Monkee Mail

I thought that the Monkees’ concert was (deep breath) fantabulous, marvelastic, super, groovy, smashing, terrifous, fantastic scrumplicious, WOWEE, marvelous, POW, swinging, WHAM, fabulous, ZIPEE, to-good-to-be-true, delumpilous, gorgeous, ZOWEE, the mostest, terrific, a riotium, a smash hit, a rave, dreamy, merific, spiffng, bang-on, good, delifous, supercalifragalisticexpealidotious, heavenly, AHH, OHH, HMMMM, WEEEEE, a jolly-good-show, superb, topping, whizzing diggish, Davyish, Peterish, Mikeish, Mickyish, Jimmy Savileish (Savile was later revealed to be one of Britain’s most prolific sex offenders), colourful, alive, fun, flashy, makes-your-knees-feel like-jellyish, and to top it all absolutely GREAT.

Janet Monk,
77, Hythe Avenue,

Great! Marvelous! Fantastic! That’s all I can say about THEM. The most fantastic Group of the moment giving their first-ever Concert in Britain. THE MONKEES. !!xx!!xx. That to the silly old knockers. Now at last the Monkees have put them in their place.

Monkees Marvelous—Marvelous Monkees.

No really I was overwhelmed. I must admit, although I really do love them all (and please don’t be shocked), that I went there expecting the worst. Oh Boy, was I mistaken! They really were good. You’ve just got to put them in a class of their own. I could distinguish practically every piece of brilliant music that they put over in their funniest of ways.

The atmosphere of the whole stadium was so exciting—lighting, screaming, stamping, and their individual acts were just smash! Ooh! while they were playing I wished I was one of the Monkees up there with them enjoying every clap, every scream, that they so honestly deserved.

I didn’t scream, I never do at these sort of places, I just stood there watching, listening and enjoying. I’ve told everybody at work how good they are and I think at last they’re beginning to realize why us teenagers love them so much. It’s really made me feel good talking and writing to you about them.

Pauline Maskell (18),
25, Cross Road,

4 Monkees (freshly plucked from America)
1 hard Boiled Drum
2 Heated Guitars
2 Coloured Marracas [sic]
¼ Pint Yoghurt

Method: Put all dry ingredients into a bowl, and mix well with the Yoghurt.

Roll out into a well floured stage, then shape into a wool-hat, put in the oven at 500° and leave for 4 minutes, when ready coat with some Monkee Nuts and Fans. Then leave to cool.

It is delicious, beautiful, fab, groovy etc., etc., etc.,

Love from a Mad Monkee Nut.

Ann Peaston,
29, Stanley Avenue,
BILSTON, Roslin,

I have just seen The Monkees at Wembley—and what a performance they gave! The tension and excitement before they came on was too much, but I managed somehow to stay calm until the big moment. But as soon as they walked on the stage, my heart turned a somersault, and my feet turned into jelly, and I was hypnotised from that moment on.

They certainly proved the fact that they can play their instruments, and expertly as well, It was a fantastic act, and they were so full of energy that I just couldn’t believe that they were on for an hour non-stop.

I don’t really know what I thought about during that time, except how marvellous they all were, and whether I would ever get to meet them in person, and find out if they are really like the critics and other reporters say about them.

I did wonder afterwards about what they had thought of us English fans when they were up there on stage, but I guess we’re pretty much the same as their American followers to them.

But, I can certainly say that The Monkees were well worth traveling 100 miles to see—I shall never forget it—and I hope they won’t forget their English fans, and will come over to see us again soon.

Janet Hague,
91, Pettus Road,
South Park Avenue,
Norwich, NOR 78F,

Magazine: Monkees Monthly
Editor: Jackie Richmond
Issue: 7
Publisher: Beat Publications Ltd.
Pages: 28–29