You’re Telling Me

I want to assure each and every one of you who writes a letter to me at 16 Magazine that your letter is delivered to me personally. I want to assure you too that I read every single letter I receive, that I’m grateful to you for writing to me and that I appreciate every suggestion and criticism you address to me. There isn’t enough space in 16 Magazine for me to publish every letter I receive and there isn’t enough time for me to answer every letter personally—but please keep writing and look for your letter and my answer each month in You’re Telling Me!

Address all of your letters as follows: Miss Gloria Stavers, c/o 16 Magazine, Business Office, 745 Fifth Avenue, New York, N.Y. 10022.

Dear Gloria,

Just a note to say “hi” to your wonderful readers and to ask you to tell them to please write to us at our new address—Box 74895, Los Angeles, Calif. 90004. We promise to answer every letter! We also thought you’d like to know that KEVIN will be playing Tom Sawyer on NBC-TV’s fall series New Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn.

Los Angeles, Calif.

Dear Miss Stavers,

Could you answer these three questions please? How do I get tickets to be in the audience of a taping of Happening ’68? Where does an amateur band get information on how to appear on Happening ’68? Where do people write who are not getting Happening ’68 in their home town? Thanks for your help.

Mindy Leonine
New York City

Dear Mindy,

If you are able to get to Hollywood on a Saturday or a Sunday toward the end of any month, write for Happening ’68 audience tickets at this address: Dick Clark Productions, 9125 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, Calif. If you live nearby, you can phone for your tickets. The number is 213-CR 8–0311. Amateur bands who wish to appear on Happening ’68 should drop a note requesting requirements to Happening Band Contest, Box 69860, Los Angeles, Calif. 90069. If you are not getting the show in your hometown, write to the Program Director at your nearest ABC-TV station outlet—and deluge him with requests to put Happening ’68 on the air in your town. Glad to be of service.

Dear Miss Stavers,

Could you please tell me SAJID KHAN’s address? I had it and I loaned it to a friend and she loaned it to a friend, and I lost it in the scuffle. I would also like to have full fax on SAJID and the MONKEES.

Vicky Kraft
Keystone, La.

Dear Vicky,

Scuffle no more! You may now get SAJID’s address and full fax—and everybody else’s too! Turn to Page 9 and dig the good news!

Dear Miss Stavers,

I was watching the This Morning Show on ABC-TV and saw a great young comedian named LARRY HANKIN, who was once a hippie. I think he is very funny and good-looking. Would you please print a picture of him and tell me where I can write to him?

Laurinda Wittwer
Merrill, Wisc.

Dear Laurinda,

Once a hippie always a hippie! Let laughing LARRY say “hi” to you (see enclosed pic). He has just completed a comedy LP and is now directing a full-length, semi-documentary movie about a rock group that never makes the big time. BOB DYLAN’s back-up band, the CRACKERS, will probably play the lead in the movie. Meanwhile, you can write to LARRY c/o Bert Block, 75 E. 55 St., New York City.

Dear Miss Stavers,

I just received my Monkee Wallet Photos and all I can say is wow! They are the greatest thing since the light bulb—they really turn me on!

Sue Purchiaroni
Detroit, Mich.

Dear Sue,

Glad to turn you on any old time! Any other 16-ers who want to “light up,” see Page 3.

Dear Miss Stavers,

I just bought the YOUNG RASCALS’ fabulous LP Once Upon A Time. Would you please print a picture of DAVE BRIGATI, who sings the theme song? He is LITTLE EDDIE’s older brother.

Sue Powers
South Bend, Ind.

Dear Sue,

Here’s DAVE—for you and all of his fans!

Dear Gloria,

Thanx for all the groovy write-ups. Because of 16 and its wonderful readers, I have started a fan club of my own. If any of you 16-ers would like to find out how to join, write to the Walter Koenig Fan Club, Box 4393, N. Hollywood, Calif. Thanx again.

Hollywood, Calif.

Dear Miss Stavers,

I think that girl who wrote a letter published in the May issue of 16 putting down the COWSILLS is out of her mind! Like, how crazy can anyone get? I luv the COWSILLS and would just die if you took them out of 16!

Carol Hammond
Maitland, Fla.

Dear Miss Stavers,

How could you! You didn’t put LEONARD NIMOY and WILLIAM SHATNER’s birthdays and addresses in the Guide. Help!

Vicky Watson
Lehigh Valley, Pa.

Dear Vicky,

Please don’t phase 16 out! WILLIAM SHATNER’s birthday was March 22 and LEONARD NIMOY’s was March 26. You can send them belated spaced-out greetings to NBC-TV, Hollywood, Calif.

APRIL 4, 1968

Dear Miss Stavers,

My girl friends and I have fallen madly in luv with MICHAEL BURNS. Recently, he appeared in Big Valley, Tarzan and Bonanza. I understand he used to be a regular on Wagon Train. Could you please run a picture of him?

Sandy Anderson
W. Milberry, Maine

Dear Sandy,

Here is a picture of MICHAEL as he looked when he was Barnaby West on Wagon Train. You can write to him at ABC-TV, Hollywood, Calif.

Dear Miss Stavers,

I think ROBERT WAGNER is the end! Where can I write to him?

Susie Smith
Wheaton, Md.

Dear Susie,

Here’s a groovy shot of the star of It Takes A Thief. You can write to ROBERT WAGNER at ABC-TV, Hollywood, Calif.

Dear Miss Stavers,

I am sick and tired of the motley MONKEES! Do they own 16? Why do you have to write so much about those four yucks?! Personally, I am glad they are off television!

Tillie Rogers
New York City

Dear Tillie,

First off, 16 is “owned” by its millions of readers. You see lotza MONKEES in 16 because that’s what 16-ers demand. I am afraid that you are in a very small minority. Also, you are wrong about them being off TV. Davy, Mike, Micky and Peter are definitely doing three one-hour specs for NBC-TV next season. Why don’t you give them a second chance?

Dear Miss Stavers,

I am flippin! I saw the ginchiest guy in the world on The Danny Thomas Show! His name is ENZO something. Can you help me find him?

Mary Wenek
Carnegie, Pa.

Dear Mary,

His name is ENZO CERUSICO and you can write to him at The Danny Thomas Show, NBC-TV, Hollywood, Calif.

Dear Miss Stavers,

Since I dig the MONKEES and I want to know all about them, I am true blue and get 16 every month. But I goofed. I bought this type X magazine because it was supposed to have some new fax on the MONKEES. I was robbed, cheated and swindled—all at the same time! It contained the same information 16 had three months ago! Besides, it wasn’t as great as 16. Teenagers unite! The only magazine with the truth is 16! Never buy anything but the mighty 16!!

Lori Jones
East Chicago, Ill.

Dear Lori,

Wow—what an absolutely groovy letter! It’s people like you who make the hard work that goes into giving you the best possible magazine—not work but a real pleasure! Thanx so much!

Magazine: 16
Editor: Gloria Stavers
Volume: 10
Issue: 2
Publisher: 16 Magazine, Inc.
Pages: 63–64