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HE ALMOST BECAME A MONKEE—We’re talking about Jerry Yester, the newest LOVIN’ SPOONFUL! Jerry (whose brother, Jim, is one of THE ASSOCIATION) was one of the last to be eliminated before MIKE, PETER, MICKY and DAVY were selected as THE MONKEES! But Jerry has no regrets at having come this/close to being one of the world’s superstars! He has produced an album for THE ASSOCIATION, fully gotten involved with THE SPOONFUL and is cheerfully living in Greenwich Village. And, like most pop people, he watches the show whenever he has the chance!

SOOPER SCAM—DAVID CROSBY is out of THE BYRDS and GENE CLARK has quit his solo career to return to the group . . . ANIMAL ERIC BURDON and his bride Angie have just bought a house in Los Angeles, and they plan to share their time between London and LA . . . Ask MARK LINDSAY what time it is and even if he’s not wearing a watch, he’ll tell you . . . Mark has developed a groovy instinct for telling time without a watch! . . . THE RAIDERS, by the way, have a new Fan Club address: P.O. Box ’76, Hollywood, Calif. 90028 . . . The membership fee is $2.00, and “includes a groovy surprise,” according to Mark D. Jamison, who is running the club for PAUL and the guys . . . You might write to Mark (Jamison, not Lindsay!) if you want to know more about the club . . . Everybody’s counting the days until January 30th, when GROOVE-OUT!—The World’s First Giant Color Poster Magazine!—hits the newsstands! It’s the most exciting new idea in magazines, it’ll have more than 75 TRUE COLOR PICS and more than 100 BRAND-NEW MONKEES FACTS! . . . PROCOL HARUM had a groovy introduction to Hollywood: PAPA JOHN, MAMA MICHELLE, TOMMY BOYCE, BOBBY HART and BILL COSBY were only some of the super-stars who showed up the night the PC opened at the Whisky A Go Go . . . Michelle even looks great in maternity outfits, and even dances smoothly . . . LOU ADLER and THE MAMAS AND PAPAS are back in Hollywood . . . Their “year’s vacation” lasted thirty days, but their plans are still unclear . . . TRAVIS LEWIS (of THE LEWIS & CLARKE EXPEDITION) has a cat which has had kittens so many times he’s run out of friends to give them to . . . So, he’s thinking of making new friends! . . . THE STONE PONEYS had a huge hit with “Different Drum” . . . The “unknown” songwriter who wrote that song is a fella named MIKE NESMITH . . . MIKE and PHYLLIS, by the way, have finally moved into their new Bel Air home, after waiting for months while architects and contractors did their work . . . THEM are happening all over again . . . Do you have any idea how many records THE MONKEES have sold to date? Would you believe 10 million single records and nearly 13 million albums!

RAVE-ONS—THE YOUNG RASCALS are planning a trip to Viet Nam and a new movie . . . DON & THE GOODTIMES have just returned from Viet Nam . . . HAPPENING ’68 will be the really groovy teen TV show of the “second season,” starting this month on ABC-TV, following “American Bandstand” . . . DICK CLARK, of course, will be producing it . . . And THE RAIDERS will be regulars . . . DAVY JONES will be opening some new ZILCH stores soon . . . If you should ever visit Davy’s first store, on Thompsson [sic] Street in Greenwich Village, be sure to go to a restaurant across the street named FELLIN’s . . . It’s got the most fabulous spaghetti in the world! . . . TIM BUCKLEY is a happening thing . . . His hair is frizzier than MICKY’s, his songs better than DYLAN’s, his future fabulously exciting . . . And Tim’s only 20! . . . January will be a month to remember for THE MONKEES: They’ve got the whole month off! . . . Happy New Year, D, P, M & M!

YOU WON’T HAVE TO WAIT VERY MUCH LONGER!—After the announcement in last month’s issue of FLIP about GROOVE-OUT!—The World’s First Giant Color Poster Magazine!—FLIPers have been asking when and where it will be happening. GROOVE-OUT! will be on all newsstands on JANUARY 30TH! It will have more than 75 TRUE COLOR PIX, A GIANT THREE-FOOT COLOR PIC OF DAVY JONES, 100’S OF BRAND NEW SCOOPS, AND MANY MORE SPECTACULAR SURPRISES! It is the most original magazine ever, the magazine you asked FLIP to create! GROOVE-OUT! is a groove!

Happy New Year! Here’s hoping ’68 will be gr-8 for you!

Speaking of 8; FEBRUARY 8th is FLIP DAY next month! See you then!

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