What Is a True Fan?

Hi, this is your editor speaking. So let’s have a bit of hush, because I’m going to talk on a little about the problem of “what is a true fan”. An important subject, I’m sure you’ll agree—specially as it concerns the Monkees right now. Stand by for a pep talk…

What IS a true fan? Let’s say she is a true-blue 100 per cent supporter of the artist or group she admires. I’m saying “she” because it saves keep on writing “he OR she”—but I know that there are lots of boys who are mad keen on the Monkees and their mighty music.

So the true fan is a supporter. She sees someone, or hears a record, and then goes overboard—right in at the deep end. She buys their records, collects their pictures, watches all their telly-shows, spreads the good word among her chums and generally does all she can to help the career of her faves. It’s pretty well a full-time job at least for the TRUE fan. She stands up for her favourite even when other people are running him down.

But there are some fans who don’t really deserve being called a “fan” at all. Something big comes up on the pop scene and a fan-following is created… but there are also lots and lots of people who just jump in on the band-wagon. They’re dead fickle, these people. They chop and change in their affections, almost week by week. They lose interest and, for that matter, HEART.

You take the top sportsmen, or the top movie stars. They have their fans and those fans stick with them through thick and thin. No chopping and changing. WE, the true fans, know that the Monkees are marvellous and magnificent and we won’t let anybody tell us otherwise. And there are millions of us, thank goodness!

But the fickle ones, the ones who start off with a great splash of energy supporting the boys, then fade away… they’re not fans at all!

No, if you want to be a fan, a true fan, then you must be prepared to give up a lot of time. Your enthusiasm is what keeps the stars going—specially the Monkees who work exceptionally long hours to provide you with entertainment. Mind you, THEY know who are the true fans. They have enough experience to pick out the ones who change their mind, or cool off, or are just plain lazy.

The Monkees deserve the fullest support from all of us—not just here and there but ALL the time. Just remember that there are a lot of knockers who are waiting for something dreadful to happen to the boys’ career. They’ll then say: “Aha, ha—we told you so!”

True fans, the really loyal ones, needn’t take any notice of this little chat. It’s the others I’m talking to! Don’t let other people, other artists, make you stray from the Kingdom of Monkee Mania.

That’s the end of the little pep talk. Thanks a lot for listening.

Magazine: Monkees Monthly
Editor: Jackie Richmond
Issue: 12
Publisher: Beat Publications Ltd.
Page: 31