Last Minute Flashes by Geegee

HEY, you Davy Jones fans! Davy has just opened a brand-new trend-setting clothing store in New York City’s Greenwich Village section. It is located at 217 Thompson Street and is called Zilch I. Zilch I features everything from groovy boots, pants belts and beads to unique new styles in Davy’s own favorite kind of shirts—and the clothes are made for both girls and boys. For those of you who can’t make it to the Village, write to Zilch I, 217 Thompson Street, New York, N.Y., for their cool “catalog”. Be sure to enclose 25ยข in coin to cover the cost of handling and mailing, and be sure to print your name and address clearly at the bottom of your letter when you order your Zilch I catalog . . . Congrats to our sweet and talented Lynne Randell for winning Australia’s Most Popular Girl Singer Of The Year award—for the second time in a row! . . . Donovan was the rage of England’s Windsor Jazz & Blues Festival. Come and grace us with your serene presence soon, dear friend . . . Gary Lewis officially adopted his wife’s son John (by a previous marriage) and they are all living happily ever after in Bel Air, Calif. . . . A special welcome to old friends Bobby Vee and Jackie Wilson as they score again in the top forty. Bobby’s hit was Come Back When You Grow Up and Jackie’s was Higher And Higher.

The heavens over New York City blazed recently when two new and brilliantly-exploding comets of stardom met by chance in 16’s Spec office. They were Chris Crosby (who is letting his hair grow, thank heavens!) and the Doors’ lead singer Jim Morrison (who is never going to stop letting his hair grow, thank you!) . . . The exciting Leacock-Pennebaker film on Bob Dylan, Don’t Look Back, should have been released in your home town by now. It’s a mind-opener and a don’t miss. Sally Field does NOT go steady with, or even date, Davy Jones! Her steady is a Calif. college guy whom she has been going with for almost a year . . . Yes, that former group member (now on his own) is or was married. And another of same just got married. So what? If they choose to keep it private, it’s their business—so let ’em! . . . Why does the leader of a top rock group (which 16 and Spec have avidly supported and boosted over the past two years) allow his press agent to give out super-exclusive, 16-type pix and interviews to yuk mags which print lies and vicious gossip about the afore-unmentioned group—and who blatantly copy 16 and Spec in stories and style? Maybe that’s his way of keeping his group’s now fading popularity alive. The fact of the matter is the group’s handsome, talented, sweet super-star lead singer is really what’s keeping the ship from sinking.

Twiggy fully extended the American Indian and English “mini” clothing trends by de-planing at London’s Heathrow Airport in a handmade red suede mini-squaw outfit that stopped traffic all the way to Bangkok! . . . Van Morrison (who wrote that groovy rock ’n’ roll standard Gloria), former lead singer with Them, went on his own, and his first single for Bang Records, Brown-Eyed Girl, was an instant smash. Grab his Bang LP Blowin’ Your Mind. Itza a winner. You can write to Van at Bang Records, 1650 Broadway, Suite 514, New York City 10019 . . . Peter Noone shed 20 pounds and is back to his luvable, lean, blue-eyed, boyish self again. Too bad that a couple of pop idols thought Peter had a new trend and went and got themselves all puffy and flabby. Like ugh—stoppit!!

S’all fer now. See ya’ in 16. December issue goes on sale October 19th.

Magazine: 16 Spec
Editor: Gloria Stavers
Volume: 6
Issue: 3
Publisher: 16 Magazine, Inc.
Page: 70