Monkee Mail

Dear Jackie,

I thought I just HAD to write to tell everyone about “Porpoise Song”, the new Monkees single. It hasn’t been released yet (at the time I’m writing this) but I heard it two months ago on Alan Freeman’s radio show. (Three cheers for Alan Freeman!)

It really is FANTASTIC! It takes a bit of getting used to, but the Monkees have definitely taken a turn for the better. It’s much better than “D.W. Washburn”, and it really deserves to get to number 1.

However, I’d just like to point out that if it should (by any horrible twist of fate) NOT get into the top ten, does it matter? If WE like it and we are always ready to support our favourite group, surely it doesn’t matter about a list of current songs, which is about all the top twenty is?

Incidentally, I think I can claim to be one of the first people to have heard “Porpoise Song”, and about THE first in England to have recorded it on tape (which I did in September). Anybody disprove that? I’d like to know who else heard it too.

Give my love to all the Monkees, especially Davy, ’cause he’s LOVELY!

Love from a true Davy fan,

Judith Smith (14),
224 Dolphin Lane,
Acocks Green,
Birmingham, 27.

Dear Jackie,

I am a great Monkees fan and “Monkees Monthly” is the greatest thing since their TV shows.

One thing though, there’s not many pic’s of them as a group lately, and I’m sure other Monkees fans will agree with me that we’d like to see more of them as a group.

Lots of love to all the Monkees and M.M. readers.

Freda Banks,
12 Cambridge Road,

Dear Jackie,

Hi! I’m happy now. The concerts were very exciting.

I can’t believe that the Monkees were standing and singing before my very eyes. Sometimes they spoke Japanese very nicely.

Davy lay on his back and blew a kiss to us.

Micky danced vehemently when he sang “I Got-a-Woman”.

Peter spoke Japanese best. His beard becomes him.

Mike sang as usual and stood still.

I sang “Daydream Believer” with Davy. I clapped my hands with Micky.

There arose a storm of cheers for Peter’s banjo and Mike’s guitar.

All of these things enkindle my heart.

I wish I can see my idols again.

I wonder if Peter received my present, “Kou”, in Tokyo. If he has it still, I hope he relishes the scent of Japan.

I’m glad that Peter had a wonderful girl with him. As she looked wise and sunshiny, I think she was suitable for Peter. They were a very lovely couple.

Now, will you ask Davy, Micky, Mike and Mr. “stand-in” that they wish to have photos at industry of NIKON, or not?

May I take the liberty to ask you to do so?

Love and Peace.

Yuriko Yamashita (16),
Ichikawa-city, Chiba,

Dear Magazine of the Month,

I have just read the Monkee Mail in edition number 22.

When I read the two pieces about Davy and the ignorant reporter, Wow! my feelings. First I read what the reporter had said “When do you think you might break-up and try something like music?” I was furious. Man there was steam coming out of my ears.

I managed to read-on and not panic, then I read that Darling Davy had poured warm water on the reporters fat little head.

What a laugh! But I was still mad. I just had a cartoon picture in my mind. There was Davy all bottled up, pouring water over the horrible little reporter’s head. Well done Davy he got all he deserved.

Love and Peace, especially to Mike, Peter, Micky and Davy.

From Lin,
98 Parthian Road,
Bilton Grange,
E. Yorks.

Dear Jackie,

I thought I should write and stand beside Alison Fletcher who wrote a letter to you last month, issue No. 22 Nov. 68, about people calling Davy Jones a big head. She says the opposite, and I agree with her because I met Davy when I was in hospital, Great Ormond St. Hospital for Sick Children. He came on June 9th 68 on a Sunday. He was at the hospital roughly 2 hours and he went on to the first wards (Surgical) 6 CD, 4 CD and the ward opposite the ward to myself 2 CD. When he got down from the wards and was ready to go he was told not to sign any more autographs. But he signed one more and was just going to sign another when he had the paper taken off of him. After he had climbed into his car he popped his head out of the window, or rather half of his body, to wave goodbye to us kids, which proved to me that he isn’t a big headed person at all.

Love and Peace, a crazy Davy and Micky Fan and a Monkee Maniac.

Julia Robbins (13),
7 Fallowfield,
Bandley Hill,

P.S. I’ve got roughly eleven autographs, some for the nurses and four on my LPs and one in Fab 208 and I got a sixth one but I gave it to a girl on the ward who couldn’t see him.

Magazine: Monkees Monthly
Editor: Jackie Richmond
Issue: 24
Publisher: Monkees Monthly
Pages: 28–29