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Just read the first in the series “Truth or Fiction?” Let us stand and sing! Finally, someone is doing something!

Indeed, “taking a chance, printing the truth… sensation sells the mag.” To me, luv, there is no “matter of chance.” Your work will be rewarded by the many of us slightly intelligent teens who haven’t gone so crackers as to believe that garbage in “yecch” publications.

If teenyboppers want to read rubbish, let them. But if you don’t want to publish junk, don’t be forced by anyone or anyone’s sales, though I am sure you will not be.

Truth is today’s teen motto. Stick to it and—pardon the trite inanity—it will stick to you.

If there’s anything I hate more than rubbish printed about stars, it’s rubbish printed about their fans… namely me. Keep that inside your fishnet.

Aana Theres
Rockford, Ill.

I have just purchased my first issue of TeenSet. But I do not think it will be my last.

First, thanks for the article on the Association. It is hard to find anything on them. All I saw on the newsstand the day I bought TeenSet was Monkees, Monkees and more Monkees.

Second, thanks for the article on how to spot a phony article. Since I am primarily a country music fan, I haven’t been keeping up with rock mags lately. Right now, I’m on, for awhile, as the Association performed in concert at Samford last week. I can say from my experience that I can just about spot a phony article every time. (Just about!)

I do hope what you say about your mag printing only the truth is true. I have always believed that one could have just as great a mag and get just as far (further) in life by printing the truth. As a journalism major and editor-appointed (I take over next fall) of our campus newspaper, the Crimson, I certainly appreciate a publication with the courage to stand up for good journalism.

Elaine Hobson
Samford University
Birmingham, Ala.

I have been buying your wonderful magazine every month since last November, but bought it only occasionally before that, so that is why I am writing in, to give what I think is a good suggestion. Why don’t you make it possible to obtain “back issues” of TeenSet?

Conneaut, Ohio

Back issues of TeenSet can be ordered by sending 50ยข for each issue to Box 1271, Hollywood, Calif. 90028.—Editor.

This letter is an apology; a sincere, humble, please-forgive-me-for-being-a-brat apology for a dumb, silly, stupid, arrogant, know-it-all letter I wrote previously.

That letter was in protest to your “Raider Riddles.” In it, I made a few callous and utterly idiotic remarks about Harpo’s and Smitty’s lucky wives. Judith Sims, you’re a true genius. The fact was, as you so perfectly put it, I didn’t want to believe it, even if it was true. After reading your June “Etc., etc.” column I was truly embarrassed.

Also, I’d like to say that I am not only embarrassed and sorry, but that I’m a liar, too. (But at least my lying does your magazine good.) In that *!@? letter I stated that I’d never buy another TeenSet. I liked the rest of the April TeenSet so much that I bought the May issue, and now, the June issue.

Finally, I’d like to make a comment which could really do me in as a hypocrite, but I’ll say it anyway. (Daring, aren’t I?)

I really like your magazine. Honestly. That is (in spite of all that junk and garbage I said previously) the cross-my-heart-and-hope-to-die truth. It is one magazine that won’t (to borrow a very trite phrase) “insult my intelligence.” I can read one issue over and over and not tire of it. Such is the case with your May issue. That issue was absolutely fabulous!

Humble Apologizer
Des Plaines, Ill.

Letters like yours make some of the others a little less “hard to take.” Thank you.—Editor.

At first I was really upset with you for telling the married-Raiders’ secret. Only it’s not a secret! Smitty and Harpo never denied it; no one really asked. Fans who didn’t know Smitty was married would be surprised at how many do know. Several magazines printed the fact. No one told about Jim until you did. He has a darling wife named Sharon and two adorable daughters, Vicki, 5 and Jamie, 3. For a while, all four lived in an apartment in Hollywood, but just recently Sharon and the girls went back to Seattle and Jim is here to make a try as a solo performer. He’ll be great, no doubt. Any fan who truly loves Harpo will not turn from him just because he is married. He is still the same wonderful, kind, gentle human being! He was my fave Raider, and now he is my fave person, period.

I don’t know Smitty’s family. He has a son about 3 or 4.

I don’t know what all the fuss is about when a star is married. They are still the same people. I will always love Jim Valley, no matter what happens.

For all the Phil and Mark fans—as far as I know, neither has a steady girlfriend.

Tina Weatherby
Los Angeles, Calif.

I would like to apologize for saying you lied about Smitty being married, but I still say that Harpo is single. I know that for a fact because I am a member of Harpo’s fan club and in the club bulletin it says that he is “very much single and still looking” and that his “supposed marriage is a rumor. Also, Gloria Stavers said in 16 that Harpo is not even engaged, so how about printing the truth for all Harpo fans. We all love him.

Shirley Ford
Cleveland, Ohio

Please refer to Tina Weatherby’s letter above. She states it better than I can.—Editor.

First of all, I’d like to tell you Harpo and Smitty are not married, I know that for a fact. I don’t know where you got the idea Jim McGuinn of the Byrds was married and had a kid, because he isn’t. Teenagers don’t have many things that they can trust in. I trusted in your mag, but I don’t think I will anymore. Please print this letter in your magazine, thank you.

