Samantha Juste Dolenz
A Hollywood resident recently has been Sammy Juste. She visits the Monkee set often and the boys all think she’s a groovy girl.

The never-before-told stories about your favorites from The gal who PERSONALLY knows them all—ANN MOSES

DINO MARTIN, JR. was surprised in November at the huge 16th birthday party in his honor. His father couldn’t be there because he was making a movie in Texas at the time, but he did call to wish DINO a “happy birthday” in the middle of the festivities.

Just about every movie star in town was there celebrating. DEANA MARTIN was escorted by DAVY JONES. DINO had a great time circulating among the guests and seeing all his friends who turned out for the occasion at the Martin home. THE MERRY-GO-ROUND provided the entertainment.

Visiting television sets took up a lot of my time this month, but it was really fun! First of all, there was the MONKEE set, which is a weekly thing for me. The strange thing about this month was that the boys were so moody—not bad moods, just crazy, unpredictable moods. I never knew what to expect when I’d see them.

I imagined the “Flying Nun” set to be pretty quiet and down-to-business in comparison, but with SALLY FIELD around that set was just as lively as the MONKEES! It was a riot seeing her dancing the skate outside the stage just before she’d film each scene. She certainly loses no sex appeal even in that long habit!

A new show I watched being filmed this month was “The Mother-In-Laws.” DESI ARNAZ invited me down when he did a guest spot on the show. His father directs the show each week and it was great seeing them working together. DESI played the part of a grocery boy!

When one source of information says one thing about the Monkees and another source says something else, just who are you supposed to believe? I mean, you’ve really got a problem. So, I’d like to put in a plug for us. Tiger Beat, Monkee Spectacular and Fave magazines are the only magazines on the west coast whose own staff personally sees the boys every week. We’re not in New York, where the MONKEES visit occasionally, or London, where they vacationed once. We’re right here where the MONKEES live, work and play.

Not only do I see them once a week on the set, I find myself accidently [sic] running into them at the Whiskee-a-go-go, the camera store, everywhere! As a result, YOU get the latest and most accurate news on the MONKEES that’s possible. What’s groovy too, is that lately the boys look to us to get their real thoughts across to the fans they care so much about.

And we try and tell it straight. You want to know what’s really happening with MICKY and SAMANTHA? Well, I talked to SAMMY on the MONKEE set last week as she sat knitting herself a rose-colored sweater. She told me she’d quit her job at “Top of the Pops” and planned to stay in Hollywood indefinitely. However, as far as I know, there are no marriage plans.

Before the big White Front Store’s All-Star Show at the Hollywood Bowl, there was a beautiful buffet supper for all the groups on the show and the press. One darling couple I saw was ANGELA CARTWRIGHT and her date SAJID KHAN (sigh!). ANGELA looked lovely in a black velvet skirt and ruffled white silk blouse. SAJID had on an American black suit; and he looked great, but I must admit I favor his authentic Indian rajah coats.

DO YOU SHARE A BIRTHDAY WITH A STAR? One year older in February are GRAHAM NASH, of the HOLLIES, the 2nd; DONOVAN, the 10th; PETER TORK, the 13th; LOU CHRISTIE, the 19th; GEORGE HARRISON, the 25th; and BRIAN JONES, the 28th (—and me!)

Over lunch not long ago with PHYLLIS NESMITH, she told me a beautiful story about why MIKE nicknamed her APRIL. She said, “MIKE always called me APRIL right from the start and I’ve never known why, really. About two years ago he wrote a song that went:

Why do I call her April,
When it really isn’t a part of the game.
Is it because April marks the beginning of spring?
Or is it because she is born in April?
What a lucky day for me!
Or is it because she brings April flowers
Into my lonely memory?
Why do I call her April
When it really isn’t a part of the game?
I simply call her April
Because I can’t remember her name.

MIKE came home one night and said he wrote this song for me and said to listen to it. I was getting so touched as he went along and I was so hurt when he finished. At that time I was really sensitive and I barely had a sense of humor about anything. So MIKE began laughing at the end of the song and I broke into tears. I was crying and he said, ‘Oh, no, what have I done!’ And then I realized how silly I was being and I began to laugh too.”

When the HOLLIES were in Los Angeles recently they taped the “JOEY BISHOP show.” On the same show was a guest from the Asthma Foundation, who told of the work his organization was doing. The HOLLIES were so touched, they publicly donated their fee for the show to the Asthma Foundation. In turn, JOEY was so impressed by their gesture, he donated 500 dollars to the British Asthma Fund. The whole scene was such a genuine sense of giving, I don’t think I’ll forget it for a long time.

SHORTIES: LYNNE RANDELL spent six weeks in Australia just before Christmas doing press interviews, TV shows, live concerts and visiting her parents, whom she hasn’t seen in over a year.

Don’t miss the fantastic NILLSON [sic] album “Pandemonium Shadow Show” on the RCA label. HARRY wrote the song “Cuddly Toy” on the new MONKEES album and his other compositions are even greater!

BARRY and MAURICE (pronounced Morris) GIBB of the BEE GEES are the proud owners of a 1954 Rolls Royce, complete with driver.

THE RAIDERS had a double birthday party on the road for JOE, JR. and FREDDIE. FREDDIE was 22 on the 19th. And JOE, JR. was 20 on the 17th of November.

Love you.

Magazine: Tiger Beat
Editor: Ralph Benner
Volume: 3
Issue: 6
Publisher: Laufer Publishing Co.
Pages: 66–67