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Davy Jones
Info Davy gives a double V sign as he boards the plane for one of their frequent flights during the boys’ Australian tour.

Mike and Phyllis held a big Hallowe’en party at their house. They invited about 100 guests. Amongst them were our own folk-singing Donovan and the rest of the Monkees.

Mike dressed as a cowboy, Phyllis as a ballerina, Micky and Samantha as a Priest and Nun, Peter as a pioneer and Davy as a prince.

As we reported last month, the boys’ first full-length film received somewhat mixed reviews when it was premiered in New York on November 6th.

All the boys travelled to New York for the first major public showing of “Head”. Their own personal verdict was “We didn’t expect most of the film critics to like the film. But, we feel that it will have rather a different reception from the young-minded people everywhere when it goes on general release”.

A second premiere was held in Los Angeles on November 20th.

We have already reported that the boys’ new L.P. which is being released now in America, will feature numbers from their film.

We now find that there are six new songs from the film on the album. There is also quite a lot of dialogue as well.

This must make it one of the most unusual L.P.s on the market now.

The head of Screen Gems in London, Jack McGraw, recently returned from a trip to Hollywood and he told me that the boys have a big selection of tracks already recorded. It is hoped a new single will be released in time for your Christmas shopping.

Unfortunately, we had to go to press early last month and all the issues of the Monkees Monthly were printed before we learned that Davy’s father had died and that Davy and David Pearl had flown in for the funeral.

We have already shown you lots of pictures of the Monkees’ pets in the Monkees Monthly.

In this issue you can see Davy with his rabbits.

Whilst Micky was on tour in Australia, one of his dogs had puppies. And just to make his house really over-full, one of his cats turned up with kittens.

Samantha and Micky are very busy right now trying to find homes for all of the new arrivals. Incidentally, they can’t send them to anyone in this country, so there’s no point in writing to Micky asking for one of his puppies or kittens.

After their ‘down-under’ tour ended, Mike and Phyllis took off on a holiday trip to Texas. As you know, this is his favourite American state which he visits whenever he is able to get away from Monkees business.

Peter travelled to Massachusetts and Micky took Samantha to Los Gatos to spend some time with his family.

Magazine: Monkees Monthly
Editor: Jackie Richmond
Issue: 23
Publisher: Monkees Monthly
Page: 19