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I just have to tell you about my girlfriend. I mean, she’s really flipped! She calls herself a Monkee fan, but she doesn’t know the meaning of the word! You know what kind of a fan she is? Well, I’ll tell you:

She’s the kind of fan who, if she saw one of the Monkees walking down the street and nobody had recognized him yet, she’d just walk by and say hello, but not get his autograph or anything. Brother! She also said if she found out the Monkees were someplace on vacation trying to get some rest and she knew where, she wouldn’t tell anyone because she feels they deserve their privacy.

She said that if she were a maid in a hotel where they were staying she wouldn’t let any of her friends in the back way, and if she had to make up their beds she wouldn’t tear a sheet off to sell it or take one of their shirts. She’d just leave a note telling them to keep up the good work!

If she went to one of their concerts, she would be quiet and listen, and she wouldn’t scream or try to touch them or follow them!

Well, like I said, she’s some fan! I don’t see how she can be that way. Some kind of a nut, isn’t she? Or is she?

P.S. Kinne
Orlando, Fla.

I must congratulate Genie the Tailor on the expert costumes she made for the Sundowners! When they came to Dallas I went to their concert and they had on real bright satin shirts with big black suspenders and super-tight black pants. Very tough looking!

Genie Fan
Dallas, Tex.

I’m almost 11 years old, and from what I can see, some teenagers are crabby and selfish with all 10, 11 and 12 year olds! They can’t share a fad or records with us. They think we’re too young to like the groups, too.

I think these teens are ridiculous! I hope you print this for my sake and for other kids my age!

Ft. Madison, Ia.

My three friends and I were lucky enough to see Peter Tork when he visited KVIL radio in Dallas. When he arrived one of my friends asked him for his autograph, and he said, “No, I’m sorry. Think of all the others I couldn’t sign.” I put my hand out to grab his, and I kissed it. Then he kissed me, and my friends, too!

Thanks, Peter, for brightening up our lives so much!

Nancy Krenaid
Dallas, Tex.

Just want to let the Monkees know that their fans think they are the greatest. Also, tell them to get lots of rest. There’s nothing more heartbreaking than a sick Monkee!

Della Beard
Thomasville, N.C.

I’m crazy over Davy Jones even though it’s getting me nowhere. But I’d like to take my stockings off and walk barefoot through his hair!

Frances Frankel
Chicago, Ill.

I wish you would print more articles on Sajid Khan of Maya! I think he’s the handsomest, greatest boy in the whole world! In other words, I have really flipped over him! Also, where can I write him?

Dee Adams
Burkburnett, Tex.

Write Sajid c/o MGM Studios,
10202 Washington Blvd., Culver City, Calif.

Since Micky Dolenz’s birthday falls on March 8 and mine is February 27, that makes both of us under the Pisces astrological sign. The moral of this story is, maybe Micky and I have something there! Let’s get together—how ’bout it?

Dallas, Tex.

I like the Monkees very much, and I am upset about something I read in another magazine. They said other magazines print lies about my favorite group. What magazines can I read knowing that I’m not reading stories they have made up about the Monkees?

Wyoming, Mich.

TiGER BEAT, Monkee Spectacular and Fave always print only the truth about the Monkees and any other groups we cover.

I think there is some Monkee blood running in my family! I have a pug nose like Micky’s and a full mouth like Davy’s. My mom has a nose like Davy’s and my dad has a nose in between Mike’s and Peter’s and a mouth like Micky’s! What a combination!

A Monkee Adorer
Wichita, Kans.

Wanna get the crease out of TiGER BEAT’s fab two-paged pictures? Spread a dish towel or two on a hard surface, then place the picture down on the towels. You can either dampen the whole picture and iron it or lay a towel over the pic and iron that.

And you know what? It WORKS!

True Monkee Fan
Pontiac, Mich.

I would like to tell you why I like Leonard Nimoy, who plays Dr. Spock on Star Trek. I’m crazy about his pointed ears!

Kevin Powers
Norwood, Mass.

I read in another magazine that Micky was going steady with Samantha Juste. Well, that nearly made me SCREAM!

My friend was somewhere and she thought that she saw Samantha, and she nearly hit the girl over the head with her purse!

Los Angeles, Calif.

I didn’t mind Samantha Juste at first, but now when I read about her and Micky it makes me want to cry!

Sheryl Smith
Long Beach, Calif.

I just had to write you and tell you about the grooviest page in the October issue of TiGER BEAT! This page was where Davy stopped to sign autographs and then one fan reached over and kissed Davy!

Her reaction was just too, too good for words! I wish I knew who she was! She should be an actress!

Saginaw, Mich.

I’m beginning to think Micky hates his fans. He keeps wearing his hair so curly! This one little thing may seem unimportant, and most of you are probably thinking that if you love Micky you shouldn’t care about how he looks. But that’s not the point! The point is that his fans have been asking Micky to change his hairstyle and he is just disregarding them! If you think about it, you’ll see what I mean.

Edison, N.J.

I’m sick of teenagers writing in to you and saying, “I really love Micky, but his hair is ridiculous!” Well, if they really love Micky, his hair shouldn’t make any difference!

I really dig the way he fixes it, and I think it will probably lead to another groovy fad!

Holtville, Calif.

I really liked the article on The Who in your November issue. It was really groovy and the pictures were outasite. I’m glad to see you putting material on other groups besides the Monkees, Raiders and Dino, Desi and Billy in your mag.

Please don’t get me wrong, I think those guys are really outasite, especially my fave group, the Monkees. But please write about other groups so we can keep up with what’s happening!

Susie Reed
Touchet, Wn.

If you were lucky enough to catch the Cowsills’ act on Ed Sullivan’s show, you know now that they are fabulous! They all sang solo parts, and they are indeed a terribly talented family!

Keep up the good work, Cowsills. You’re G-R-E-A-T!

Battle Creek, Mich.

I just received my Monkees Outasite Party Book, and it sent me out of this world! I luv it, especially the Hobo Party! Thanks to everyone who made this book possible!

Connie Podyma
Liberal, Kansas

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I read a letter in Tiger Talk that made me want to cry! It said that when kids reach the age of 16 or so they lose interest in Herman’s Hermits.

Well, that’s not true! I still love Herman and his gang, and so do some of my friends, and we’re 16! I’d like Herman to know that there are still some of us out here who love and appreciate him. Tell them to keep up the good work!

Wanda Sims
Stamps, Ark.

I have freckles and have been trying to hide them. Well, then I read Peter Tork’s Monkee Talk column in your November issue, and now I love my freckles!

Peter said he thought girls look great with freckles, and said whoever has them is his kind of a person. I love you, Tork!

Albion, N.Y.

Magazine: Tiger Beat
Editor: Ralph Benner
Volume: 3
Issue: 6
Publisher: Laufer Publishing Co.
Pages: 6, 9