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Why does everyone have to like Davy Jones? I wish I could go to England and be alone with him! Doesn’t he get tired of playing the field with millions of teenagers? I know it’s fun, but he should settle down already with a steady girl like me. Everyone knows he doesn’t have the time for all his devoted fans!

New York, N.Y.

Mike, sir, I am from Texas and love it!

Davy, don’t feel bad. I am short too!

Peter, you are more than sweet and kind!

Micky, I just love to laugh, and I always do with you!

D. Laing
Bangor, Maine

I would like to meet Davy more than anything. I know I am not very important to him, but he is everything to me. Is he ever coming to Austin? I just have to meet dear, dear, Davy! Don’t worry about what I’d do if I met him—I don’t bite, scratch or tear!

Kerry Linton
Austin, Texas

My friends tell me I’m wrong, but I’m sure Davy Jones has a wart on the side of his nose. Am I seeing things, or what?

Tom Kellering
Hollis, N.Y.

No, Davy Jones does not have a wart on the side of his nose.

Girls have written in saying how jealous they are of Ann Moses because she’s always in pictures with the Monkees. All I can say is, what do you expect to prove by being jealous? When you live out in the midwest somewhere and the Monkees live in California, what’s the use? You just have to admire them from afar, and being jealous is silly!

Franklin Square, N.Y.

Are the Monkees really that nutty, or do they just act that way for TV? If they are more serious in real life, why do they act so funny on TV? Wouldn’t they be just as famous if they weren’t so silly?

Barbara Rothrock
Honesdale, Pa.

I was so thrilled when I saw my first Monkee Spectacular! My girlfriend and I were in the store buying TiGER BEAT, and we spotted the new magazine. We were so excited we both started screaming right in the store! The lady at the magazine counter started yelling at us because we were making so much noise while we were reading it.

I can’t wait for the next issue!

Santa Rosa, Calif.

I dig Micky Dolenz so much, if he were mine I’d keep him locked up in a room so nobody else could have him!

Omaha, Neb.

The Monkees are the greatest! Anybody who doesn’t like them had better see a doctor, quick! They have to be very sick!

San Pedro, Calif.

When I was watching the Miss Teen International Contest not long ago, things were really exciting when they picked the winner. And then Davy Jones came out on the stage and I almost fainted, I was so surprised! What a fab surprise!

Garden Grove, N.J.

I luv the color pics you’ve been printing of Davy! They look so lifelike! I have them hanging all over my room, and the more I look at them, the cuter Davy gets!

Pam Conroy
Spartanburg, S.C.

My daughter is an avid fan of Peter Tork. As for myself, I think Davy is groovy! I also like Mike Nesmith quite a lot—maybe because we are both spoken for.

When the Monkees come to town, I’m going to take my daughter to their concert.

Mrs. Susan Memmert
Marriottsville, Md.

The greatest thing happened to my girlfriend and me the other day! We had just bought a copy of the Monkee Spectacular, and my girlfriend was holding up a picture of Davy Jones while I took a picture of her with my camera.

Just then a man walked by and saw what we were doing. “Excuse me for interrupting,” he said, “but I want to thank you for the compliment!” We didn’t understand what he meant at first. Then he told us he had taken that picture of Davy Jones. We didn’t believe him, so he took us to his car and showed us some of the wildest pictures he had taken of the Monkees. Were we thrilled!

We both would love to meet Davy in person, but meeting his photographer was pretty close. Would you please ask him if he remembers us?

Cheri Baroglio
La Puente, Calif.

Yes, Bob remembers you. He was delighted with your letter, and asked that we print it.

My girlfriend says that Davy Jones wears a wig, and I say he doesn’t! Would you please tell us if he does?

Susan Majoy
Fallbrook, Calif.

Davy does not wear a wig.

I love Davy Jones. I think he’s the cutest, dreamiest Englishman on earth! His lips I bet are like strawberry pies, and his kisses are ooh-la-la!

I just can’t seem to ever get Davy out of my mind. Everywhere I go I am thinking of him. In school I get bad grades because I’m thinking of him. At home I sit in my bedroom and read stories about Davy.

I try hard not to think about him, but it doesn’t seem to work. Why am I in love so much?

Doreen Brown
Oakland, Calif.

Magazine: Monkee Spectacular
Editor: Ralph Benner
Volume: 1
Issue: 3
Publisher: New Asbury Ltd. Publishing Co.
Page: 16