Monkee Mail

Dear Jackie,

In August’s edition of Monkees Monthly there was a heading which read “Their very first press conference”.

You explained word for word everything that the Monkees did and said. I must congratulate you on this.

Even though there were thousands of photo’s taken by 300 reporters, TV Newsmen etc., this is the first time I have seen the photo’s or heard news of the conference.

Surely if the fantastic Monkees give up their own time to be interviewed it is the press’ duty to print stories and pictures.

I, for one, was thoroughly disappointed by the Monkees’ tour. Don’t take me wrong, the Monkees themselves were absolutely marvellous. But the lack of news about their whereabouts was absolutely disgusting. The whole time they were here I only saw them arriving at the hotel, and then getting on the plane to go back to America. If they come back, and I hope they do have another British tour very soon then I trust that the press will cover it and give us more info on what they do and where they go (by this I don’t mean nosing into their private lives, but, for example, Micky in Hyde Park, I didn’t hear of that until today, and that I must say deserved praise).

Everyone says they are the greatest thing since the Beatles, in my opinion they are far, far better than the Beatles.

From a very disappointed Monkees fan.

Dear Jackie,

I simply adore The Fab Four, they’re crazy, lovable, humorous and now everyone knows that they play their own instruments, at last, which also makes them talented Monkees as well.

They each have their own personality, Mike as the cool Monkee, Micky as the comedian of the group, Peter the most talented and Davy is the one who makes every girl’s knees shake when he gives one of his smiles and all of them have such gorgeous looks!

I want to thank you Jackie, and I’m sure a load of other Monkeemaniacs agree with me that you’re doing a swell job on Monkees Monthly.

luv a monkeemaniac,
Sue Robertson,
23 Chalmers Way,
Nr. Southampton.

P.S. Keep up the good work, Monkeemaniacs appreciate it.

Trust Peter,

I bought Monkees Monthly this morning (it’s No. 7) and I’ve just finished reading it from cover to cover. I was thinking about poor Peter and Mike who collapsed from exhaustion after one of their concerts. Then I went straight to the dictionary and this was the definition I found of Peter—“to dwindle away to nothing, be dissipated or exhausted”.

Did Peter really have to live up to his name?!!

Love From
Elaine Warrington.
52 Sackville Gdns.,
Cranbrook, Ilford,

Dear Jackie,

I have just realised that the first Monkee programme shown on British television appeared the day after Davy’s and Mike’s birthday. I bet that was one of the best birthday presents anyone could have.

The first time I watched the Monkees programme it was before mum had a New Year’s party and it put my friend and I in a good mood for the party.

Since then I’ve collected 2,014 pictures of those Fabulous Monkees.

Monkee Maniac,
Janet Lightfoot,
29 Knolton Way,
Slough, Bucks.

Dear Jackie,

I love the way in which Peter expresses himself when asked about his home. He is so poetic the way he emphasises the green hills and yellow sun. It sounds very beautiful, even the least imaginative person would be able to visualise what he describes when he talks about it so beautifully.

Chris Anderson,
Flat N, Rashleigh Court,
Rashleigh Street,
London, S.W.8

Micky is Dreamy
Davy is Sweet
Peter’s a Darling
And Mike I could eat

From a Monkee Fanatic
Miss L. Barnett,
126 Old Woolwich Rd.,
Greenwich, London,

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Magazine: Monkees Monthly
Editor: Jackie Richmond
Issue: 8
Publisher: Beat Publications Ltd.
Pages: 28–29