Monkee Mail

I must tell you the tale of Davy, Mike, Micky and Peter Goldfish. About a month ago my friend was given four goldfish. Being a Monkee fanatic she named them Davy, Mike, Micky and Pete. Two weeks later Micky died (he had a very peaceful burial under a rose bush). Now we have just heard that Mike is expecting babies, We are all looking forward to the happy event—waiting to see who the father is. Meanwhile we have rechristened Mike—Phyllis (I do hope that she does not take offence). If you see Mike hanging round the corner will you please tell him that he is not only a father but also… a Mother!

Margaret Andrews,
17 Farmstead Rd.,
London, S.E.6.

I noticed that all the Americans and Canadians who wanted pen-pals, wanted English pen-pals. Well I would like to give those people a geography lesson. There is a country north of England called Scotland where, I am sure, there are as many Monkee maniacs there as there are in England. For instance I have 545 pics of the Monkees and there are many girls with more. So please give us a chance. We are not all haggis and bagpipes, you know.

A very angry
Frances Shanks,
19 Hillcrest Terr.,
Carstairs Junction,
Lanarkshire, Scotland.

In May’s Monkee Monthly, Miss M. Lewthwaite said she has 210 pics of the Monkees. I am myself a great fan of the fabulous Monkees especially that dreamy Micky Dolenz and I have nearly 2,000 pics of them. Can anyone top this?

A Micky Adorer and Worshipper,
Stockport, Cheshire.

If you look in any normal sized dictionary, and find the “word” Davy Jones, it will give this definition:—“A humorous name for the devil of the sea: a sea-devil or devil”.

Well I knew Davy Jones was cheeky, but I don’t think he’s really a devil, do you?

Joyce Bevan (Miss),
126 Stockport Rd.,
Denton, Manchester.

The Monkees are the greatest group,
There’s ever been around,
There’s been the most fantastic scoop,
Over their marvelous sound.

There’s little Davy, cute and small,
Then there’s Micky six feet tall,
Then there’s Mike the family man,
And lastly Peter Thorkelson.

I love them all I must admit,
’Specially their record “Little Bit”,
But Peter’s my favourite one,
Peter, Halsten Thorkelson.

Christine Seddon,
81 Chapel Lane,
Blackley, Manchester 9,

I think that the Monkees are absolutely lovely, especially Davy. I have 2,384 pictures of the Monkees. If you doubt my word you can come and count them.

Jean Langley,
478 New Hey Rd.,
Birkenhead, Cheshire.

The Monkees luverly, georgeous [sic] and every fab word under the sun, they’re the best thing since tomato sauce.

The Monkees with beards Ugh! Thank goodness they are only temporary (I hope).

A Fan, Isle of Wight,

P.S. If my friends found out about this letter they would shoot me.

I am writing to tell you that I have 7 books on the Monkees, 9 cigarette cards, 50 black and white cards, 19 colour cards, 40 colour pin-ups hanging on my wall, 100 pages of info, 19 stories from a magazine, 140 black and white pics, a model of them on stage, “I’m a Believer”, “Little Bit Me, Little Bit You”. “First LP”. I am also a member of the Monkee fan club. Hey wanna know somethin’? I haven’t got any money left, but its [sic] worth it. I wonder if any one has more?

Miss Marion Turner,
Carshalton, Surrey.

Magazine: Monkees Monthly
Editor: Jackie Richmond
Issue: 6
Publisher: Beat Publications Ltd.
Pages: 28–29