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On a recent whirlwind trip to New York City to visit 16 Magazine and Screen Gems Records, SAJID KHAN got the thrill of his life when he (and our ed GLORIA STAVERS) met the one and only CARY GRANT—in an elevator, of all places! ’Mongst other things, SAJ caught TONY BENNETT’S show at the Waldorf and bought a gang of PETER MAX posters . . . PAUL REVERE is in a buying mood. He recently bought a huge white colonial estate in Boise. The REVERES will move into the house in ’69. PAUL also bought SHARON a great big, beautiful new motorcycle. MARK and PAUL together purchased a trailer park and an apartment building in Boise. Lucky New Yorkers recently got to see MARK sing solo when he did a guest appearance on WPIX-TV’s (local channel) groovy teen talent show Electric Village. DON SCARDINO also appeared on TV—and what a knockout he is! . . . Hope you caught luverly SONNY & CHER on The Phyllis Diller Show. The Bonos are expecting their first baby in February. Same goes for MR. & MRS. MICKY DOLENZ.

John and Cynthia Lennon’s divorce was granted on November 7th by a London court.

Movie News: CHAD STUART, of CHAD & JEREMY, composed the score for AI’s 3 In The Attic (starring CHRIS JONES). Same company changed the name of their flick The Young Animals to Born Wild—it stars TOM NARDINI. Comin your way—CLINT EASTWOOD stars in Paint Your Wagon; MICHAEL SARRAZIN in In Search of Gregory; LEN WHITING in Royal Hunt Of The Sun; GLEN CAMPBELL in True Grit; CESARE DANOVA in Che!; DUSTIN HOFFMAN in Midnight Cowboy; PETER McENERY in Adventures Of Gerard; DIANA RIGG in The Assassination Bureau; ARLO GUTHRIE in Alice’s Restaurant; GEORGE LAZENBY (the new “James Bond”) in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, (DIANA R. is in this too); BEAU BRIDGES in Gaily, Gaily; MICHAEL BURNS in The Mad Room; JOHN PHILLIP LAW in Skidoo; BILL MUMY in Rascal; and ELVIS PRESLEY in Charro . . . By the way, ’tis rumored that ELVIS is preparing for a concert tour of the major cities in America. Wow! Hope it’s true!!

UNI Records, YELLOW PAYGES (Crowd Pleaser was their single) just signed a million-dollar deal to do the commercials for Bell Telephone’s yellow pages . . . BUD COWSILL has opened a California office and is now managing a new group called TWICE NICELY. More about them later. Guess you know that DICK COWSILL is in Viet Nam. He volunteered to be shipped over because he did not want special treatment at Fort Gordon Georgia, where he was running “Special Services”. DICK has received more than 500 letters from you 16-ers and he is truly grateful for every single one, but please try to understand that it is humanly impossible for him to answer. If you want to write to him, here’s DICK’s address: SP/4 Richard Cowsill, 37 Signal Battalion, COA APO SF 96337. When you write to him, be sure to tell him that you don’t expect an answer.

GeeGee recommended LPs this month: Virgin Islander Scott Fagan’s South Atlantic Blues on Atco; Gordon Alexander’s Gordon’s Buster on Columbia; Albert King’s Live Wire/Blues Power on Stax; A Look Inside The Asylum Choir on Smash; Bobby Paris’ Cycles on Tetragrammaton; Everly Brothers’ Roots on Warners; Jimi Hendrix’s Electric Ladyland on Reprise; The Pentangle on Reprise; Mama Cass’ Dream A Little Dream on Dunhill; and Rhinoceros on Elektra. RECORD OF THE MONTH is the one and only Donovan’s Hurdy Gurdy Man on Epic. Got lots of goodies coming up on DON in future issues of 16 and 16 SPEC—so stay awake!

Prediction: The NAZZ and KENSINGTON MARKET are the two upcoming new super groups. The NAZZ you already know about. KENSINGTON MARKET are five Canadians (lead singer KEITH McKIE is on far right of this picture) who are recording in the States for Warner Bros. Records. Their latest single Side I Am tells a lot about where it’s at with the KM. Fans present and future can write to KENSINGTON MARKET in care of Bud Prager, 185 East 85th Street, New York City.


It’s very likely that you’ll soon be seeing SAJID’s very own TV show! Four Star is producing it, and it will be called Kids U.S.A.—a variety-type show with SAJID as the master of ceremonies. If the show is picked up, you will see it from 1 to 2 P.M. (ET) on CBS-TV starting early this year!

Great Beatle News!!! PAUL, JOHN, RINGO and GEORGE will tape a live performance with a live hippie London audience in the Roundhouse Club in December—strictly for the USA! As soon as the film is finished and in the can, it will be offered to the three top American TV networks. Highest bidder gets it—and early in ’69 you get to see the BEATLES on a full one-hour color TV spec!! . . . PETER ASHER and BETSY DOSTER were seen holding hands in the box next to MIA FONSSAGRIVES and VICKI TIEL at TINY TIM’s London Albert Hall concert. MIA/VICKI were not holding hands. Also featured in the concert were England’s newest rage JOE COCKER and the BONZO DOG DOO DAH BAND . . . LUCIE ARNAZ makes her record debut dueting with WAYNE NEWTON on an upcoming MGM recording . . . Prediction: Solo artists are heading back toward stardom. England’s surprise contribution is adorable TERRY REID, who is on Epic Records in America—and America’s contribution is beautiful JOHNNY LOMBARDO, who is on Columbia Records. JOHNNY, a 20-year-old Jerseyite, was formerly lead singer of a group called THE LAST WORDS. He decided to split and go solo—and now he’s destined for stardom! . . . Though PETER met his recent bride MIREILLE at a party more than eight months ago, he didn’t date her seriously until last July.

Don’t get excited—the COWSILLS are still together! However, individual members of the family will be making solo appearances—like JOHNNY did on American Bandstand in December . . . Hope you saw CHAD EVERETT in MGM’s The Impossible Years. If you missed it, get on your horse and ride there right now! Itza groovy-moovy . . . When London’s LEAPY LEE went to Hollywood in ’65 trying to sell songs and cut records, just about every door on the Sunset Strip was slammed in his face. Now, what with his smash hit Little Arrows on Decca, all those doors are wide open! . . . Hope you caught the MIKE BUTLER/PETER YARROW flick You Are What You Eat. Aside from all the other beautiful madness in it, you get a chance to see the girl TINY TIM has been secretly in love with for years. Her name is ELEANOR BARUCHIAN. She has short blonde hair and sings a lot like SONNY BONO. In fact, in You Are What You Eat TINY and ELEANOR duet SONNY & CHER’S I Got You Babe together . . . JIM WEBB, seen here with Happening host MARK LINDSAY, just returned from London. He flew there to meet the top English underground group—NICE. JIM and NICE plan to work on several projects together . . . Watch out for a sensational new group callel MAN. (Pictured here, they are left to right: TONY, RICHIE, DENNIS, SUPA and—in front—GILBERT.) Each of these five boys is in a different bag—so there’s something here for every girl! TONY is the Don Juan, RICHIE is the guy next door, DENNIS is the worldly one, SUPA is the outdoor man and GILBERT—well, you’ll have to find out about GILBERT for yourself!

This world’s a lonely place to walk around in,
This world’s a place where life is hard to spend,
But we can help each other live.
Everyone can give the simple gift,
The words that lift—be my friend.

  • David Ackles

Magazine: 16
Editor: Gloria Stavers
Volume: 10
Issue: 9
Publisher: 16 Magazine, Inc.
Pages: 32–33