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Married Raiders!

Boy, did you flunk the Raiders quiz in your April issue! For your information, the Raiders have four albums out, not three. I should know, I have them all.

Oh yes, I read in a truthful magazine about the Raiders saying that if they ever got married they wouldn’t keep it a secret, and now you say Smitty and Harpo are married but Harpo is getting un-married.

The Raiders are the most fab group around now and I’m sure other Raider fans will agree with me.

Glenna Purtell
Pittsfield, N.H.

Are you kidding? If this is a joke it isn’t the least bit funny. What I’m getting at is this: are Mike Smith and Jim Valley married? I have been a Raider fan for over a year, and I had never heard anything about this until I read it in the Raider Riddles quiz in your April issue.

If they really are married, I am not putting them down for it, because I know that they have personal lives to live. But to hide a marriage is beneath a star’s dignity and an insult to a fan’s integrity!

A Reader
Dallas, Texas

Please see my column on page 6 for a more complete explanation and some rather pointed comments.—Editor.


I have received your magazine for many moons now, and I must admit I found it very challenging. You see, I am an ardent believer in the worn-out phrase, “Nobody’s perfect.” Or, I should say I used to believe in that phrase. To find an imperfection in your magazine (filled with full-spectrum color pictures, original and refreshing articles), to me seemed very challenging. And, I am very happy to say I failed. You are, well, not really perfect, but somewhere between paramount and perfection.

But there is one little thing. (You knew it was coming, didn’t you?) I think it would be nice if you had a personal side to your magazine. The Mail Scene is fine for comments and such, but could you possibly put in a column that deals with the problems of TeenSet readers? I’m sure there is someone on your staff capable of being an “Ann Landers.” I hope you seriously consider this, for I think it would be a nice addition to your magazine.

Thank you very much for your writings on the San Francisco scene. In another year it will overthrow London as the “happening city.”

Mark Backlund
Rio Dell, Calif.

Thank you ever so much for your nice (and true) (she said modestly) compliments! As for a lovelorn column, maybe Laurayne could be of some assistance… she’s pretty lovelorn.—Editor.

Just read TeenSet for the first time yesterday and felt it necessary to write to compliment you on a fantastic magazine. It just about blew my mind that anyone could come up with a really great mag about pop musicians. T.S. really shows class; everything is in good quality and good taste. The writers treat the readers like intelligent human beings, instead of screamy 12-year-old girls!!! While I enjoy reading about my favorite musicians, it got to where I could not stand to read teen mags simply because my intelligence (?) was insulted. (Not everyone who digs pop music sits and drools over pics of Micky Dolenz… or whatever his name is… people would think I was rather weird if I did!!)

I tried that quiz (in the March issue) and flunked miserably. Ah well. People have different interests and values… I mean, somehow memorizing Peter Noone’s middle name strikes me as irrelevant. This is not a put-down on anyone who considers these bits of trivia essential for daily life… to each his own, eh?

In the same issue, I must mention the groovy pictures of the Stones. Being a great fan of theirs, I really dug them. Also I dug the thing about the Byrds (great group) (I’ve got all their records) and the pictures were great.

Thanks for reading this if indeed you were. (Somehow this mag gave me the impression of being interested in what a dud like me writes.) (No, I’m not implying that you have rotten taste, but that you’re interested in what the readers think.)

George Madrid
Phoenix, Ariz.

Of course we’re interested in what you think… especially when you think like that!—Editor.

A fan…

TeenSet is great! The first time I bought one was in October, 1966 and since then, I have every copy up to your latest which is April, 1967. Let me tell you, your magazine is tough. I mean really neat. I can distinguish your magazine from the others by looking at one little corner of the front cover.

Where do those two Sue Cameron haters get off? They put your whole mag down because of one article by Sue Cameron. To tell you the truth I’m sort of glad she’s not writing for you anymore. Another thing, if they would have read the rest of the mag and skipped over Sue’s article, they would have been delighted with the rest of your magazine, from cover to cover.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not knocking any other magazine, but it seems to me that the other magazines have the same stories as every other mag, and they have these stupid contests; every other page there’s another contest. To me, TeenSet has new and different articles, your approach to our fave groups is marvelous because now, with each new story about them we learn something different. And contests… when you do have one, it’s one and not 3 dozen. I give a salute to TeenSet. Keep up the good work and don’t change unless it’s toward the better. Understand, your mag isn’t perfect, but it’s the best I’ve found.

