The Lo-Down

Davy Jones
Info Davy & hair “part”

Watch for ELECTRIC CHRIS JONES TO BECOME THE GREATEST YOUNG MOVIE STAR SINCE JAMES DEAN! He’s got what it takes, and A-I Pics have provided him with the proper vehicle—the highly controversial film Wild In The Streets, about a teenage idol who becomes president of the U.S. . . . Don’t be upset by that part in the middle of DAVY JONES’ hair. He did it just as a gag for a few segments on The Monkees series . . . The members of a top American group really ought to cool it. Their fans loved them cos they were simple, sweet and funny—not unlike “groovy guys who could live next door.” All was well for a while, but now the members of this group have all out-hippied-dippied-trippied-flippied themselves. Hey, guys, come back and be sweet again. O.K.?

Dearest one of all, DONOVAN, has started a fantastic new trend without meaning to: instead of screaming, stomping and clapping through his performance, his young devoted fans listen quietly while he performs and, after each number, they walk to the edge of the stage, where they place offerings of blossoms, bells and beads at DONOVAN’s feet. There’s no screeching or screaming and no attempts to outflank the security guards. It’s really beautiful and refreshing . . . Best New York TV music show is still CLAY COLE’s Diskotek on WPIX Saturday nights 6:30 to 7:30. Sorry the whole world can’t see it.

Surprise! EARL WILSON has an adorable son. Another surprize! His name is EARL WILSON, JR. Third surprize! He’s a night club performer and record artist. If you’d like to dig him, pick up on his latest Mercury single record . . . CANDYMEN are gaining a fabulous reputation for being able to duplicate (almost exactly) the sounds of the various latest hit records. They are also extraordinary songsmiths, having composed tunes for ROY ORBISON, TOMMY ROE and BILLY JOE ROYAL . . . Songwriter—bon vivant-philosopher PHILLIP OCHS has returned to his old stompin’ grounds, Greenwich Village. Before he could turn around twice, his brand-new, fantastic LP Pleasures Of The Harbor jumped onto the charts and he performed for a sell-out crowd at New York’s famous Carnegie Hall. Welcome back, my friend.

Magazine: 16
Editor: Gloria Stavers
Volume: 9
Issue: 8
Publisher: 16 Magazine, Inc.
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