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Samantha Juste and Micky Dolenz are becoming inseparable these days. She flew out to California to visit Micky some weeks ago and also joined him in Paris a few days before the start of their British tour. After fulfilling some important engagements, she flew out of London Airport on Friday, July 14th to be with him on their current American tour.

All the Monkees visited several of the “in” London clubs whilst they were here. Top of the list by the time they left, was definitely the Speakeasy, which is also the favourite haunt of top pop stars and musicians. It was the location for a big party which Nems gave for the Monkees, on Monday, July 3rd, with the Beatles, minus Ringo, as star guests.

All the Monkees said that they were knocked out with the reception they received in England. Peter Tork commented: “Everything here seemed to be so much bigger than in the States. We can’t wait to come back, not only to meet up again with all the friends we’ve made this time, but also to visit lots of the other cities in Gt. Britain. And we’re going to try and make it again before the end of this year”.

Both Peter Tork and Mike Nesmith collapsed from exhaustion after the Sunday afternoon concert at the Empire Pool, Wembley. Mike, however, told me that it was just brought on by the heat and that after a few whiffs of oxygen he felt O.K. The Monkees’ management were a bit worried as to whether the boys would be able to get through their seventy minute performance on Sunday evening, and before they went on stage, the Monkees went into a huddle, wishing each other the best of luck. The evening performance went off without incident, probably due to the cooler atmosphere, and towards the end they even inserted an extra song. Davy told us afterwards that they would have done several more if they could have got the audience to quieten down in order to tell them what was happening.

Immediately they returned to the States they started a hectic 28-show tour.

Micky seems to enjoy any dangerous sport. His latest hobby is motorcycle scrambling and he’s often seen tearing up and down the hills behind his home in Laurel Canyon.

A new Monkees’ single was released in the States on July 14. The ‘A’ side is “Pleasant Valley Sunday” a Goffin & King composition. ‘B’ side is “Words”. Both the tracks were recorded during the last big sessions before the Monkees’ British tour, and were produced by Douglas Farthing Hatlelid.

Monkee fan Tina Ridgeon, of Battersea, London, was most annoyed to find that she had been reported in the papers as having jumped off the balcony at the Saturday concert, to try and reach the Monkees on stage. She phoned us after she had been released from hospital, to tell us that she had not jumped but was pushed from behind.

Magazine: Monkees Monthly
Editor: Jackie Richmond
Issue: 7
Publisher: Beat Publications Ltd.
Page: 19