The Monkee-Mailbox

Help US Stop Those NASTY Rumors!

Now you can write a letter to your favorite Monkee—or to all four Monkees—and be sure that you will get a personal reply!

FLASH! Attention all 16 regulars! Presenting The Monkee-Mailbox—the only place in the world where you can write a letter to your favorite Monkee and be sure to get a personal answer. Here’s a surprise for some of you lucky 16-ers who have written inquiries about the Monkees or sent personal letters to your fave in care of 16 Magazine:

Dear Miss Stavers,

We’re on the warpath! We read in a yuk magazine that: 1. Mike threatened to quit the Monkees because he didn’t like the way the records were being cut. 2. That Micky is madly in love with Ann-Margret. 3. That Davy is going to Vietnam. 4. That Peter wants to quit the Monkees and go into politics. We love the Monkees and believe none of this is true. We know that 16 knows the best of all, so please tell us the truth and set our minds at ease!

Debbie Baltimore
Vicky Addington
Nashville, Tenn.

Dear Debbie and Vicky,

We are very unhappy at the way some of the magazines treat us, especially the “yuk” one you mentioned. Because of the untruthful stories this magazine has printed about us, we and our fans have had to endure a lot of confusion and sorrow. We don’t understand why they do what they do.


Dear Micky,

When is your birthday and what are the birthdays, ages and addresses of all the other Monkees?

Joan Juzwiak
Kalamazoo, Mich.

Dear Joan,

I was born on March 9 (Actually March 8), 1945, which makes me 22 years old. To find out every single thing you will ever want to know about me, Davy, Mike and Peter, I suggest that you turn to Page 57 and quick-like-a-bunny order 16’s fabulous Monkee book, Here We Are!


Dear Mike,

I read somewhere that you said that you regret being married and that it was a mistake. I just plain don’t believe that. Please set me straight.

Melina Shorrock
Beaconsfield, Quebec, Can.

Dear Melina,

I am probably one of the most happily married men in the whole world. I love my wife and child deeply, and they love me. By the way, thought you might like to know that Phyllis and I will welcome another little Nesmith sometime in December. Isn’t that wonderful?


Dear Girls,

We all thank you for your lovely letter and for the petition endorsing the Monkees that you sent us.


Dear Frank,

Thanks for sending us your picture. You think we’re cute and we think you’re cute, too.


Dear Micky,

Do you mind girls with shorter hair than yours?

Debby Shelby
Floral Park, N.Y.

Dear Debby,

Good heavens, no! I love ’em all—short hair, medium hair or super-long hair.


Dear Margaret,

Thanks for sending me a picture of you and also one of Tommy. I think you’re both adorable—but you’re lots cuter than Tommy.


That’s all there’s room for this month. If you want to write to us, either as a group or individuals, send your letters to The Monkee-Mailbox, 16 Magazine, 745 Fifth Avenue, New York City 10022. Then be sure to pick up all the future issues of 16 and look for your letter and our answers.

Magazine: 16
Editor: Gloria Stavers
Volume: 9
Issue: 5
Publisher: 16 Magazine, Inc.
Page: 48