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I’m writing this letter to apologize to you and Sue Cameron for the letter I wrote to you some months ago. I have just finished reading Sally Smith’s letter in your April issue and I realize how wrong I was.

Since my first letter, I’ve learned that Miss Cameron wasn’t lying. I read the same things she wrote in another leading magazine and I’m really sorry. I would never have thought I would “eat my words,” but I guess that’s just what I’m doing!

After I mailed the first letter to you, I waited for it to come out in your magazine. When I bought my second copy of TeenSet and read it, I began to realize what a darn good magazine it really is! I guess I wrote my first letter too soon. I should have waited and gotten the next issue of TeenSet, read it and then decided if I should have written.

I’m sorry if I was the cause of the letter from New Holland, Illinois. I didn’t realize that anybody else would write in because of parts of my letter. I hope that those “two haters” will come to their senses after reading a terrific letter like Sally’s. I did and now I’ll appreciate young people, such as Sue Cameron for writing, as Sally puts it, “What they honestly feel to be the truth.” I regret now that I ever wrote that letter to begin with, and now I realize that I was wrong.

I want to thank you for reading my letter and I hope both you and Miss Cameron will accept my apologies for making a fool of myself at your expense.

I’ll keep on buying your magazine and I hope others will too. They won’t regret it, believe me!

Gayle Kapena
Kailua, Hawaii

Thank you very much, Gayle. Your apology is gratefully accepted, and your maturity is deeply appreciated.—Editor.

Yesterday, I got my first issue of your magazine from a store and I can tell you that I am thoroughly pleased.

On the page marked “Mail Scene,” I read all the letters under “About Opinions.” To me, many of the letters were just plain disgusting. Don’t these girls realize that they sound like very cheap and everyday teenagers? I mean by always putting someone or something down.

Everyone is entitled to his or her opinion, but the “Two Haters of Sue Cameron” sound as if their opinions are law and that no one else should have their opinion.

When I read your magazine, I really enjoyed it. Everyone complained about all the “lies” that your magazine prints. Well, I hate the word “lies” and, even if some of your information is untrue, I am not complaining. I take the articles for what they are; interesting stories about many people, not something that has to be 100 percent true. I don’t think this matters.

Thank you very much for letting me let off my steam.

A grateful and satisfied reader
Longview, Wash.

I take typewriter in hand to register a protest of the most violent nature. It concerns your London correspondent, Carol Gold.

It’s not that I mind, you understand, her living the madcap, zany, star-studded swinging young London life of which she writes. Not at all. But I do resent the fact that she writes about it. Why can’t she keep a good thing to herself? I didn’t serve my adolescent penance at Omaha North High School to come to London and have every place from Biba’s to the Cromwellian overrun with Americans just because she can’t keep her big mouth shut. And new floods arriving with each installment that appears in TeenSet.

May I point out that it is in your own best interests to discontinue Carol’s column? If you persist in printing it, surely there will be no one left in all of America to buy TeenSet. And what about the country’s future? With no teenagers left to keep J.C. Penney’s profits in line by shop-lifting Ship ’n’ Shore blouses, the Messrs. Penney & Co. will undoubtedly fulfill their early promise and Take Over.

Could I persuade you to transfer Carol Gold to Minneapolis? Tel Aviv? Manila?

Betsy Doster
London, England

You are to be exceptionally complimented for your use of articles by Gunther Yorty. He has to be one of the greatest talents of this century. I suggest that a Gunther Yorty Fan Club be formed to do homage to him. Why don’t you let him go to London to interview the Beatles. Surely his keen insight into the teen world would make him the overwhelming choice to meet with the Beatles.

Hollywood, Calif.

P.S.: When can I have some work, Chief?

As this is the first fan letter yet received for Gunther Yorty, we have decided to give him one last chance to establish some sort of a following among our readers. To help Gunther in his attempt to overthrow the TeenSet Government, read his daring plot on page 24.—Editor.

I think this Ronnie Reichenbach from Canada can cut herself out of life because I think that the Beatles are the most rotten group alive. I thank Mike Nesmith of the Monkees! There is one thing I must thank the Beatles for is bringing on Rock and Roll! I don’t see what anyone finds in that idiot group!

Linda W.
Wayland, Mass.

In order to maintain some sort of decorum (not to mention cool), I will merely quote several statements from a recent press release from Capitol records: “25% of all Gold Records awarded for singles by the RIAA have been earned by the BEATLES… last year, every fourth Gold Record awarded by the RIAA for $million albums went to the BEATLES… “Strawberry Fields Forever” qualified for a Gold Record before it was put on sale in record stores, like the 21 previous Gold Disks… the BEATLES’ total world sales figure now stands at 180,000,000 records.”

Granted, in three years (or maybe less, the way they’re headed), the MONKEES may equal or surpass the BEATLES in record sales, but apparently quite a few people have seen quite a lot in “that idiot group”!!—Editor.

Thanks for all the articles and photos of that groovy outasite group, Paul Revere and the Raiders. As far as I am concerned, the Beatles are no competition for the Raiders now. The Beatles have changed, and they are “out” now.

Please keep printing the Raiders in your mag, because you are doing a good job, of blowin’ everyone’s mind.

Nancy Kajano
East Brunswick, N.J.

I would like to give some advice to the following people: Two Haters of Sue Cameron: “She should keep her thoughts to herself. If she can’t say anything true, don’t say it at all.”

Both of you disagree with Sue, but remember, “no two people are alike.” You say she should keep her thoughts to herself. Why don’t you both do the same. And another thing: “If she can’t say anything true, don’t say it at all.” You’re eating your own words. You both said TeenSet contained a pack of lies. Can you prove it? Please watch what you say before you say it.

