16’s All-Star Birthday & Gift Guide

Have you ever wondered when your favorite star’s birthday is, what kind of present he would like to have and how to make certain that it is mailed to a place where he will be sure to get it? Well, wonder no more! Here is full info on all the stars who have birthdays coming up within the next 30 days. The guide includes measurements, favorite gifts and colors, and a correct address—PLUS a complete horoscope for all you Capricorns!

CAPRICORN—December 23 to January 21.
FLOWER—White carnation.
COLORS—Violet, purple and silver-gray.
CHARACTER—Capricorn people have a self-made brick wall around them. They are shy, but they are also strong and tough. They’re pleasant, but they are fiercely ambitious. Turn a Capricorn inside out and you’ll find a merry, gentle dreamer, who longs for the free wind to blow through his hair, hungers for excitement and thirsts for adventure. Capricorns are always slightly nervous in the presence of the opposite sex. They sometimes act rough and callous to hide this nervousness but they are really as gentle as a lamb.
LOVE ASPECTS—Capricorn boys are not fiery lovers who court you with starry eyes and passionate, flowery speeches. But he’ll protect you from all of your fears. He’s a tough guy with a gentle heart. He’ll chop the wood for that cozy fire, then sit with you in front of it and hold your hand tenderly. No matter how many changes you add to yourself as the years slip by, to him you’ll always look like the girl who made him say “I love you.” When you stop to think about it, why should he say it again and again? Once is enough when it lasts that long.

Character and Love Aspects analysis from Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs, Taplinger Publishing Company, New York City. Available at your local bookstore.

Birthday—December 28; hat—7 ½; shirt—14 ½-inch neck / 30-inch sleeve (or Small); sweater—36 (or Small); shoe—8 ½ A; socks-10 ½; ring—8; favorite colors—black, white, blue, green and yellow; favorite gifts—things you make yourself, books of your favorite poetry and anything unusual; address—Box 652, Radio City Station, New York, N.Y. 10019.

Mike Nesmith

Birthday—December 30; hat—7 ½; shirt—14 ½-inch neck / 33-inch sleeve (or Medium); sweater—40 (or Large); shoe—10 B; socks—11; ring—8; favorite colors—likes all the colors, but is partial to blue; favorite gifts—gadgets of all kinds, the wilder the better; address—1334 N. Beechwood, Hollywood, Calif.

Birthday—January 5; hat—7 ½; shirt—14 ½-inch neck / 31-inch sleeve (or Small); sweater—38 (or Medium); shoe—9; socks—10 ½; ring—8; favorite colors—green, orange and pale blue; favorite gifts—loves to make plastic models of all kinds, also likes letters and poems that you write yourself; address—Screen Gems, 711 Fifth Avenue, New York, N.Y.

Birthday—January 7; hat—7 ½; shirt—16-inch neck / 33-inch sleeve (or Large); sweater—44 (or Large); shoe—9 ½ D; socks—10 ½; ring—10; favorite colors—blue and green; favorite gifts—knick-knacks, toys for his children and things you make yourself; address—9125 Sunset Blvd., Hollywood, Calif.

Birthday—January 9; hat—7 ½; shirt—15 ½-inch neck / 32-inch sleeve (or Medium); sweater—40 (or Large); shoe—10 ½; socks—11 ½; ring—9; favorite colors—green, blue and brown; favorite gifts—loves books on the occult, weird happenings and UFO; address—Box 788, Radio City Station New York, N.Y. 10019.

Birthday—January 19; hat—7 ¼; shirt—14 ½-inch neck / 29-inch sleeve (or Small); sweater—36 (or Small); shoe—9 D; socks—10; ring—7; favorite colors—loves them all, but likes red or blue best; favorite gifts—nutty cards, kooky clothing and zany hats; address—120 El Camino Drive, Beverly Hills, Calif.

Davy Jones

Birthday—December 30; hat—7 ¼; shirt—14-inch neck / 29-inch sleeve (he has trouble finding shirts in his size, so he usually has them made to order); sweater—34 (or Small); shoe—8 A; socks—9; ring—7; favorite color—all shades of blue; favorite gifts—baubles, bangles, beads and things you make yourself; address—c/o Spector Assocs., 9538 Brighton Way, Beverly Hills, Calif.

Magazine: 16
Editor: Gloria Stavers
Volume: 10
Issue: 9
Publisher: 16 Magazine, Inc.
Pages: 42–43