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Mike Nesmith, Peter Tork
Info Mike and Peter demonstrate the old saying “I laughed so much I almost cried.”

The boys have already recorded their new single, which will be released in the States this month.

The title is “D. W. Washburn” and all Micky fans will be delighted to know that, once again, he is back in the hot seat handling the vocal.

RCA intended to release the new single over here as soon as possible, but they weren’t able to give a firm date at press time.

The Monkees want to do a world-wide concert tour this summer and the countries which they insist must be included on the itinerary, are the United States and England. They would also like to visit a few countries in the Far East, particularly Australia and Japan. But, they are in the middle of re-negotiating their contracts with Screen Gems and until the new agreement is signed, it is impossible to give firm dates for the tour.

Micky was up at Mike and Phyllis’ house recently and during his stay, he got to looking at Mike’s closed circuit television and said how impressed he was.

Mike didn’t say anything, but when Micky got into his car to drive away, Mike staggered out with another closed television circuit camera in his arms and gave it as a present to Micky.

When Mike found that he was not required for any of the scenes being shot during the first week in May, he took off for a fishing holiday in Texas with several friends.

One of them described Mike as “a very out-doorsy guy”, who was always happy to take off into the country for a bit of hunting or fishing at a moment’s notice.”

Peter has moved into his new house in Studio City on the other side of the Hollywood Hills. It’s got five bedrooms and he’s had a large fireplace built into most of them.

At the moment, there is no furniture in the house but the interior is very eye-catching and he has had it fitted with wall-to-wall bright orange carpets. All the walls, ceilings and doors are white and there is a big rectangular blue swimming pool complete with diving board in the grounds.

The Monkees’ film is still not quite finished. Shooting was originally scheduled to last five to six weeks but extra scenes have been written in and these were being filmed during May.

One studio report was that each boy was going to appear in a special scene connected with a different season of the year.

The Monkees new L.P., The Birds, The Bees, The Monkees, will be released in this country on June 21st.

A special performance in Salt Lake City was organised for Friday, May 17th. The director of their film wanted to shoot a typical Monkees’ concert, so the boys decided that as the performance was for their film, they wouldn’t charge any of the fans who made up the audience.

So, almost 5,000 American fans in Salt Lake City had a free concert and saw the Monkees perform “Circle Sky”, a song which Mike Nesmith has written especially for the film.

Magazine: Monkees Monthly
Editor: Jackie Richmond
Issue: 17
Publisher: Monkees Monthly
Page: 25