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I just finished reading the Magazine TiGER BEAT put out on Davy Jones and all I can say is BUY IT! If you love Davy and the other Monkees you should have at least two copies of this book! After reading through the whole thing I felt I really knew Davy! And I’m not just saying that to be nice or because it’s in, I really mean it!

If you are a Monkee fan you’re crazy if you don’t get this magazine!

Ramona Garnes
Brooklyn, N.Y.

I would just like to tell that girl who wrote in to Tiger Talk complaining about younger children wearing fishnet stockings, mini-skirts, etc. that she is wrong! If manufacturers make these things to fit us there is no reason why we shouldn’t buy them!

Also I feel that so-called “teen” records and magazines are there for anyone who wants to buy them, even if the buyers are only 8, 9, and 10 years old! We younger kids aren’t trying to mock you teens, we are only trying to be like you!

A 9 ½-year-old
Cleveland, Ohio

Contrary to popular belief, Micky’s hair looks outasite the way he wears it! There wasn’t much room for improvement, but Micky squeezed in something!

Ontario, Calif.

All my friends want to see Mike’s teeth. Please try to print a picture of him smiling!

Susan Warren
Philmont, Va.

Could there be a remote possibility that Genie the Tailor and Jim “Harpo” Valley are related? My friends and I have been conducting a bit of research and all our findings point to yes. Please clear up this mystery! Curiousity [sic] killed the cat, and now it’s killing us! HELP!

Dying Fast
Chattanooga, Tenn.

No, they are not related.

I heard that Paul Revere and the Raiders are starting to bust up their instruments while they perform. I think that’s shameful! I know The Who messed up 70 guitars so far—and that’s $8,400 worth of junk! There are needy people in Europe and these groups have the nerve to mess up expensive equipment for a concert!

Akron, Ohio

Do you ever have a picture of a groovy star with a picture of him or somebody else you love equally on the back? You can’t paste it in your scrapbook, so why not hang it from the ceiling?

Just punch a little hole in the top of the picture, insert a string, knot it and hang it from the ceiling with tape. I did this with a picture of Mark Lindsay, and I call it my MarkMobile! Every day I blow him a kiss and he goes round and round. Honest, he does!

Margaret Rick
Lynn, Mass.

I have this very small request to make. You see, I have this girlfriend who LOVES Davy Jones. She thinks he is wonderful, great, splendid, cute, etc. etc.

So could you please send him over so I can tie a great big ribbon around his neck and put a tag on it saying “From Rosa to Agnes.” It doesn’t have to be rush—just special delivery!

Toronto, Canada

Just because I have thick eyebrows like Davy Jones has, my friends tease me. But I consider it an honor to have a characteristic like Davy’s. Wouldn’t you?

Doreen Mears
S. Burnaby, B.C.

In a recent issue Micky Dolenz wrote how proud he was for being a little bit Indian. I’d like to thank him from the bottom of my heart for saying that! I am pure Indian, and all these years I have been laughed at because of this. Now kids envy me instead!

I also think Micky and the rest of the Monkees are wonderful for wearing all those neat Indian clothes and putting them in style!

Grasslake, Mich.

Ick! I think Dino was very stupid to change his hair color. He was really better-looking before. What’s he trying to prove? Is he finding out in [sic] blonds have more fun? If he wanted to know, he could have asked some of us blondes first!

Debbie Lovell
Kirkwood, Ill.

How about a little action on Dino Martin? We just love those gear color photos of him. Write some more stories on him, how about it? Dino Martin, he’s our man!

E. Haven, Conn.

Will you please tell me where I can write to Desi? I think he’s the cutest boy living!

LaPuente, Calif.

Write to Desi c/o Brompton Productions, 8255 Sunset Blvd., Hollywood, Calif.

Will the blonde-haired girl who went to the Monkee Concert in Memphis last August and sat in the South Loge, Section Y, Row 11, Seat 9 please drop me a note? I have some beautiful pics of her head, which got in the way every single time I tried to take a picture of my great Monkees!

Marcia Froula
1511 20th St. N.W.
Cleveland, Tenn. 37311

I don’t know in what words to describe this, but our nun at school has a picture of Davy Jones on her bulletin board! God bless nuns!

Cheryl Kroll
Detroit, Mich.

I read in one of your issues where someone said that the British pop scene is dead! Remember we started everything way back in 1962, and in my opinion Britannia still rules the waves!

America prides herself on three groups—the Monkees, Dino, Desi and Billy and the Raiders. May I remind you Americans of the pop people who come from England who really make the scene!

Vivien Preegor
London, Eng.

I just finished listening to the Monkees’ new album, and after I had finished I realized that Davy sings most of the songs. Is there anything he can’t do?

He’s the most perfect piece of man I’ve ever seen! He can sing, dance, act; he’s an absolute doll and one of the best performers I’ve ever seen. Doesn’t he ever make mistakes?

Springfield, Va.

This is for all the girls who fall in love with a star. Please listen to me and don’t fall too far!

I went with a boy I liked very much, but I also liked this certain star. In fact, I liked that star so much that I gave my boyfriend back his ring and told him I couldn’t go on like this.

Now I know it’s better just to like a star, but not to fall deeply for one. You can like a star, but LOVE your boyfriend!

A girl who knows
White Plains, N.Y.

I love the Monkees so much, I have a picture of them in my shoes!

Patty Cass
Woodside, N.Y.

Davy’s baby face is just too much! His gorgeous physique and really fine voice knock me out! And don’t forget his beautiful shiny hair—wow!

All together Davy Jones certainly makes up a very agreeable looking little Monkee, don’t you think?

Davy Lover
New York, N.Y.

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I just loved that wonderful picture of Jay North in your November issue! When I saw it, I knew he was for me! His wavy hair and his blue eyes really send me!

Please print a lot about him in your magazine and you’ll have one very, very happy reader forever!

Shelby, Mich.

Don and the Goodtimes are an outasite group who manage, whether it’s with a smile, wave or a performance, to put you in permanent happiness!

All of us up in the Northwest have been put there, and we want you to put the rest of the nation there too! Please print more on these super, beautiful guys!

Casey Dixon
Springfield, Ore.

Magazine: Tiger Beat
Editor: Ralph Benner
Volume: 3
Issue: 7
Publisher: Laufer Publishing Company
Pages: 9, 11