Bristol, Conn.

I hope our July issue convinced you about Jim McGuinn and his family. As for the Raiders… There isn’t much more we can do except say “it really is true.”—Editor.

Yours is the only mag I’ve been able to find where the top stars and singers on today’s scene are not built up to fit the impossibly exaggerated “star” image that other fan magazines unfailingly follow. Your articles are interesting, realistic, and, for a refreshing change, not written for the 12-year-old mind.

You have my lasting admiration and respect.

Lisa Cook
St. Paul, Minn.

I really want to thank you so much. I just received “Reflection” in the mail. The cat is beautiful—a real masterpiece. It’s so colorful and I just love the adorable words and phrases that are written in it. No one but Jim Valley could create such an ingenious work of art.

When I read in your letter that Harpo kept the cat in his bedroom for two months and took it on tour with him, I realized that he must have liked it very much and that he will miss not having it around. So, now I want to extend my whole-hearted thanks to Jim Valley for sacrificing his assiduously-constructed creation to me. I am now convinced that he really means it when he tells his fans that he loves them. You can reassure Harpo that his cat is well appreciated (not only by me; my family and friends all agree that it’s wild). I plan to have it framed and a glass put over it, so you see that I will take very good care of it.

I have received a few letters from girls who love Harpo as much as I do since you printed my address. But, to clear something up, I have moved since I won the contest (did it really take that long for the cat to arrive?). The letters have been forwarded to my new address, but I think it would be better if they knew my new address.

Aimee Jacobs
479 Davie Street
Westbury, New York 11590

Now that Harpo has quit the Raiders, I think that he deserves a fan club of his own. Could you please tell me how I could unite the Harpo lovers of America? Tell your readers to write to me if they would be interested in joining and that I will answer all the letters I receive.

Thanks ever so much again, for I shall never forget this (I don’t want to), especially with “Reflection” staring at me from her pedestal on my bedroom wall.

Aimee Jacobs
Westbury, N.Y.

Thank you, Aimee! For Harpo’s fans, his new fan club is being set up now, and no address is available. As soon as we get it, we will let you know, but til then, letters will be picked up at Roger Hart’s address, 9100 Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, Calif.—Editor.

I really don’t understand how anyone can give you bad criticism. You’re the only magazine today at present which doesn’t devote 80% of its space to the Monkees! They’ve got a good show but they have not introduced any new sound and they should not have all the publicity they get in such magazines as 16, Tiger Beat and Flip. TeenSet has good stories and excellent photography. Datebook is the only other magazine which is varied in its stories. All these kids who are criticising you probably don’t know a thing about the magazine business. It’s not the easiest and not the best of businesses. Your magazine deserves all the credit it can get.

You have kept up your standards instead of turning completely to those Monkees, which is great.

Angela Steele
Bronxville, NY

What is the true story on Davy Jones being drafted? Is he being drafted by the United States? If so, is Davy an American citizen? I thought he was an English citizen.

Please tell me, also, if the rest of the Monkees are in danger of being drafted?

Sha McKeel
Norfolk, Va.

Davy is an English citizen but is still liable to the U.S. draft board because he’s living in America. As of this writing we don’t know whether Davy is being drafted or not. The other Monkees are in no danger, we’re told.—Editor.

Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart for that fabulous story about the fabulous Beatles in your May issue. Thank you too, for the beautiful color picture of Ringo and those sweet poems to go with it. You’ve made me the happiest girl in the world. It’s nice to know that there’s at least one magazine left that hasn’t completely forgotten about the fellas. (The ones who started it all.)

In my humble estimation, TeenSet is the best book on the market today. I used to have three faves, Datebook, TeenSet and Teen Screen—in that order. But not anymore. TeenSet is undoubtedly the best. Firstly, you’re out every month, you’re as frank and honest as Datebook, and last, but definitely not least, you have the most beautiful color pics in the world!!

Please don’t fill your wonderful magazine full of nothing but Monkees and Raiders. I mean, it’s OK to have a few pics, but don’t devote the whole book to ’em. There has to be at least one good mag left for us Beatles fans to buy!

I buy TeenSet every month and I’d like to subscribe, but I’m almost afraid to. I’m afraid after the May issue, I’m never gonna see anything about my favorites, the Beatles, again. Please don’t let this happen.

Maxine Hoffman
Lafayette, Ind.

Don’t worry about the Beatles disappearing from TeenSet! Not after your Beatle-nut editor traveled all the way to London to see them! (And did! You can read all about that on page 22.)—Editor.

In your May issue of TeenSet there was a picture of the Monkees and Mike’s hat was blue. Was this hat really blue or was your color off on that picture?

Connie Livingstone
Rochester, NY

It was really blue, Mike has at least two hats, probably more, just in case one is damaged, lost, dirty, or whatever.—Editor.

Magazine: TeenSet
Editor: Judith Sims
Volume: 3
Issue: 9
Publisher: Capitol Records Distributing Corp.
Pages: 48–49