Monkee Mail

Dear Monkee Monthly Gang,

I have written to you before so I hope you don’t mind me writing again. After reading No. 12 I felt I must write and congratulate you, the pics were great, the articles were fab, the competition was fantastic but best of all was the article “What is a True Fan?” it was too marvellous for words, for ages I’ve been trying to decide whether I could do more for the Monkees and well I did more but I wasn’t sure whether I was right. So now I’d like to say “thank-you” again because you’ve proved to me that the things I’ve done did help in a small way.

It’s surprising how quickly people are converted into Monkee fans, why, I got my cousin, who disliked them, to admit that Davy was terribly handsome and I (well they) got my DAD to admit that “They do have more to them than the rest of the pop scene, Peter is talented and What am I doing Hangin’ Round is a ‘very good’ song.”

That talk with Micky was great it made you feel as though you actually know them. I’m just dying for Davy’s.

I think the person who thinks up those cartoons must have a groovy sense of humour. The Monkees story is great but boy do I get mixed up jumping from one to another, still it’s very good ’cos it keeps the reader alive.

Thank-you, for giving us the best information and pics I’ve ever seen, anywhere.

Love, love and love (Davy),
Gayle Colman
43 Birch Road,

Dear Jackie,

I have every copy of the Monkees monthly so far, and every one has been, great, super, fantastic, gorgeous, zany, marvellous, picturesque, exciting, interesting, fabulous, terrific, swinging, groovy, smashing and out of this world. So I do hope that 1968’s Monkees monthlys will be as good as 1967’s, but I’m sure they will.

Mad Monkee Fan,
Katherine Hankin
178 North Sea Lane,

Dear Jackie,

I quite agree with Ann who wrote in last month’s issue about Micky flying his helicopter. Also I read in last month’s issue that Micky intends to buy a faster Go-kart, which will go between 130/140 m.p.h. I know Micky enjoys doing dangerous things but he must think of the possibility of getting hurt or even killed. Micky as I love you very! very! much, Please take care of yourself Micky, because I think you get carried away with racing machines.

110a, Woodthorpe Road,

Dear Jackie and Fans,

The Monkees work very hard, what with filming and recording. Also we, the fans, spend a lot of our time on the Monkee, what with waiting outside hotels and everything.

So, my friend and I would like to start a “Let the Monkees have a rest” scheme. The idea is that when the Monkees come to England two thirds of their holiday is for rest and freedom. No one must go up to the hotel or phone the Monkees. There must be no autograph hunters and no chasing after them.

Two True Monkee Fans,
23 Kevington Drive,
St. Paul’s Cray,

(Dedicated to Baby Nesmith and sung to the tune of ‘Alternate Title’.)

Your a wonderful baby and your theirs all theirs,
And there doesn’t seem a way that you won’t cause them grey, white hairs.
It’s too easy sticking pins in your poor derriere
Your Mummy says you’re messy but you never seem to care.

Your Daddy and your Mummy they are cleaning up the floor,
Your brothers at the window, there’s a knock upon the door.
It’s your Uncles David Jones with Peter on his head,
With Micky on his shoulders he looks as though he’s dead.

Why don’t you go to sleep?
Why do you always weep?
Why don’t you do what I did,
Go to sleep without a peep.

Now they’ve dampened down the music,
And the cot is rather hard.
I’ve been pacing for an hour, its been yard after yard.
Sometimes its too difficult to stifle a great yawn.
I’ve been up at three each morning since the day that you were born.

Why do you yell at me?
Why don’t you stop and see?
Why don’t you shush? or I’ll shush you
So I can get some sleep.

Dub-a-dub etc.

By Moira Lawson,
29 Leam Road,
Leamington Spa,

Magazine: Monkees Monthly
Editor: Jackie Richmond
Issue: 14
Publisher: Beat Publications Ltd.
Pages: 28–29