Monkee Mail

Dear Everyone,

I’d like to thank Lesley Howard for her explanation of “Carlisle Wheeling”. I know the quote as I have the fifth L.P. However, I have always considered the entire Wichita Train Whistle to be Mike, rather than one track, as he is quoted as saying “I am the Wichita Train Whistle. Basically what it boils down to is that I am a sound,” This is probably why I love the album so much.

I am writing though, with another message of help to us all stuck on this desolate isle, “Head” less so to speak. The movie maybe beyond our reach but I have acquired a copy of the album from the States. It’s so frustrating, not knowing the context of the snippets of dialogue on it, but it’s a wonderful L.P. even if there are only six songs on it.

Now all we need is the movie to go with the album! I have also ordered from the States the new group L.P. “Instant Replay” but it will probably be about a month before I receive it.

In the words of the master:

Talk Quietly my friends, for it’s the only way you’ll be able to hear!

Jan Swanton,
31 Fortis Green Avenue,
Fortis Green,
London, N.2.

Dear Jackie,

I just had to write and tell you of the fantastic day when I received a letter from Micky. It arrived the day before my birthday, the best present I could have had, nearly killing my poor sister of shock when she saw the post mark. All I heard was a strangled scream and then she ran upstairs (’cos I was still in bed) and gave it to me. Of course I thought at first she was playing a joke on me but I soon changed my tune when I opened it. So who says the Monkees don’t answer their fan mail? (I didn’t till I received this letter but I certainly do now.)

I read in last month’s (February’s) M.M. that someone wanted to know what “Mijacogeo” meant and I wondered if it had anything to do with the dog Micky had when he was young which was called Mija.

Anyway, love to all the boys, specially Micky.

Love Sue

Dear Jackie,

On Sunday, 16th February, that GORGEOUS, FANTASTIC, LOVABLE, SMASHING, GREAT MONKEE was on “Tom Jones Show”, yes I am talking about the one and only DAVY JONES.

I thought DAVY sang “Consider yourself” a lot better than I have ever heard it sung before and DAVY really sent me in a trance while he was dancing.

I think this will show the critics that the MONKEES don’t need each other to lean on and that they are just as good performers on their own. Also that if DAVY JONES goes solo (I hope he doesn’t) he will be a big success, and Mike and Micky. DAVY proved to be a perfect solo star and I’m sure Mike and Micky would be just as good.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, let us poor English FANS see more of our FAVOURITE GROUP (especially DAVY as I will always think HE is the GREATEST). If it wasn’t for MONKEES MONTHLY we Would lose touch with all those GREAT GUYS.

Love and Peace. An ever loving DAVY JONES FAN.

Irene Dowd,
7 Gainford Grove,
Greatfield Estate,

Dear Jackie,

I wish everyone would think like you do about the Monkees. I’m very grateful to you for giving us all the truth about them.

In M.M. No 26, your article called “They’re Still Asking Daft Questions”, inspired me to write to you about Don Short.

Whenever he writes about the Monkees, he never says anything worthwhile. For example, the other day he said that “Tear Drop City” sounded like it had been taken out of the archives and should have stayed there.

I know that Don Short is welcome to his opinions, but it’s strange that his opinions of the Monkees are always insulting ones. I only wish he would keep his stupid opinions to himself.

Another thing that makes me mad is when newspapers only print scandal about the Monkees. If anything good happens to them (e.g. their fantastic success on tours, etc.) this is completely ignored.

This is why it is so reassuring to read such groovy things about them (especially Davy) in Monkees Monthly.

Thanks again Jackie, you truly are a treasure to the Monkees and their fans.

Yours, a Davy fan,

Pat Stone,
53 Warwick Avenue,

Dear Jackie,

You said in Feb’s M.M. that American TV are showing re-runs of the Monkees TV shows. Well my friends and I are sure that if the B.B.C. were to show the TV shows as well, many people would come back to the land of Monkee-mania. And beside, now Peter has left, it would be great to see him again as that lovable character we all looked forward to seeing every week. So if all true Monkee fans send me their signatures (no later than May 1st, ’69) we can collect enough to send in a petition to the B.B.C. and maybe they will show the shows.

Susie Harper,
76 Cannon Hill Lane,
Merton Park,
London, S.W.20.

A crazy advert in a paper
Started off this Monkee caper.
Young men in their hundreds came
In the hope of finding fame.
At last they found the chosen few
Their charm and talent had won through,
The Monkees were now complete
Davy, Micky, Mike and Pete.
And we echo with heart and voice
“There couldn’t have been a better choice”.

Miss Sheila Ellis,
39 Treowain,

Dear Jackie,

I thought I had to write and tell you how much I agree with the reader, Judith Smith, who wrote in January’s issue of Monkees Monthly saying how “FANTASTIC” the Monkees single “The Porpoise Song” is.

Judith said she had taped the song. Well, I think I am even luckier for I have the single and not only is the “A” side just GREAT but the “B” side “As We Go Along” is too.

Audrey Lovejoy,
11 Spencer Road,
Grange Estate,
King’s Lynn.

Magazine: Monkees Monthly
Editor: Jackie Richmond
Issue: 27
Publisher: Monkees Monthly
Pages: 28–29