Christine Mousel
Chicago, Illinois

I first picked up your magazine at an airport in Dallas. Not recognizing its beautiful cover, I figured it wasn’t sold in New Orleans. After searching at newsstands for three months, I found one! I can’t tell you how happy I am. TeenSet is one of the few magazines who print the writer’s opinion, and I think if a writer writes an article and tells his honest opinion it’s a sign that they aren’t trying to hide anything. But!! I was wrong! The only thing TeenSet is hiding is that it’s the grooviest! Not like some magazines, who make their pop writers say “— is outasight” and “— says that — is his fave.” How dense do they think teens are??

Now for the big question… Where can I get Back Issues of TeenSet? I’m green with envy cause I missed out on that October issue featuring Mark Lindsay. Please Help!

New Orleans, Louisiana

Back Issues may be obtained by sending $.50 per copy to: TeenSet Back Issues, Box 1271, Hollywood 28, California. Better yet, subscribe and don’t chance missing a single issue!—Editor.


I’m now going to tell you a story and you better get it through that thick, dense skull of yours.

Today, I went out, and for the first time picked up TeenSet (Jan. issue) only because of the big article on the Beatles. You people are a bunch of “psychotic reactions!!” If you had a brain cell you’d be dangerous! I never in all my life was so disgusted in this mag which you call “supergroovyfabgearoutasight,” that is nothing but garbage that belongs in a can six feet under! Your humor belongs in a coffin for dead people only! Your Mail Scene letters are fake—that is, the fan letters—you people even have the nerve to put “A dedicated fan” etc. when those letters are fake!

Also, you ??? people have such gall to put down another magazine like 16. You are a bunch of spoiled, babyish, dense, ignorant idiots!!

In the Jan. issue, I read the letter from Gayle Kapena, Hawaii, in Mail Scene. I agree. The only thing good about this magazine (if you want to call it that) is the pictures.

I sure hope you people can’t sleep after putting out such trash, garbage, etc., etc…. that only re-tarded rejects of World War II would put out.

Shape up or ship out!! I say the latter.

Joanne Seper
Chicago, Illinois

The staff members of TeenSet are not fiction writers. We admit to being incapable of making up the letters printed in Mail Scene. We also admit (proudly) to being incapable of making up stories about a love-hungry Phil Volk or a starry-eyed Herman. We go to recording sessions, have picnics, go on tours, have photo sessions, and in general, report the news as it happens. We’re sorry if we haven’t convinced you of our honesty; perhaps the article on page 56 will clarify a few things for you.—Editor.


Would you please print a picture of the Blues Magoos and the Hard Times in your magazine. Also would you tell what their names are?

Louise Wall
Granada Hills, Calif.

Hope you were satisfied with last month’s issue, as it had both the Blues Magoos and the Hard Times! More on both soon!—Editor.

I can’t thank you enough for your groovy, fab, gear article on the Rolling Stones (March, 1967)!!! It was just too good to be true! I loved the color pictures (especially of Brian)!

Keep up the good work!

Alexandra Hall
Wellesley, Mass.

I have every TeenSet since last April. This must sound very stale to you, but, “I like it.” Enough said. Thank you.

Lou Anne Reitmeier
Crookston, Minn.

I’m one of your newer fans! I just discovered this groovy magazine. Boy, you can sure write them. I don’t have any complaints—how could anyone complain about TeenSet? But I do have a few questions. All your pictures are neat, so why not add more, or rather add more closeups of the MONKEES! I’m not talking about the junk you find in movie magazines, but true stuff. They’ve got such groovy lives to write about, I don’t see how you could resist. And such good looking faces to photograph. Think it over. I hope you decide to.

Beth Dortch
Nashville, Tenn.

I think you will be more than happy with all the groovy pin-ups we have in store for you and other Monkee fans! (For instance, see page 46!)—Editor.

Byrd buff

I think your March issue was just great. I was overjoyed (?)… delighted (?)… would you believe mad with happiness to see those terrific pix of the terrific Byrds! I haven’t seen much of them for quite a while and I’m glad someone devoted some space to them. I hope there’s going to be more in forthcoming issues.

