16’s All-Star Birthday & Gift Guide

Have you ever wondered when your favorite star’s birthday is, what kind of present he would like to have and how to make certain that it is mailed to a place where he will be sure to get it? Well, wonder no more! Here is full info on all the stars who have birthdays coming up within the next 30 days. The guide includes measurements, favorite gifts and colors, and a correct address—PLUS a complete horoscope for all you Pisces.

Pisces—February 19 to March 21.
Birth Stone—Aquamarine.
Colors—Black, green, lavender and white.
Character—Pisces persons are artistic and skillful, and have a wonderful imagination. They are very active people in a restless way and can snap into action at a moment’s notice. They crave companionship at all times and are seldom “loners.” They are very good at handling details and have good memories. They ask a great deal of themselves and their friends, but they are very generous. They make good leaders, even though they sometimes give the impression of being withdrawn and quiet.
Love Aspects—Pisces persons are capable of great emotional attachments and supreme sacrifices in the realm of romance. They want a life of calm yet sparkling pleasure, so they look for partners who can help them find it. They meet their loved ones halfway, and tend to be very secretive about their romances. They like to share and share alike with their loved ones.

George Harrison (Beatles)

Birthday—February 25; hat—7 ¼; shirt—14 ½-inch neck / 32-inch sleeve (or Small); sweater—38 (or Medium); shoe—91/2 B; socks—11; ring—9; favorite colors—all the colors in a peacock feather; favorite gifts—incense of all kinds, recordings of unusual ethnic music; address—c/o Nems Enterprises, Ltd., Sutherland House (5th Fl.), ⅚ Argyll St., London W.1, England.

Brian Jones (Rolling Stones)

Birthday—February 28; hat—7 ½; shirt—14 ½-inch neck / 31-inch sleeve (or Small); sweater—38 (or Medium); shoe—8 ½ B; socks—10; ring—7; favorite colors—black, blue and most of the others; favorite gifts—books about American Indians, wild posters and buttons; address—63–69 New Oxford St., London W.1, England.

Mike “Smitty” Smith (Brotherhood)

Birthday—March 2; hat—7 ½; shirt—15 ½-inch neck / 31-inch sleeve (or Medium); sweater—38 (or Medium); shoe—8 ½ B; socks—10; ring—8; favorite colors—brown and gray; favorite gifts—inexpensive non-fiction paperback books, especially poetry and philosophy; address—12214 Miranda St., N. Hollywood, Calif.

Micky Dolenz (Monkees)

Micky Dolenz

Birthday—March 8; hat—7 ½; shirt—15 ½-inch neck / 32-inch sleeve (or Medium); sweater—42 (or Large); shoe—10 C; socks—11; ring—9; favorite colors—all the colors in the rainbow; favorite gifts—anything that’s goofy, the zanier the better; address—1334 N. Beechwood Dr., Hollywood, Calif.

Mark Lindsay (Revere & Raiders)

Birthday—March 9; hat—7 ¼; shirt—15-inch neck / 34-inch sleeve (or Large); sweater—44 (or Large); shoe—10 D; socks—11; ring—10; favorite colors—blue, green and brown; favorite gifts—loves flowers of all kinds, poems and letters from his fans—anything with a personal touch; address—9126 Sunset Blvd., Hollywood, Calif.

Jon Provost

Birthday—March 12; hat—6 ⅞; shirt—14 ½-inch neck / 30-inch sleeve (or Small); sweater—34 (or Small); shoe—8 A; socks—9; ring—7; favorite colors—any shade of blue; favorite gifts—accessories for his motorcycle and scrapbooks that you make yourself; address—P.O. Box 1214, Beverly Hills, Calif.

Jim Valley

Birthday—March 13; hat—7; shirt—15-inch neck / 33-inch sleeve (or Medium); sweater—38 (or Medium); shoe—9 ½ D; socks—11; ring—8; favorite colors—brown and green; favorite gifts—peacock feathers, crystals and pop art; address—8054 Ridpath Dr., Los Angeles, Calif.

John Sebastian (Lovin’ Spoonful)

Birthday—March 17; hat—7 ¼; shirt—15 ½-inch neck / 31-inch sleeve (or Medium); sweater—38 (or Medium); shoe—9; socks—11; ring—8 ½; favorite colors—brown, beige and blue; favorite gifts—collects old jug band and blues records, doesn’t like expensive gifts; address—c/o Bob Cavallo, 1414 Sixth Ave., New York, N.Y.

Kurt Russell

Birthday—March 17; hat—7 ¼; shirt—15 ½-inch neck / 31-inch sleeve (or Medium); sweater—38 (or Medium); shoe—8 ½ B; socks—10; ring—7; favorite colors—blue; favorite gifts—books about sports of all kinds, letters and things you make yourself; address—c/o Walt Disney Productions, 500 S. Buena Vista, Burbank, Calif.

Magazine: 16
Editor: Gloria Stavers
Volume: 9
Issue: 11
Publisher: 16 Magazine, Inc.
Pages: 46–47