Monkee Mail

Dear Jackie,

I would like to say a big “thank you” for settling all the rumours about the Monkees and their wives in M.M. no. 22.

I must admit that when I heard about Mike and Phyllis’ separation I was inclined to believe it, and I was pretty upset about the whole thing.

Thank you for keeping us straight, and thank you and everyone else involved in the production of Monkees Monthly for keeping all the fans up to date on Monkee info.

It’s a really groovy magazine. Keep up the good work.

Love and Peace,

Elaine Marshall,
19 Beal Gardens,

P.S. I have just read about Davy’s father and I am pretty upset about it all. Please allow me to offer my deepest sympathy to Davy and his sisters.

Dear Jackie,

I understand that the Monkees themselves read Monkees Monthly, so please please could you print this letter so Mike will be able to read it. Today I became the proud, proud owner of Wichita Train Whistle. I must congratulate Mike for producing a fantastic L.P. “Nine Times Blue”, “Carlisle Wheeling” and “Papa Gone’s [sic] Blues” are just unbelievable and “Don’t Cry Now” is just too good for words. I’d advise any lover of good music to go out NOW and buy this L.P. For the benefit of anybody who hasn’t bought it yet the numbers are mono: L.P.D. 516; stereo: S.L.P.D. 516. On the back of the sleeve is a picture of Mike—smiling (who said he never smiles?) To quote Mike “A free plug is a good plug”.

God bless and thank you Mike for that wonderful L.P.

Luv’n Peace—Monkees forever,

Pat Norris,
17 Trent Street

P.S. Luv to Jon and Chris.

Dear Everyone,

After reading the letters this month commenting on the fifth L.P., I felt I just had to write and say I have owned and been drooling over for more than two months now, a copy of a far superior L.P. The Wichita Train Whistle… or to give it its correct title “Mike Nesmith presents the Wichita Train Whistle sings”.

I have been meaning to write and tell every Mike fan who has been in hibernation until its release, but I haven’t been able to stand the noise of my typewriter over such beauty in sound. But all those of you who believed the L.P. to be a Nes Myth, take heart (for it lives) and has done since June in America.

To describe the L.P. would be sacrilege. It is perfect. All one can do is listen and remember Mike’s own words: “I am the Wichita Train Whistle. I guess when it boils down to it, I am basically just a sound.”

Two comments however, “While I Cried” tears me into little pieces and if anyone knows who, what or where Carlisle Wheeling is could they let me know. It is a track on the album, but its meaning is beyond my feeble brain.

Stand easy Brother—for those of us who are true believers know that the water will not be yellow for long.

Jan Swanton,
31 Fortis Green Avenue,
Fortis Green,
London, N.2.

Dear Jackie,

I read in a pop-paper that a member of a famous pop-group was asked to leave and all he wanted to do was go away on his boat but he hadn’t got the 20,000 dollars he needed for it. He mentioned it casually to a friend and the next day he was given a cheque for the money signed by the friend he had mentioned it to. This friend was PETER TORK.

I thought everyone should know about this as it shows that Peter’s very sweet and thoughtful and if everybody was like him and accepted his ideas on LOVE ’n’ HAPPINESS the world would be a whole lot better to live in.

Peace and Love.

A dedicated Peter Tork fan,

1 Truro Crescent,

Dear Jackie,

Today (Saturday, 9 November) I learnt that Mr. Thomas Harry Jones (DAVY’S father) died on 26 October and I had to write to say how deeply sorry and upset I was when I heard this.

Many people will not know what it is like to lose someone who is dear to them, but I do, because, five years ago, I lost my father. The world seemed to have broken apart and I felt as though I could never be happy again. Even now I can clearly remember the day my mother had to tell me the tragic news that my father had died. I will never forget my father and not only will DAVY never forget his, but many thousands of people will not forget him, because if it hadn’t been for him there would be no DAVY JONES.

Even in this letter I have not expressed how upset I am about DAVY’S unfortunate loss and only those who have gone through the same experience will know what I really mean.

Love and Peace from an EVER faithful MONKEE (especially DAVY) fan,

Christina Rowlin,
5 Barrie Crescent,
Parson Cross,
Sheffield, 5,

Dear Monkee People,

Open Monkees Monthly No. 22 on page 21 and read

“Left: Samantha…”

and look at the picture on the left.

What can you see? I can’t see Samantha and Mickey [sic]. Can you?

Miss Margaret Jozefiak,
Flat 52,
44 High Street,

That was my own personal bloob everyone. The caption referred to the photo on page 16… Jackie.

Guess who?

He’s tall and talented,
Intellectual but fun.
Polite and interesting,
Shy and handsome.
Witty, yet serious,
Dark and so kind,
Do you know who I’ve in mind?
Yeah, you are right,
Who else could it be,
But that fabulous,
Fantastic Texan Monkee?

Sue Hampton,
Lark Rise,

Magazine: Monkees Monthly
Editor: Jackie Richmond
Issue: 23
Publisher: Monkees Monthly
Pages: 28–29