Kay Marshall: You must be a fan of Mark Lindsay, right? You must know Mark quite well to make a remark as, “It was all a bunch of lies.” Do you know what you just did? You just called your favorite a liar. Do you think Mark would pose for TeenSet if they were going to use them along with a “bunch of lies”? You owe Mark and TeenSet an apology. Don’t you think so?

Sally Smith: You believed right. 16 magazine is a great mag. I buy 16, and in my opinion, they still print super articles, but I’m not going to put any other magazine down just because they have good articles. We, the public, don’t know what’s happening behind the scenes. Hours and hours are put into each magazine, just to please us, and what do we do? We say they’re full of lies and their magazine is rotten. All I can say is, you sure know how to hurt people. Don’t you owe Gloria Stavers an apology?

Why don’t you all quit putting magazines down all the time?

Hauula, Oahu, Hawaii

I think your magazine is great. I watch “Where the Action Is” and I think the dancers are great. Their outfits are real cool. One thing I never saw in your magazine was about them. Is it true that Jerry Lyn dated every Raider except Paul and was going steady with Drake? Will you please tell me who she has gone out with. If it was an Action boy or anyone on Action. I think they’re all great and so is the show.

Susan Kaczmarek
Joliet, Ill.

Having never met Jerry Lyn, I can only speculate on her dating habits. However, I am sure that if she did date “anyone on Action,” it was indeed a boy.—Editor.

I’d like to tell you that your April issue of TeenSet was the best issue of any magazine I’ve ever seen. The whole mag was just fab! My girlfriend had a copy and when I saw it, I just had to go out and get a copy of my own!

My favorite part of any magazine is the color pictures, and that one of Brian Jones was the most gorgeous thing I’ve ever seen! Those poems about Paul were adorable, and those pics of the Stones were good too.

I only have one request. I’m a big Bob (sigh) Dylan fan. It seems hardly any of the teen mags do stories on him, and I’ve yet to see a color pinup of him. If you could get a good story on him plus a groovy color pinup, I’d be eternally grateful.

Delirious about Dylan
Louisville, Kentucky

Bob (sigh) Dylan???—Editor.

I got really burned up about those letters from kids like “Two Haters of Sue Cameron.” Their opinion must not mean too much to them—they didn’t sign their names. Too ashamed?

I have had my share of these rags… It seems if they can’t get an interview with a group, they pick out some small happening, jazz it up a little and pass it off as some sort of scandal.

Your magazine’s stories are not the “I’ll Kiss You In My Dreams” type. They are interesting and almost believable. Most of your pictures are in color and not out of focus. Congrats!

Chalk up a point for TeenSet!

Dee Dee Lee
Westchester, Pa.

well, everyone else is voicing their opinion of your magazine, so i’ve decided to add mine.

as i began the april issue, i immediately agreed with what sally smith of livermore, calif. said; “TeenSet is a mixture of humor, sensitive beauty, and serious reporting.” i should explain that ever since i came upon my first copy of TeenSet i have been a subscriber and i am very glad to see such a new and more sane (?) way of presenting the information to the teenagers than those other magazines. one thing i greatly appreciate about TeenSet is the coverage of the “hippie” scenes of L.A. and especially of San Francisco cause that’s closer to home. i wish you’d have even more. I’d also like to say that, even though sue cameron is no longer with TeenSet, i believe that she had the right to voice her opinions in her column… and you certainly can’t agree with everyone in your own personal tastes.

and, as for all the “lies” TeenSet was accused of printing, somebody must have re-defined “lie.” according to my handy avon webster english dictionary, a lie still means “a falsehood.” statements with which a reader disagrees are not lies. to rely on one source for all of your information and claim all others are lying is absurd.

i’ll always stick to TeenSet because us “older” teens should be beyond the level of those other infantile mags. i have only one request to make of TeenSet… expand the mag to include more of the now scene and try to get advance info… fact… to print before the other baby mags get the info and torture it. long live Teen Set!!!

Carole Rutherford
Concord, Calif.

O.K. It’s my turn. I have never written to an editor of any magazine before, although I have often been tempted to, but this really makes me angry. In your Mail Scene, I think many of those letters were uncalled for, as many will feel this letter is.

The first thing I read in a magazine is the letters, because I get a kick out of other people’s opinions of different things. Well, the April issue of TeenSet is the first I have bought, and after reading the “opinions” I can’t wait to read the magazine.

I would like to tell the “Two Haters of Sue Cameron” that nobody is perfect. They seem to think that your magazine is rotten, just because of Sue Cameron. As they say, your pictures are good, and the good balances the bad. I hope they have some good in them, because they have horrible manners, no tact, etc. To continue, I hope that Ronnie Reichenbach of Ottawa, gains a sense of humor, and fast! If she had looked closely, Mike was not as evil and sinister as she makes him out to be.

Furthermore, why must magazines be continually compared? How childish can one get? Each magazine prints what it thinks is true or knows what is true (it is possible, you know). If something isn’t the truth, and it is found out, the magazine always tries to correct it. No one tells lies intentionally. I should hope not, anyway.

Well, I’ve taken up enough of your time, maybe too much. I think I’ll go to the store and get a magazine. Which one will it be? 16, TeenSet, Teen Screen, Tiger Beat, Flip… maybe I’ll splurge and get them all.

Vicki Reenstra
Rutherford, N.J.

Magazine: TeenSet
Editor: Judith Sims
Volume: 3
Issue: 7
Publisher: Capitol Records Distributing Corp.
Pages: 59–60