The Lo-Down

Heartache time ahead for the lovely young girl star of a TV series. She’s hung-up on the handsome young boy star of another TV series, and he doesn’t believe in going steady—not for very long, anyway . . . Newest “buddies”—DEANA MARTIN and DAVY JONES. Nowadays, DAVY even enjoys joining the MARTIN family at their weekly “off limits” Sunday night sit-down dinner! . . . SALLY FIELD bought herself a brand new Ferrari. Gee, SALLY, you could have saved yourself a few bucks if you’d bought MARK LINDSAY’s old Ferrari. It’s for sale, you know . . . PETER NOONE celebrated his 20th birthday by taking a holiday. After that, he and the HERMITS toured Brazil and Argentina, and hoped to stop in Miami for two days to do The Jackie Gleason Show . . . Ex-Spoonful ZALLY YANOVSKY just completed his first LP for Buddha Records—Alive And Well In Argentina—and has also taped a TV pilot in which he is a regular on a panel show. It’s called Get The Picture. (What—no socks?) . . . The WHO will return to the States for a six-week tour in February. At the same time their newest Decca LP, The Who’s Greatest Flops, will be released. The LP will consist of tunes they’ve cut which were never big hits in America. By the way, you can write to the WHO at 888 Eighth Ave., Suite 5N, New York City.

Watch out for adorable 16-year-old EDWARD MICHAEL McQUIGGAN of Hartford, Conn. He just cut his first single record, so you will be hearing a lot about him. If you wanta get in on the ground floor, you can write to MIKE at 93 Phelps St., E. Hartford, Conn. . . . PETER McENERY was injured when he was thrown from a horse he was riding while shooting a film in Sicily. He had a ten-inch cut in his arm and received a brain concussion. At press time, his condition was reported as “serious” . . . Look for two special surprise announcements in the near future—one to come from America’s most popular group and the other to come from the dark and handsome “most popular” individual teen star—right now a visitor to our shores . . . Did you know that lovely LULU not only can sing up a storm, but that she’s a great painter too? Maybe LULU and DINO DANELLI will do an art show together at a gallery one day!

Magazine: 16
Editor: Gloria Stavers
Volume: 9
Issue: 10
Publisher: 16 Magazine, Inc.
Page: 40