The Monkee-Mailbox

The Monkee-Mailbox

The ONLY place in the whole wide world where you can write a letter to your favorite Monkee—or to all four Monkees—and be sure that you will get a PERSONAL reply!

Dear Davy,

I am going crazy. I read in an article by a girl named Jennie that she went steady with you and you gave her a ring. Then I read in another magazine that Lynne Randell was your girl friend. Now, the latest rumor is that you are “very serious” about Sally Field. I think I am going out of my mind. I really hate these rumors and I do hope they are rumors. Please tell me the truth!

Sharon Waters
Flint, Mich.

Dear Sharon,

All of the above-mentioned ladies are friends of mine, but as far as having a romance with any or all of them—that’s strictly rumor! Jennie is a buddy who is an English actress I have known since my Oliver! Days. Why any magazine would print anything that makes us look serious over one another, I don’t know. If you read 16 regularly, you should know full well by now that Lynne Randell and I are just pals. She is a very good singer and all we Monkees admire her and her talent, and that’s that. Strictly no romance. Sally Field is a pal too, but I guarantee you that some gossip-type mag will try to have us married off in no time. Just don’t believe a word when you hear it. The fact is that I haven’t yet met the girl I will marry. The girl I marry probably will not be famous. She will be more the quiet, homebody type. She will enjoy cooking. She’ll have a good sense of humor and she will love children. I probably won’t marry a beautiful girl—or maybe not one the rest of the world would consider a pretty girl. I will marry a girl whose “inner person” is truly beautiful, for in the long run that is the most important thing of all.


Dear Mike,

I read in a TV magazine that you have a very bad temper and that you even hit the wall once and knocked a hole in it. I certainly hope this is not true. Well?

Donna Briggs
Asbury Park, N.J.

Dear Donna,

Sorry about that! Fact is, I do have a terrible temper, but I also happen to be able to control it and keep my fits of anger to myself. My experience has been to find that what makes me mad on Monday, doesn’t matter at all on Tuesday. So I just keep cool and wait it out.


Mike Nesmith, Micky Dolenz, Peter Tork
Mike, Micky & Peter

Dear Micky,

I’m in a rage! After I finally accepted the fact that you might be getting serious over Samantha Juste, the English model—whammo!—I see pictures of you in a grade “Z” fan mag with a girl on the beach! I couldn’t believe my eyes! What I mean is, the pictures were so romantic. She was hanging all over you—and in one picture you were kissing her hand. Micky, I was very disillusioned by these pictures. I have always thought of you as a lovely, sensitive, kind person. What gives?

Nancy Sawyer
Cicero, Ill.

Dear Nancy,

Kissing a girl’s hand is not unkind, is it? Just joking. Those pictures were snapped by a photographer who was a guest on the set while we were filming at the “ranch.” The girl was an extra on the show and we were just kidding—honestly. But somehow the pictures came out looking all romantic and gooey. That girl has a steady boy friend, by the way, and he’s a lot bigger than me. Incidentally, I really wasn’t kissing her hand—I was biting it! GRRRR—ain’t I bad?


Dear Peter,

My cousin Carol and I want to know if you know a girl named Kay. We heard from a friend that this girl, Kay, says that she knows you and the rest of the Monkees. She cut all you guys up. I want to know if she really does know you. Please set us straight.

Karen McCallie
Roland, Arkansas

Dear Karen,

None of us guys know any girl named Kay. So if you ever do get to meet her, please ask her why she did say unkind things about us. Could it be that she is just making them up? Anyway, we hope that Kay, whoever she is, cuts out the cut-ups. We Monkees like to be friends with everyone.


Davy Jones, Sherry Kaltschnee
Davy & Sherry

Dear Davy,

Enclosed is a picture my mom took of you and me when I was lucky enough to meet you recently outside the Colgems Recording Studio in Hollywood. No one loves you as much as I do, and meeting you was the greatest thrill of my life!

Sherry Kaltschnee
La Crescenta, Calif.

Alice Playten, Davy Jones, Georgia Brown, Bruce Prochnik
Davy (in top hat) with Oliver! crowd on Ed Sullivan Show in 1964.

Dear Davy,

Is it true that when the Beatles first appeared on TV in America on February 9, 1964, you were on the same show, appearing in a scene from Oliver! with your co-star Georgia Brown and a couple of the Fagan’s gang kids?

Deanna Colantuono
Rahway, N.J.

Dear Deanna,

That is absolutely correct—and you may take three giant steps. Here is a picture of myself, Georgia and two of our “brats”. I was as big a Beatle fan as anybody from the very beginning, and it was a real honor to appear on the same show with them.


FROM DAVY TO DEBBIE TAIT OF COX ALA.: Thank you for the groovy scrapbook you made up and sent to me. I really dig it and I’m keeping it at my house.

FROM MICKY TO JOAN WEBER OF WATERLOO, LA.: Hey, Joan, thanks for that “fun box”. I spent hours looking at the pictures and trying to figure out the puzzles. I also loved the crazy buttons you sent.

FROM MIKE AND PHYLLIS TO THE MONKEE CLUB GANG IN VALDESE, N.C.: Er, ah—thanks for the box of baby diapers you sent us. The guys laughed about it, but every little bit helps, you know.

FROM PETER TO ELOISE RILEY OF HOUSTON, TEXAS: A special thank you for the beautiful necklace you made for me out of corn kernels. And thanks for dyeing it my favorite shade of pink!

FROM ALL THE MONKEES TO FREDI, TERRI AND CINDY OF FAIRFAX, VA.: We were absolutely thrilled that you three young ladies volunteered a total of 145 hours of service in the name of the Monkees to the Fairfax Nursing Home. It’s one of the finest tributes we have ever been given, and we are very grateful.

Dear Davy,

I read somewhere that you prefer being called Davy, not David—and that all your friends call you Davy. Well, which is it—Davy or David?

Barbie Van Allen
Brooklyn, N.Y.

Dear Barbie,

I have never said that I prefer being called either one or the other. So that’s just another piece of “Monkee misinformation” for you to ignore. Most people seem to like to call me Davy so I go 50–50, and though I prefer being called David (which is what my very close friends call me), it really doesn’t matter as long as you be sure to call me!!

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Magazine: 16
Editor: Gloria Stavers
Volume: 9
Issue: 9
Publisher: 16 Magazine, Inc.
Pages: 55, 57