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I’d like to thank whoever wrote “Don’t Fall in Love With a Star” for the most accurate and compassionate article I’ve ever had the pleasure to read. I also am in love with a star, although I could never have expressed the hopelessly lone feeling as well as that writer did. However, she left one thing out which I feel is important: we are not the girls who scream at stage doors, bother our idols for autographs, pictures, and souvenirs, or enter contests to win their ponytails.

I respect and admire (not to mention envy) her for coming out ahead in the hell that I’m still going through. I only hope I can be as lucky.

Another Coward

No one will ever realize how I feel now after just reading “Don’t Fall in Love With a Star” in the September issue. I don’t feel alone now that I know that someone else cares like I do.

I’m glad you don’t have all Monkees, Monkees, Monkees. As Maxine Hoffman said, “Thanx for not forgetting the ones who started it!” Also with Angela Steele who says, “You kept up your standards instead of turning completely to Monkees which is great.” Don’t get me wrong—I luv the Monkees—I can see them all over Boston, but enough said. Please continue your great magazine forever!!!!

Jan Adler
Peabody, Massachuseets [sic]

I would just like to commend you on the anonymous article entitled, “Don’t Fall in Love With a Star”. It was fantastic, and moved me greatly. I would love to meet whoever wrote this article because she writes what’s in her heart, and expresses completely the feelings I have right now for David Jones. I particularly agreed with what she said about this being an “exciting experience that teaches you a lot about yourself and life.” I hope you have more fabulous articles by this wonderful, sensitive writer. Bravo!

P.S. Are you sure you couldn’t give me the name of this person?

Susan Lowe Loewus
Los Gatos, California

We can’t give you her name, but she’s read your letter (all the letters about her articles); she always gets slightly tearful when she finds others who know and share her plight.—Editor.


I buy your magazine regularly. I much prefer it to many—perhaps all. Feel flattered that I turn to you in my hour of need.

My hour of need? The Stones—the involvement of Mick, Keith, and Brian in drug accusations and counter accusations. I think it would be a good idea if you printed the entire facts of the party, the trial, everything. Then invite everyone to write in their personal opinions—if not on the Stones then on drug usage.

My opinion? I feel that there is beauty in the world (and elsewhere) and one doesn’t need drugs (or pot) to find it. It’s there. Taking drugs is the easy way—if you want to end up in a permanent dream world. As far as “kicks” go, an open mind is all that is needed. I feel that this goes for everyone; the Stones are not “special” simply because they are extremely talented. In fact, quite the opposite.

Oh, well; I just wanted to make my suggestion. Sorry I got carried away. But thanks for letting me air my opinion.

Joanie Leasman
Santa Ana

The party and trial are now history, see page 41. No need to dwell on the past.—Editor.

Harpo again

We want to get something straight right now about Harpo’s marriage.

In your September issue, Tina Weatherby said Jim was married and Shirley Ford said he wasn’t. The truth is, Harpo is definitely married.

Being great Raider Rooters, when we read that Smitty and Harpo were married, we blew our cools!

Last month, we were staying where the Raiders were for two days. When we met Paul, we asked him if Harpo was really married. He said (quote), “Yep, and he’s got two kids!”

And as far as those rumors go about Paul Revere and Mark Lindsay being very conceited, well absolutely not! They’re two of the nicest people we know. Mark even kissed us. We’d like to tell you the whole story but it’d take a book!

Oh yes, Freddie, Charlie, and Joe, Jr., are all real sweet. Our parents even like them! RAIDERS FOREVER!!!

Jacki Hayes
Duranda Nelson
Fayetteville, Arkansas


Where can I write to get a pen pal in Australia and England? Also, will you have more on the Beatles (they get better by the minute; TeenSet gets better by the month) and less on the those yeech Monkees? Please!


Jill Howard

P.S. What has my favorite Beatle, George, been doing since I left him God knows when?

Write Fabulous Magazine, Fleetway House, Farringdon Street, London, England, for possible pen pals. Read about George’s latest on p. 12!—Editor.

We fellow Beatlemaniacs would like to take these few moments to thank you for devoting so much of your valuable time to making us happy by printing such intelligent, honest, and brilliantly written articles on John, Paul, George, and Ringo. You’ve helped fill many empty hours for us (and we’re sure all the other Beatlemaniacs) since your marvelous coverage of the tour. We bought all the magazines that covered the tour, but none was as exciting, or detailed, as “Life Aboard the Yellow Submarine.” And, of course, your May issue was simply fab! Reading “Afan’s Farewell” in a recent issue of your mag was indeed an experience. The writer should be commended for such a revealing look at the widespread affliction.

We want to thank you for being fair and not having the Monkees throughout each isue [sic]! Though we do not care for the Monkees, we understand that there are Monkee fans.

We also enjoy all your other articles. We still chuckle over Gunther Yorty’s coverage of the “1st Annual All-Star Grudge Croquet Match and Free-for-All.”

“Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” and the Beatles’ recent single proves their extraordinary music talent. We appreciate your recognition of it!

