The never-before-told stories about your favorites from the gal who PERSONALLY knows them all—ANN MOSES

If the MONKEES keep moving around as they have lately, TiGER BEAT will have to publish a MONTHLY MONKEE MAP. Everyone is moving except PETER. MIKE was the first to plan a move, but when fans began pounding on DAVY’S door 24 hours a day, DAVY decided it was time he moved into a house, a hidden house.

He found a place in the Hollywood Hills that looks very, very British. “It looks as though it should have a thatched roof on it,” DAVY told me. And when I saw it, I quite agreed. It’s a beautiful mini-mansion on a piece of land that looks out over the entire city.

It’s an unfurnished home with two bedrooms and a den. DAVY plans to fill the den with a pool table he’s bringing in from England—one of the big 15-foot British tables. When DAVY was last in England he bought a gray stallion. Though he can’t keep it here in Hollywood with him, he’s still trying to find a suitable name, so if you have any suggestions I’m sure he’d like to hear from you.

When MIKE was in England he made a 3,500 pound (almost 100,000 dollars) purchase of a British Radford custom-mini. It’s JAMES BOND-equipped and complete with a sunroof, redesigned dashboard (with 18 labeled instructions), dark windows (so MIKE can see out but no one can see in), a record player, tape deck and high-power radio and “No Smoking” signs! MIKE will probably pick it up when the MONKEES do their London concerts July 1 and 2.

In a trans-Atlantic phone interview with a British reporter, MICKY stated, “I hope we don’t last two years. I mean I still want the MONKEES to be together in two years but not in the present format. I mean we must change with the times like the BEATLES. The BEATLES of today are not the same as two years ago. I talked to PAUL about this and he agrees you’ve got to broaden your outlook.”

Also, when MICKY was asked if he was going to marry SAMANTHA JUSTE, who MICKY calls in London often and who visited California for several weeks, he laughed hysterically. “Is that what they’re saying? Well, nobody told me. My getting married! That’s REALLY funny! No, I’m not going to marry SAMMY or anybody—yet. I haven’t got time to rest let alone get married!”

Ex-Raider JIM VALLEY spent several weeks in April recording his songs which CURT BOETTCHER produced. I can’t wait for them to be released. I think JIM will be surprising a lot of people by his solo efforts.

British newspapers claimed that PAUL McCARTNEY flew to America for JANE ASHER’S 21st birthday, but I think there were several other interests on his trip. One being the organizing of the Monterey Pop Festival. Like past folk and jazz festivals in Monterey, the pop elite will stage a gathering this month like none before. Since PAUL was on the Board of Directors, he flew to San Francisco in April to meet with the other board members, DONOVAN, ANDREW OLDHAM, PAPA JOHN PHILLIPS, PAUL SIMON, JOHNNY RIVERS and TERRY MELCHER.

While in San Francisco PAUL miraculously paid a visit unrecognized to the Fillmore Auditorium and spent that evening and the following day with JEFFERSON AIRPLANE. The AIRPLANE’S bass guitarist JACK offered PAUL an extra bed and the two of them along with a few close friends spent most of the night listening to JACK’s unusual collection of records.

“We’re not real, so don’t believe anything you see tonight” said THE BALLROOM as they came on stage at the UCLA Mardi Gras. And such a fantastic show was hard to believe! Because they use a good deal of electronic effects in their songs, they used musical tapes for their background music over which they sang live, and with outstanding success. CURT BOETTCHER, JIM BELL, MICHELLE O’MALLEY and SANDY SALISBURY sang their way through several lilting, yet stirring, songs and finished with a wild strobe lit number “Baby Please Don’t Go,” that assured everyone—something that great, today, could not be real. Or could it?

Australia’s number one female singer, LYNNE RANDALL, came by my office during her Hollywood visit and I found out she’s as sweet as she looks. During her LA stay she got to see the NITTY GRITTY DIRT BAND at the Hullabaloo Club and thought they were outasite. She also visited her friends DAVY JONES and PETER TORK while in town. They all dig her too!

At the only club in town where things are happening, The Hullabaloo Club, a great weekend show by the MUSIC MACHINE was followed a week later by the KNICKERBOCKERS. It was really groovy to see and hear them again.

On that same show was a new act that promises a fine performance with their exciting show and use of unusual instruments. Even MONKEES PETER, MIKE and DAVY turned out to see the group, “THE LEWIS AND CLARK EXPEDITION.” The guys dress in buckskins and it really fits with their outasite music. MIKE’S stand-in, JOHN LONDON, plays bass for the group.

DO YOU SHARE A BIRTHDAY WITH A STAR? Older this month are: BURT WARD, the 6th; RINGO STARR, the 7th; HERMIT BARRY WHITWAM, the 21st; MICK JAGGER, the 26th; and HERMIT KARL GREEN, the 31st.

MICKY DOLENZ has moved from his house in the Valley to a more secluded one in Laurel Canyon.

The romance between CHRISSIE SHRIMPTON and SMALL FACE, STEVE MARRIOTT, ended after about two months. CHRISSIE now says she’s going with a boy not in show business and is much happier that way.

BOBBY JAMESON’s latest single “The New Age” is the most frank comment on today’s times that I have heard. It won’t be long before BOBBY’s stirring tunes will be hailed by today’s youths as “Their” kind of music.

Looks as though TOMMY ROE may be doing the acting role soon. Producers are currently writing a script around TOMMY which would be a modern version of “A Connecticut Yankee In King Arthur’s Court.” If all goes as planned, TOMMY would write all the music for the flick.

It’s really groovy that RAIDER SMITTY is finally talking about his beautiful wife, SUSAN, and their four-year-old son, RORY.

I can hardly wait until you all hear from THE SUNSHINE COMPANY. They’re a great new group playing around LA, but will soon be heard and seen nationwide.


Magazine: Tiger Beat
Editor: Ralph Benner
Volume: 2
Issue: 11
Publisher: New Asbury Ltd. Publishing Co.
Pages: 66–67