The never-before-told stories about your favorites from the gal who PERSONALLY knows them all—ANN MOSES

HOW DO THE STARS SPEND CHRISTMAS? Just about like you and me! Whenever it was possible, they all took off to spend that special day with their families.

As usual, for the Christmas holidays, THE MONKEES all took off in their own directions. DAVY went home to England for the season to be with his family. Following a week of visiting there, he was off for Switzerland for a week of glorious skiing. I assume he learned while he was there, since he’s never skied before. MICKY and SAMANTHA spent the holidays resting with MICK’S family in Los Gatos and then took off for a groovy holiday in Hawaii. While they were there they stayed at CHIP DOUGLAS’ parents’ home.

PHYLLIS and MIKE spent their first Christmas in their new home and invited their relatives out from Texas to share it with them. PETER took off the day before Christmas Eve for Connecticut to see his family. Following Christmas, he jetted to London to have a better look at one of his favorite places. If you remember, the last time he was there they could hardly leave the hotel because of the mob scenes.

UNCLE PAUL REVERE took his family home to Boise, while RAIDERS CHARLIE, JOE and FREDDIE spent the holidays with their respective families. MARK was feeling under the weather just before Christmas, because he had been working so hard on the new RAIDER album and the “Happening ’68” show, but perked up in time to go home for a few days.

In December, THE BUCKINGHAMS played a benefit concert in Louisville, Kentucky for the Toys For Tots campaign. All together over 40,000 kids showed up with a gift as their admission ticket. It was a great turnout for a great group. Once they finished up a string of concerts, they were off for Chicago to be with their families.

THE YOUNG RASCALS were LA visitors for a couple of weeks just before the holiday season to do some TV, west coast concerts and put some final overdubbing on their new album, which is absolutely fantastic.

The album cover was designed by drummer DINO. It consists of two boxes (one of the front cover, one on the back cover) filled with pieces of his sculpture. Inside there is a section explaining what the sculpture means to him and the boys. Called “Once Upon A Dream,” this is a must-buy for everyone.

For quite some time everyone in and out of the music business was confused about just who they were hearing sing that groovy song, “Beautiful People.” Actually, the song was written and recorded first by KENNY O’DELL, who hails from Las Vegas, Nevada. In the process of taking it to record companies for national distribution, one executive heard it, took BOBBY VEE into a studio at two a.m. and had the record out in a matter of days.

Even though KENNY’S record had been out six weeks, BOBBY had the established name and BOBBY’S version got the air play. In all the confusion, KENNY was kept from having what surely would have been a number one record. But because he is the groovy, easy going guy he is, KENNY came out smiling and plans for big things to happen with his next single.

DO YOU SHARE A BIRTHDAY WITH A STAR? One year older in March are ROGER DALTRY [sic] of the WHO, the 4th; DEAN TORRANCE, the 10th; JIM VALLEY and DAVID WATSON, the 13th; JEREMY CLYDE, the 22nd; and MIKE SMITH, the 27th.

When SAJID KHAN first enrolled at Beverly Hills High, he was the new celebrity on campus. Stars were nothing new on that campus, with every other student being a celebrities’ daughter or son, but SAJ was something special because he was from India.

His first few weeks he would get as many as three or four invitations for dinner in one night! Then he was invited to so many parties over the Christmas holidays, that he would party most of the night and sleep all day. But he loved it because he got to meet so many new friends. During most of his vacation from school he just spent the days watching TV. His favorite programs are THE MONKEES and the Saturday morning cartoons!

This month was one filled with great groups playing all over town. PROCUL HARUM did a week at the Whiskee and gave us a look at five cute boys from Britain who make beautiful music. They were followed by one of my favorite groups from San Francisco, BIG BROTHER and the HOLDING COMPANY. One of their biggest fans is PETER TORK.

At the folk clubs around Hollywood were JIM KWESKIN AND THE JUG BAND, who played the Troubadour for a week and delighted us with their good-time music. They are a very polished group and a must-see for you if you like having fun. THE NITTY GRITTY DIRT BAND, in the same good-time bag, but with a different and most often funnier show played the Ashgrove for a week. They have a new member in the group and their show is better than ever!

SHORTIES: GEORGE HARRISON and JOHN LENNON paid a surprise visit to the Marahashie [sic] in Paris. THE BEACH BOYS were doing a concert there and they all got together for a party after the show.

THEM put on a great press party-show at the Whiskee recently, which was outasite. Their new lead singer is really a gas!

Seen on DAVY JONES’ dressing room wall: a cashiers check from the International Bank of Goodwill for one million dollars worth of good luck!

GEORGE HARRISON recently purchased a seven foot antique four-poster bed for his home outside London.

The ROLLING STONES begin shooting their feature film this month. It will be shot mainly in Europe with a French director.

ERIC BURDON has bought a house in Laurel Canyon.

In England’s biggest pop poll, the BEE GEES were chosen as the best new pop group.

Writing songs with the BEACH BOYS lately has been BILLY HINSCHE. On their latest record, “Darlin’”, CARL WILSON sings lead and BILLY sings one of the vocal harmony parts.

MICK JAGGER and MARIANNE FAITHFUL spent their Christmas holiday together in South America.

Bye for now, ANNIE.

Magazine: Tiger Beat
Editor: Ralph Benner
Volume: 3
Issue: 7
Publisher: Laufer Publishing Company
Pages: 58–59