TeenSet and Datebook are the two best magazines on the stands today. Keep up the good work! Thanks a million!

Karen Roberts
Carolyn O’Hineer
New Franklin, Missouri


I like your magazine but I, along with five million other Monkee maniacs strongly disagree with Angela Steele (September issue). I’m asking you to please print this for all the Monkee fans.

It’s obvious that 16, Flip, and those other groovy magazines print a lot on the Monkees because that’s what the readers want. It was the same with the Beatles. The Monkees are a very talented group and, being the number one group, they deserve every bit of credit they get.

An avid Monkee fan,
Little Rock, Arkansas

P.S. That was a great article, “Don’t Fall in Love With a Star”!

You have a great mag and I enjoy reading it, but some of those letters you get in Mail Scene make me so mad (along with my friends).

They are jealous of the Monkees because their fave group isn’t tops. And those Beatle fans complaining, well when the Beatles first came you couldn’t find a mag without them in it. When a group is really hot and new they get published like the Monkees have, so for those fans who’re mad (really jealous) at the Monkees, why don’t they wait till their fave group gets tops. But get set for a long wait.

A Monkee fan (and proud of it),

How come you’re always printing letters about the Beatles, Beatles, and more Beatles? I would just like to tell those girls in the September TeenSet, Elaine Hobson, and Maxine Hoffman, and Angela Steele, that the Monkees are the best group in the whole wide world. I know lots of girls who agree with me!

Long Island, New York

You will be pleased to know that you have goofed again.

In the September issue of TeenSet you apologized for the flub-up of the June issue of TeenSet when the cover announced “Ridiculously Beautiful Raider Pinups” and then failed to carry the so-called “beautiful” photos. The September issue not only contained this “beautiful” apology, but another mistake similar to the first one. The cover this time announced “Good Guys Welcome the Monkees to Boston.” I happen to be one of the lucky teenyboppers who attended the concert, but one of the unlucky ones who decided against taking a camera with which to snap oh-so-sacred photographs. I bought the magazine in hopes of a story or pictures on the concert.

All I can say is, please have pity on this loving Monkee fan and carry an article on the concert in a future issue.

I would also like to say that I adore TeenSet. It is the one true teen magazine that I can trust to print the truth about my favorite pop stars.

And to all of those who wrote in requesting that you write more about other stars and less about the Monkees, I hope you never have an issue without at least one story on them! I adore Davy and Peter, and so far you have printed the best stories and pinups of them anywhere! Please continue!

And please watch the mistakes next time, OK?

Brookline, Massachusetts

That cover line was added by the local radio station that ties in with TeenSet—we’re innocent in this case. But you can gaze at Monkees (!) on p. 52.—Editor.

I don’t understand the Buffalo Springfield. At the Pop Festival there were six of them playing, in your magazine there’re five, and just now on TV there were only four! Just how many Buffalo Springfields are there and who are they?

May I close with the standard cliche from most of your readers? Your mag is great!

Jane Kuehn
Wichita, Kansas

David Crosby of the Byrds “sat in” with them at Monterey. There are now five—Stevie, Richie, Dewey, Doug, and Bruce.—Editor. (Flash! Neil is back; the original 5 are together again! (See page 34.)


I am a teenager, and I want to thank you for the best teen-type magazine around. I have read almost all the others, and I have found yours to be the best in every respect.

For a while I was enamoured of a teen mag that a leading weekly called the “teenybopper’s monosyllabic Bible.” Even before I read this, I had realized the same thing.

Your articles show no sign of bigotry, which is more than I can say for most of the other teen magazines. I recently came across a magazine that cut down every group going except the Rolling Stones. Now, I firmly believe that everyone has a right to express his opinion, but these editors had set their opinion down as fact. This your magazine never does, and many of us are thankful for that.

Your magazine is set apart by the many entertaining extras that other magazines do not have. The articles show great insight, and I can’t find a word descriptive enough for the color shots.

Canal Zone, Isthmus of Panama

I bought my first copy of your magazine. I really dig it. I have one problem, though. Why do people write awful letters like the one in September’s issue calling you liars about Jim McGuinn and the Raiders. Magazines that lie should get those letters, not you.

Mak Clark
Bloomfield, Connecticut


Could you please do one thing for me? Please print something on the one and only George Harrison.

Everywhere I go I find nothing but Monkees and more Monkees (it’s getting utterly idiotic).

And at long last, when I finally do find an article on the fabulous one-of-a-kind Beatles, there is nothing (well, almost nothing) on George,

In my opinion, he is one of the most talented men I have ever seen in my whole life. Plus the fact that he is very handsome (with or without the mustache). But alas, nobody does anything on him.

So could you at least do one article on him only, for once. I will be forever indebted to you if you do so.

Rose Mathis
Portland, Oregon

You are henceforth forever indebted—see p. 12.—Editor.

Magazine: TeenSet
Editor: Judith Sims
Volume: 3
Issue: 12
Publisher: Capitol Records Distributing Corp.
Pages: 16–17