The Lo-Down

Peter Tork
Info Peter & “V”

What drummer for what top pop group appeared “incognito” on a hip L.A. radio show and told the audience that he really wasn’t happy being a teen idol? . . . What two members of what top pop group have secret steadies stashed away back home—one in the hills of the Midwest and one down in Dixie? . . . Flash! If you dug that groovy 3-D ROLLING STONES LP cover—you can now get a large, matted, 3-D color poster of it. The poster is 20x20 inches, and you can get one by sending $3 (cash, check or money order) to the Official Rolling Stones Fan Club, Box 919, Radio City Station, New York City . . . Keep your eyes, ears, etc., open—cos The Crazy World of Laurel & Hardy is coming your way. This is a movie featuring the very best parts—spliced from over 50 of those famous Laurel & Hardy films. HAL ROACH and JAY WARD put the package together. It is narrated by GARRY MOORE and is currently being shown in movie houses all over America. Laurel & Hardy are long-time faves of such hip cats as PETER TORK, DENNY DOHERTY, STEVE DE NAUT, VIC GHIDALIA and NIKKI DE PERTY . . . Two of the most beautiful young people in the world, LEONARD WHITING (a 17-year-old English actor) and OLIVIA HUSSEY (a 15-year-old English actress) are starred in the brand new Paramount movie Romeo And Juliet. It will be shown in America in the early spring . . . MR. & MRS. ELVIS PRESLEY and MR. & MRS. “PAPA” JOHN PHILLIPS expect heirs to their respective thrones just about the time you read this!

For those of you who don’t know what that “V” signal the MONKEES (and misc. hippies) make with their fingers, here’s the explanation. It is a gesture meaning whatever you wish for it to mean, as long as it means something positive—for instance: love, hello, peace, groovy and good . . . GRAHAM GOULDMAN, 21, who wrote such hits as No Milk Today, Bus Stop and For Your Love, is now recording on his own. His first single is Upstairs, Downstairs on RCA. His LP is The Graham Gouldman Thing-co-produced by his buddy PETER NOONE.

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Volume: 9
Issue: 11
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