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PETER TORK’s fabulous new house in Studio City has eight bathrooms (not to mention a gigantic swimming pool)—so that means everybody who lives at PETER’s house is going to be very, very CLEAN! . . . DAVY JONES, DAVID PEARL, KEITH ALLISON, DAVID’s buddy NEKO the artist and (sometimes) MICKY DOLENZ play softball every Sunday afternoon in Balboa Park (just outside of Hollywood) or on the various sandlots around Northridge . . . Wild In The Streets is really bringing some rich rewards to its performers. Aside from everything else groovy that’s happening, CHRIS JONES has just signed a starring five-picture deal with Columbia; and LARRY BISHOP (no, he doesn’t really have a hook-hand—that was part of the make-up for his role in Wild) has signed a five-year multiple picture contract with American International. LARRY’s next flick will be called Inferno Road . . . AI also grabbed adorable TOM NARDINI when his TV show went off. You’ll be seeing TOM soon in The Young Animals . . . Star Treker WALTER KOENIG has broadened his acting horizons by appearing in the summer stock production of Make A Million at St. Charles, Michigan, this summer . . . BING CROSBY and BOB HOPE picked the SUPREMES and JOSE FELICIANO to appear on their ABC-TV spec, which will be aired late this year . . . DEANA MARTIN just finished a feature role in Who Rides With Kane? for UA; MICHAEL SARRAZIN wrapped up In Search Of Gregory for Universal and ROWAN & MARTIN are working on The Incredible Werewolf Murders—a feature-length satire on horror movies!

Say hi to jumpin’ John Findlater, who is featured in With Six You Get Eggroll. You can write to him at Studio Center, 4024 Radford Avenue, Hollywood, California.

On behalf of the MONKEES, DAVY JONES showed up at the Hollywood RCA-Victor office to accept a gold disc for their LP The Birds, The Bees And The Monkees . . . All of the RASCALS showed upat a party in their honor in N.Y.C. to accept six gold records! Two were for their singles People Got To Be Free and A Beautiful Morning, and four were for their LPs Time PeaceThe Rascals’ Greatest Hits, Groovin’, Collections and The Young Rascals. Congrats, guys like wow!! . . . Make way for another adorable new star. He is JONAH JONES, 20, of London (yes—England), whose first single My Father is on Decca Records (address: 445 Park Avenue, New York, N.Y.) . . . GLEN CAMPBELL, who is co-starring in the movie True Grit, is about to become a proud father for the second time! His wife is named BILLIE . . . MICHAEL VINCENT is dynamite—and he certainly deserves more acting-wise than a non-starring ten-minute seg each Saturday morning at 10:30 A.M. on The Banana Splits Adventure Hour on CBS-TV! Don’t you agree?? . . . GENE CLARK (formerly of the Byrds) and DOUG DILLARD (formerly of the DILLARDS) have signed to record with A&M . . . GeeGee recommended LPs this month include: The Way I Feel by Leonard Nimoy on Dot; Fats Is Back by the fabulous Fats Domino on Reprise; Dino Valente on Epic; the Moody Blues’ In Search Of The Lost Cord on Deram; Pink Floyd’s Saucerful Of Secrets on Tower; James Brown Live At The Apollo, Vol. Two on King; Paul Revere & The Raiders’ Something Happening on Columbia; Butterfield Blues Band’s In My Own Dream and Ars Nova on Elektra (both a don’t miss); LP OF THE MONTH is The Nazz on SGC—and for you classical cats, please pick up on West Meets East, Vol. Two, featuring Ravi Shankar blending beautifully with violinist Yehudi Menuhin.

Didja know that CAMERON MITCHELL, who plays “Buck” on High Chaparral, is a veteran of over 50 motion pictures? His favorite role was Man On A Tightrope, in which he co-starred with FREDERIC MARCH. You can write to CAMERON at NBC-TV, Hollywood, California . . . The COWSILLS are scheduled for the following concerts: November 17—State Fair Building, Jackson, Mississippi; November 29—Masonic Temple, Detroit, Michigan; November 30—Kiel Auditorium, St. Louis, Missouri; December 1—Garrett Coliseum, Montgomery, Alabama; and December 14–15—Euclid Jr. High, Cleveland, Ohio. Their NBC-TV spec will be aired on November 23 and they will do two Hollywood Palace’s—one in December and one in January ’69 . . . If you dig beautiful MICHAEL BURNS, catch him starring in Columbia’s The Mad Room early next year. If you can’t wait—write to him at Contemporary Artists, 9255 Sunset Blvd., Hollywood, California . . . Thought for the month: Keep smiling—it makes people wonder what you’ve been up to!!

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