George Harrison, Peter Tork
Info On vacation in London Peter met with George Harrison. George asked Pete to play five-string banjo on one of the “Wonder Wall” tracks.

The never-before-told stories about your favorites from the gal who PERSONALLY knows them all—ANN MOSES

Both PETER and DAVY spent several days in London over the Christmas holidays, but it took several days for PETER to be recognized and DAVY slipped in and out almost unnoticed!

PETER loved London when the MONKEES were there in June, but he was eager to see the city his way—which means grooving with his new friends there. He carefully dodged the press and because he was growing a beard went unnoticed by fans for a few days, anyway.

During the time of freedom, he and his good friend, Karen grooved on the scene at the Speakeasy Club and also visited the Chelsea boutiques “Granny Takes A Trip” and “The Apple.” At “The Apple” which is owned by the BEATLES, PETE bought a shirt.

Finally the press caught up with him and he remarked on his freedom or lack of it to one reporter: “Last night I had disturbed evidence of my own lack of freedom. I was at a party and I explained to a photographer he would have to excuse me but I wanted some privacy and I was going to have to ask for no pictures. He scowled and said to me, ‘PAUL McCARTNEY wouldn’t have minded!’ How do you counter that?”

PETER also made the comment that he felt his character on the show was changing. “…in the last two shows we did, I made the character a bit more on the ball. Suddenly he’s surprising people.”

DAVY spent some time in London, too, before he left for a week’s skiing in Switzerland. He made the rounds of the clubs on New Year’s Eve, but spent most of his time at the Speakeasy Club where half of the pop world was greeting the new year. DAVY, who wore a plum-colored shirt and dark slacks, was hardly noticed in the crowded club!

SALLY FIELD finished filming this year’s season in February and then took time to tape a “Jonathan Winter’s Show” and a “Rowan and Martin Laugh-In.” After that SALLY was determined to take a long holiday skiing in Switzerland.

Originally, SALLY and DAVY were going to go skiing over the Christmas vacation. SALLY was going to teach DAVY how to ski because he had never tried it before. As it turned out, she had to record in New York for two weeks and couldn’t make the trip.

When she arrived in New York, she was barraged by phone calls almost 24 hours a day at her hotel. Fans assumed that PETER and DAVY were there too, since they had all been together a few weeks earlier for the opening of “Zilch.” SALLY had quite a time convincing the fans the MONKEES really weren’t there!

Following the BEE GEES fantastic concerts in Los Angeles, where they received the greatest reception LA has paid a group, they flew home to begin a Scandinavian tour and a British tour. You should be seeing the BEE GEES on their first cross-country American tour in early summer. Until then you can dig the sounds of their great album, “Horizontal.” It’s great to be a BEEGEEBOPPER, I am!

Some of the celebrities who joined the audience in giving the BEE GEES a standing ovation at the end of their second concert were: PETER TORK, the MAMAS and PAPAS, JOHN BARBATA of the TURTLES, JONATHAN KING, DEWEY MARTIN of the BUFFALO SPRINGFIELD, ANGELA CARTWRIGHT and TOMMY SMOTHERS.

Getting ready for the opening of her store in Hollywood, GENIE THE TAILOR just about stopped sleeping to get everything ready in time. Still she had time to make a new set of red and silver brocade uniforms for the RAIDERS to wear on the “Smothers Brothers’ Show” and a RAIDER coat especially tailored for JACK BENNY to wear on his comedy special. Do you see why everyone calls her the magic GENIE!

Her shop, appropriately called “Genie The Tailor” features the most original and beautiful clothes you can find. Her specialty for Spring are floor-length dresses and brocade capes for girls and unbelieveable [sic] braided shirts and velvet capes for guys. The groovy part about GENIE’S shop is that everything can be worn by either guys or girls, except those braided dresses maybe. Don’t miss it if you come to Hollywood!

When CHRISTIAN NESMITH visits your office, it’s a sure bet you can write off the afternoon. When his Uncle, BRUCE, who’s PHYLLIS’ brother, came in on business the other day, who should he be babysitting but CHRISTIAN. “Hi! Annie Moses” he yelled as he ran in the door. It was amazing the way he remembered me when we’d only met a few times before.

CHRISTIAN decided he’d like a tour of the office, so when I finally dragged him away from playing with my electric typewriter, he ran into every other office to ask: “What’s your name?” He’s the friendliest little fellow you’d ever want to meet and really minds well. One thing he just couldn’t stop talking about was the real log cabin he got for Christmas. It’s an almost life-size log cabin for him to play in in his back yard. After naming each of the MONKEE and BEATLE pictures that were hanging around the office, BRUCE carted him away on their next errand.

DO YOU SHARE A BIRTHDAY WITH A STAR? One year older in April are JAN BERRY and BILLY JOE ROYAL on the 3rd; and LUKE HALPIN on the 4th.

SHORTIES: LENNY DAVIDSON of the DC 5 was blessed with his second son in January.

Add to the groovy new Los Angeles groups: THE ENTERPRISE. Four outasite boys with a strong future.

MICHELLE PHILLIPS of the MAMAS and PAPAS sang an impromptu song with EDDIE FISHER on stage in Las Vegas.

HERMAN bought a new Rolls-Royce just before leaving for Hollywood in February where he films “Pinocchio” for a month.

MAURICE GIBB, COLIN PETERSON and VINCE MELOUNEY of the BEE GEES attended LULU’S opening at a London club, where she got great reviews.

MARK LINDSAY grew a beard over the Christmas holidays, but shaved it off just before taping the first “Happening ’68” show.

Speaking of “Happening ’68,” if you’d like to see your favorite amateur group on the show, just write for information to Chuck Besaney, P.O. Box 69860, Los Angeles, Calif. Good Luck!

Stay bright!

Magazine: Tiger Beat
Editor: Ann Moses
Volume: 3
Issue: 8
Publisher: Laufer Publishing Company
Pages: 52–53