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The boys new single “Alternate Title”, which was released on 16th June, immediately started zooming to the top of the charts. The A-side, of course, is sung by Micky Dolenz, and he also wrote the song. The B-side is “Forget That Girl”. Both tracks have come from the boys’ new album “Headquarters”, and were produced by Douglas Farthing Hatlelid, who also wrote the B-side. No-one’s taking any bets that “Alternate Title” won’t earn another silver disc in this country, to join the ones they’ve already received for selling a quarter of a million copies of “I’m a Believer” and “A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You.”

Bob Rafelson, producer of the Monkees’ show, and associate producer, Ward Sylvester, flew into London in mid-June to look for locations for the special episodes that they want to film whilst the Monkees are here at the end of June/beginning of July. If they find enough suitable spots, they will bring the Monkees back to England later in the year for more film work.

Jose Feliciano, the blind singer who flew into London recently, said, “Peter Tork used to warm up the audience in New York coffee bars for me before I went on.”

The date that the boys were due to fly into England was changed so many times during June that we began to wonder if they would all turn up on different dates. The latest information that we have as we are going to press, is that they are due to fly to Paris first of all and stop there for two or three days whilst they film a special Paris episode for their series. Following this they will fly to London on 28th June. They will then make their Wembley appearances, after which they will separate and do whatever they want for a few days.

The boys have proved that they aren’t just a flash in the pan group (as if we didn’t know). They have just been awarded an “Emmy” in the United States for the “Best Comedy TV Series”.

Mike Nesmith has been having a bit of trouble with his throat recently, and finally a specialist said that he should have his tonsils removed. We understand that they were stolen by a young nurse twenty minutes after the operation was over Mike says that he’s quite certain his voice won’t sound any worse!

The Monkees were awarded their SIXTH gold disc in the U.S for advance orders of over one million before their new album, “Headquarters” even went on sale. Tracks are: “You Told Me”, “Forget That Girl”, “Band 6”, “Zilch”, “You Just May Be The One”, “Shades of Gray”, “I Can’t Get Her Off My Mind”, “For Pete’s Sake”, “No Time”, “Mr. Webster,” “Sunny Girl Friend”, “I’ll Spend My Life With You”, “Early Morning Blues and Greens” and “Alternate Title”. All the Monkees had a hand in writing many of the songs, and it’s quite possible that we will have an album of songs completely written by them before very long.

Magazine: Monkees Monthly
Editor: Jackie Richmond
Issue: 6
Publisher: Beat Publications Ltd.
Page: 19