Letter from the Editor


I’ve got a pile of great exclusives for you this month, including a complete account of the Monkees visit to Paris, all the inside info on Sammy and Micky and the first part of “The Monkees Story”. Yes, I’ve finally managed to cram it in.

This story is going to give you ALL the facts of how Micky, Davy, Mike and Peter rose to world fame. You will already know many of the details, but all the same I’m certain that everyone of you will find something new in every single chapter of this great series which will be running exclusively in the Monkees Monthly over the coming months.

Like you I want to know definitely when the Monkees will be coming back to England. But its [sic] impossible to give a date at the moment. I think we must remember that the boys have a tremendous lot of filming and recording to do and they are only free to make a tour when it is all finished. And also they’ve only just completed one of the longest and busiest tours of the United States that country has ever seen. The boys found their Wembley concerts very tiring because of the length of time they are on stage, so you can imagine how they felt when they got to the end of their Stateside stint.

Meanwhile, I will do my best to keep you up to date with what the boys are doing on these pages by getting hold of the best feature, facts and pictures and that’s a promise! See you next month.


  • Davy Jones
    Davy must be thinking hard with that look in his eyes.
  • Mike Nesmith
    Mike designs a lot of his own clothes, including this suit which was made especially for his first trip to England.
  • Micky Dolenz
    Micky spreadeagled in his favourite armchair at home.

Magazine: Monkees Monthly
Editor: Jackie Richmond
Issue: 9
Publisher: Beat Publications Ltd.
Page: 2