Kris Dewey
Menomonee Falls, Wis.

I just luv that English quiz thingy, “Blimey, Luv.” Please print it again, and again and again and again…

Oh, yeah, and more on the fab BEATLES!

No name

A fan, Afan

I thought I liked John Lennon before I read your poems by AFAN, now I think I worship him. You are one of the few magazines that knows a really cool head when you see one! Although I speak with little experience, I think this is the best collection of contemporary poems today. I realize I am prejudiced, but I thought I was prejudiced before I read them. As far as I’m concerned AFAN will never ride long enough to satisfy me! I know these poems are a little starry-eyed, but they are mature and not a bunch of sickeningly sweet goop. Thank you for letting me sound off about my mad passion.

S. Miller
Fort Wayne, Ind.

P.S.: “Short, Sweet, and Swiped From A Fellow AFAN” is now my motto, with all the rest right behind!

P.P.S.: I just want to thank you for having the best pop magazine available in the States today. You have some of the best intellectual sarcasm I’ve ever read. Keep up the great work.


I think TeenSet is a great magazine, but you don’t have enough pictures or articles on Keith. I was just thrilled to see the picture of Keith and the article on page 9, but I would like to see more pictures and more articles on him!

Carol Schanscheck
Dearborn Hgts., Mich.

As soon as Keith finds his way back to the west coast, you can bet we’ll corner him (heh, heh) for lots of pictures and news!!—Editor.

Beatles, still

I think your magazine is marvey, but the articles that I love the most are your BEATLE articles. TeenSet has such groovy colored pics that it sets each fan reeling. When I opened the Feb. issue to the pics of John Lennon (pages 10 and 11), I just swooned. The main reason for this letter, though, is to thank you for the poems to John Lennon by AFAN. They are really down-to-earth, and to me the best feature of the magazine when you do print them. I’m asking and begging you to keep printing them for us Lennon fans.

Leda Lattimer
Raytown, Missouri

I just had to write and congratulate you on a really great magazine. I’d better explain how I got hold of your mag first of all. I have a very nice pen-friend in New York and she sent me the December and January issues of your mag as well as a couple of others. The others, as far as I’m concerned, were a load of old codowallop, to coin a well known phrase. I can’t believe that teenagers actually read those publications.

I buy quite a few of our teenage magazines and as far as I can judge, yours is as good if not better than most of them.

There were a couple of things I especially liked. The main one was an article in the January edition called “Go Forth and Take Pictures of the Beatles,” by Gunther Yorty. This was a really unusual and amusing approach. The “A go go” teenage magazine was also very good.

Once again let me congratulate you on a most entertaining publication. If it were published over here, I’d be the first to buy a copy.

Keep up the good work.

Kareen Wray
Co. Down, North Ireland

Well, I find your magazine quite palatable—no longer a great surprise to me because I’ve been watching you a few months now. Your AFAN bit was beautiful!! Especially “Hey, Beattle!” (When are you going to have some photos of Private Gripweed? He seems to have a lovely face after all. I’d always rather suspected it, despite the snide remarks of some, i.e. ‘Did you see him? He looks worse with his hair short!’ etc.)

However, I have a word for Miss Cameron about the album cover of “Yesterday and Today.” Look at it objectively. At the worst, it is grotesque. There is nothing positively offensive to anyone—with the possible exception of vegetarians, and even I, who protest meat-eating, think it irrelevant that this particular dead animal ended up on an album jacket. On the other hand, I find the picture on the back of “Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby?” rather tasteless—particularly Bill Wyman’s pose. I think that the privilege of being “controversial” should not be permitted when hurting the feelings of unlucky people becomes the criteria for individuality.

Geri Vorman
Brooklyn, N.Y.

Thanks for the great pictures and story on Ian Whitcomb. It’s the first extensive article I’ve seen about him in any teen mag! Also, let’s hear more on another fab guy, Donovan.

Miami, Florida

Magazine: TeenSet
Editor: Judith Sims
Volume: 3
Issue: 6
Publisher: Capitol Records Distributing Corp.
Pages: 24–25, 57