You’re Telling Me

From Gloria Stavers

I want to assure each and every one of you who writes a letter to me at 16 Magazine that your letter is delivered to me personally. I want to assure you too that I read every single letter I receive, that I’m grateful to you for writing to me and that I appreciate every suggestion and criticism you address to me. There isn’t enough space in 16 Magazine for me to publish every letter I receive and there isn’t enough time for me to answer every letter personally—but please keep writing and look for your letter and my answer each month in You’re Telling Me!

Address all of your letters as follows: Miss Gloria Stavers, c/o 16 Magazine, Business Office, 745 Fifth Avenue, New York, N.Y. 10022.

Tim & Gil

Dear Miss Stavers,

I am crazy over TIM MATTHIESON and GIL ROGERS, who were in the movie Yours, Mine And Ours. Where can I write to them?

Phyllis Smith

Dear Phyllis,

Write to Tim and Gil at United Artists, 1041 No. Formosa, Los Angeles, Calif.

Luvs Monkees!

Dear Miss Stavers,

I read that terrible put-down on the MONKEES in the July issue, and I just want to say that the girl who wrote that must be nutz! The MONKEES are super-talented and ultra-groovy. I have all their LPs. I love their show and play their LPs all the time—and so does everybody else!

Timi Page
St. Thomas, V.I.

Mad for Mumy!

Dear Miss Stavers,

Could you tell me when BILLY MUMY was born and where I can write to him?

Mary Paine
Ft. Wayne, Ind.

Dear Mary,

BILLY was born February 1, 1954, and you can write to him at Box 67516 Canon Dr., Los Angeles, Calif. 90067

Bee Gees tour

Dear Miss Stavers,

I missed the issue with the BEE GEES tour in it. Please, please tell me where they will be in August!

Helen Cross
Detroit, Mich.

Where’s Davy?

Dear Miss Stavers,

I am all mixed up about which is DAVY JONES’ correct address. Could you please straighten me out? I’d like to have SAJID’s proper address too.

Cathy Stevens
New York City

Dear Cathy,

The very best address to write to DAVY is Box 1498, Beverly Hills, Calif., 90210. This is his one and only official fan club. For $2, you get one of the most beautiful kits ever put together—and DAVY himself designed this one just for you. Itza don’t miss! For all of DAVY’s other addresses, the proper address of of [sic] SAJID and for the addresses of all the stars, turn to Page 15!

Jimmy Exile

Dear Miss Stavers,

Please print this picture of JIMMY STOKLEY of the EXILES. I met them when they appeared on the RAIDERS’ show in my home town. I wasn’t a bit surprised when JIMMY told me what their favorite magazine is!

Carol Plecker
Charleston, S.C.

Dear Carol,

Thanks for your lovely letter. If you would like to write to JIMMY, or to any of the other EXILES, their address is Date Records, 51 W. 52 St., New York City.

In memoriam

June 6, 1968

“He believed in the capacity of the young for excellence and the right of the old and poor to a life of dignity. Our public life is diminished by the loss.”

  • Lyndon B. Johnson
    President of the United States

Herman’s movie

Dear Miss Stavers,

I just saw HERMAN & THE HERMITS in Mrs. Brown You’ve Got A Lovely Daughter. I recommend that everybody see this fab movie. Where can I write to HERMAN and the boys?

Pat Jamison
Boston, Mass.

Dear Pat,

Write to HERMAN AND THE HERMITS at 67 Cromwell Grove, Levenshulme, Manchester, England.

Hates Brendon

Hiss on 16!

How can you run pictures of that ugly BRENDON BOONE? I, for one, am glad that Garrison’s Gorillas is cancelled. Now I don’t have to look at this “no talent” number any more! Please keep BRENDON out of 16!

Lee Appleton
Waycross, Ga.

Dear Lee

You’re right when you say, “I, for one”—as you definitely are in a minority. Even though you’re entitled to your opinion, I think you’re somewhat rough on BRENDON and very unfair to him. Why don’t you practice loving instead of hating? It’s easier, and it’s a lot more fun!

Stephen Young

Dear Miss Stavers,

Hooray for STEPHEN YOUNG! I’m so glad Judd For The Defense has been renewed. Please print a picture of STEPHEN for me.

Stephanie Winter
Manchester, N.H.

Dear Stephanie,

Here’s a pic of STEPHEN. Why don’t you write to him? His address is ABC-TV, Hollywood, Calif.

Simon & Garfunkel

Dear Miss Stavers,

How old are SIMON and GARFUNKEL? Are they married? Please print a picture of them.

Marilyn Moseley
Newark, Ohio

Dear Marilyn,

PAUL SIMON and ARTIE GARFUNKEL are both 26 years old. Neither is married, and you can write to them c/o Columbia Records, 51 W. 52 St., New York City.

Tiny Tim

Dear Miss Stavers,

I saw TINY TIM on TV recently and I really like him very much. There is something so gentle and sincere about him. Where can I write to him?

Wren McCaskil
Prospect Hts., Ill.

Dear Wren,

You can write to TINY TIM at Reprise Records, 321 West 44 St., New York City. Be sure to take a listen to his LP God Bless Tiny Tim.

Magazine: 16
Editor: Gloria Stavers
Volume: 10
Issue: 4
Publisher: 16 Magazine, Inc.
Pages: 3–4