Stop Press

No, the Monkees will not be doing any extra concerts at the Wembley Pool other than the ones already announced, but their future is already heavily booked up in the States. They are due to appear at the Forest Hill Tennis Stadium on Jul 14, 15, 16 and 14,000 fans will watch each performance.

Our Hollywood reporter still insists that the boys will fly in to London Airport on June 15. But this may be changed. He also reports that they are not going to appear on T.V. for the BBC or ITV at present, but this may well change once they have arrived. A big group of road managers, business managers and advisers will be coming with them. And there’ll be a special pre-view of an actual Monkee performance when the BBC screen the last of the present series on June 24th.

At the time of going to press there are no plans to release a new Monkees’ single whilst the boys are in England. They have, of course, recorded a whole batch of new songs, but no decision has yet been taken as to which shall be the next single, so we are all going to have to wait a bit longer. Title of their next L.P. will be “HEADQUARTERS”.

Davy, Micky and Mike all made arrangements to get regular supplies of Carnaby Street gear airmailed to them direct from London while they were over here earlier in the year. Odd man out, of course, is Peter Tork and Micky says that he will fix him up as soon as they arrive.

The boys will not have to go through customs. When they arrive at London Airport they will be whisked straight off the plane past the Oceanic Building into two cars and away from the crowds.

Strong rumours still persist that Davy’s draft rating may be changed from 1. A. to 2. A. No, he hasn’t got some secret disease, the change will be due to the fact that he is the sole supporter of his father and our Hollywood reporter phoned us to say that Davy will definitely not be called up this year. Mike, as you know, did in fact join the air force for a short spell. Micky wears glasses and so his eyesight was not up to the required standard, and the Call Up Board thought Peter was just plain crazy!

Everyone knows about Davy’s love for horses and horse racing. One of the first people that will greet him when he arrives will be his old Newmarket trainer, Basil Foster, and it is rumoured that he is going to train some horses for the British Monkee. Davy is also determined to try and visit at least one race meeting whilst he is back in England.

Magazine: Monkees Monthly
Editor: Jackie Richmond
Issue: 5
Publisher: Beat Publications Ltd.
Page: 19