Monkee Mail

If one more person says, “of course, ‘A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You’ will reach No. 1 although its [sic] not as good as ‘I’m a Believer’. Its [sic] bound to. Its [sic] the Monkees!” I’ll scream. (Might even resort to more drastic measures). In my opinion its [sic] much better than ‘I’m a Believer’.

Fiona Milner (13),
60, Gainsborough Rd.,

My first is in money but not in honey
My second is in moon but not in June
My third is in Nora but not in Dora
My fourth is in kitten but not in cat
My fifth is in left but not in right
My sixth is in table but not in chair
My last is in seven but not in Heaven
My whole is in a fab group
We all like to hear.

Lorraine Gray,
26 Holderness Drive

I work at my father’s riding school as a B.H.S.A.I. student. On Saturday night I had come in from work, just ready to sit down and watch the Monkees on T.V. First the T.V. went wrong (before the Monkees started—Thank goodness) but after a couple of thumps it put itself right. So the programme started. I was sitting there lapping it up, when, wait for it, I was called out to put a horse away, which had just come back from a days hunting. The horse was put away and rugged in three minutes flat—record time!! On returning to watch the end of the Monkees I was again called out to feed the same horse. You can imagine how livid I was, when—to end it all—I burnt my hands mixing a hot bran mash.

Davy must know what it is like working with horses, and if he should get to see this, he must surely sympathise with us grooms.

Pat Long,

I am absolutely fanatical about the Monkees, especially Davy!

After reading that he eats a lot of yoghurt my friend and I decided to try it. Well I’ve never tasted anything so “sickly” in my life, and as we had no spoon, we were walking up the street eating it with our fingers! (my friend hates it too).

Anyway we managed to finish it off, and because Davy eats it, we are going to torture ourselves with it every day, foras [sic] long as Davy continues to eat it. I don’t mind because I feel nearer to him by eating “YOGHURT”.

Jeane Whiting (14),
Stevenage, Herts.

P.S. I’m always dreaming about getting to meet him.

Davy’s sitting on the bed,
Mike is standing on his head,
Micky’s acting like a clown,
Peter’s silent with a frown.
One more photo, I can add
To any album—Dad thinks “mad!”
Two bob here and three bob there,
Just to get another stare
At your faces tanned and brown,
In the mags I buy in town.
Monkees, Monkees, can’t you see
Loving you is breaking me!

Brenda Morgan,
Billericay, Essex.

Please publish this on your mail page for the sake of the 50 or more letters I have had after you published my name and address on the pen pal page.—

Thank you to all the people that wrote to me after my ad. in the Monkees Monthly page for pen pals. As I have had over fifty letters I cannot hope to answer them all. So, to all you Monkee lovers, thank you for the fantastic amount of letters I had. Forgive me for not answering them and good luck in your pen pal hunting.

Theresa Sudbury (13),
London N 18.

It’s not as though your book is bad,
But just one thing that drives me mad—
Peter’s name—you kinda cheat
By changing it to simply “Pete”.
You never hear a “David” instead of Davy,
To call Mike a “Michael” is simply crazy!!
Micky into a “Michael” would be a great feat,
So don’t change our Peter into a “Pete”.
Every week, I watch their show
It’s never said on there, you know
So change it please, and then I’ll like
Your book on Davy, Peter, Micky and Mike.

Sue Thomas,
Salfords, Lancs.

P.S. Peter is the grooviest of the lot, and the Fan Club is Fab!

Magazine: Monkees Monthly
Editor: Jackie Richmond
Issue: 5
Publisher: Beat Publications Ltd.
Pages: 28–29