Geegee’s Gossip

PETER TORK gave DAVY JONES a surprise gift of a beautiful Spanish guitar . . . MICK’s latest “cape”—which looks like a bedspread with a hole cut in the middle—is really an antique piano shawl he bought in Greenwich Village . . . On the MONKEES’ last trip to NYC, DAVY bought himself a lovely medallion on a gold chain. It is an antique disc filled with diamonds, emeralds, rubies and sapphires. The back is decorated with black ceramic hearts . . . GORDON WALLER’s newest steady is heiress SIBYLLA EDMONSTONE . . . PETER NOONE and the HERMITS drove the teeny-boppers right up the wall (from joy, of course) during their recent tour of the States! Lucky LYNNE RANDELL got to play a gig with them in Hawaii on September the 9th . . . MARK LINDSAY (whose latest favorite gifts from fans are the portrait of himself a girl named KITTY gave him in Westbury and the gorgeous gold ID BARBARA of Pontiac sent him) gifted himself with a groovy canary yellow Mini Cooper. It doesn’t go as fast as his red Ferrari, but it still can crack 100 mph! Too bad. Why doesn’t he buy a tricycle—to match his mentality?

BEE GEE BARRY GIBB reports that his group is on location in Africa shooting the film Lord Kitchener’s Little Drummer Boys. Their Atco LP Bee Gees’ First is a real don’t miss . . . SEED SKY SAXON broke his arm when he tripped on a mike cord while appearing at NYC’s Electric Circus. The SEEDS are pictured here as they appeared on KRLA’s top jock CASEY KASEMS’ TV show Shebang! . . . BRIAN JONES’ latest flame is English model SUKI POTIER (his ex, ANITA, will be featured in the film Barbarella, which stars JANE FONDA and JOHN PHILLIP LAW). KEITH RICHARD building a nine-foot-high stone fence around his country home. Wouldn’t you? . . . Wow! Award goes to fantastic BOBBIE GENTRY, whose Ode To Billy Joe on Capitol Records has wiped everybody out. You can write to her c/o Capitol at 1750 No. Vine, Hollywood, Calif. . . . Whoopee! Award goes to funny CHARLIE LARKEY of the MYDDLE CLASS for his outstanding appearance on the September cover of Esquire. . . . DINO dyed his hair back to medium blond, but now DESI is a redhead! RICCI MARTIN just cut his first record. More later . . . Recommended LPs this month include Aretha Arrives on Atlantic; the LEFT BANKE’s Dress Rehearsal on Smash—featuring their fabulous lead singer STEVE MARTIN (you can write the LEFT BANKE at Suite 305, 1595 Broadway, New York City); The Best Of Sonny & Cher on Atco; The Yellow Balloon on Canterbury; Best Of The Beach Boys on Capitol; Byrds’ Greatest Hits on Columbia; DON & THE GOODTIMES’ So Good on Epic; and for some straight-out soul, try Little Richard’s Greatest Hits on Okeh and The Sound Of Wilson Pickett on Atlantic . . . The world of jazz lost one of its all-time greatest stars with the recent death of saxophonist JOHN COLTRANE. The best of his many LPs are on Impulse. They’re all great, but if you can only choose one, buy My Favorite Things. It is beyond belief.

Congrats to American Bandstand on its 10th Anniversary! . . . Yes, TED LEPLAT and JILL GORDON were regulars on ABC-TV’s Malibu U . . . New SPOONFUL JERRY YESTER is married to folk singer JUDY HENSKE. SPOON JOE BUTLER grew a moustache and may marry his childhood sweetheart, actress Leslie Vega. Solo ZALLY cut his first single; it’s called Small Talk . . . Overheard on a New York City “serious-type” radio station: “The peace-loving youth of the world today is taking the first real step towards civilization in the history of mankind.” That means you, me little luvs. I’m very proud of you—and thank you for letting me stroll through your garden.

Magazine: 16
Editor: Gloria Stavers
Volume: 9
Issue: 6
Publisher: 16 Magazine, Inc.
Page: 51