniform with pride—pride in myself and in my country!

Ruth Lanigan
Longview, Tex.

Magazine: Tiger Beat
Editor: Ann Moses
Volume: 4
Issue: 7
Publisher: Laufer Publishing Company
Pages: 6, 9