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Bruno (Vincent Gardenia), Dr. Marcovich (Vito Scotti), Micky Dolenz, Davy Jones, Mike Nesmith, Peter Tork

I’m crazy about The Monkees and I’m thrilled that you write so much on them, but what’s this? Wherever their names are listed, it’s always Davy, then the others. WHY?? What does Davy have that the others don’t? Why is Davy the superior one? Why is Davy so special? I do admit that I have a weakness for Micky but it does not mean that you have to write only on Micky. Write, write, write on The Monkees, just as long as there is no superiority!!

Ruby Uekara
Honolulu, Hawaii

Where can a small town girl meet any of the great groups? I live in a town of under 1,000 people and nobody comes near here. We don’t even have a group of our own.

Judy Kilbey
Fernley, Nevada

Maybe your town’s Chamber of Commerce and those of a few neighboring towns can get together and plan an event which would be attractive enough so that a major performer would visit your part of the world.

Please be kind enough to print this. Perhaps it will help others to understand a Beatle fan’s eternal love of… the Fab Four. Sure I have a fab liking of the groups out now—everyone of them turns me on. But I know there will never be another group which will have an effect on me as The Beatles did. And forever I will respect, love and glorify them for making some usually awkward years more loving and happy.

Linda Koski
South Range, Michigan

Irresistable [sic]


Linda Laird
Marrero, La.

I think Don and The Goodtimes are a fabulous group. They deserve all the coverage they can get. Please try and have more on these groovy guys, especially Big Don!

Somerville, N.J.

What are those Polls for anyway? Don’t get me wrong. I had fun filling it out. Matter of fact, I found out a few things about myself I hadn’t paid any attention to before. I would like to have a reply if you have time to answer. Thank you.

Harriet Blake
Huntington, West Va.

Our Polls are the most personal way of communicating with you, of knowing what you’re feeling and thinking about every month. We spend countless hours reading them and making sure that FLIP reflects the desires and dreams you have. Just as you found out a few things about yourself, we found out some very important things about you—so that FLIP will always be your magazine!

I’m a regular reader who’s enjoyed your magazine but never dreamed that one day I’d be writing to ask a special favor of you. I’m an ex-serviceman just recently returned from combat in Vietnam. I was critically wounded, permanently losing the use of both my legs. As a result, I’m confined to a wheelchair and have more time than I really know what to do with. Please, it would mean so much to be able to exchange letters with some of your readers, as I’m especially fond of writing. I’m 18 years old, 5'10", 165 pounds, with blue eyes, blond hair and dimples. I’d appreciate letters from anyone who cares to write (especially girls) but, please, no sympathy letters. I’m proud to have served my country, despite the consequences.

Carl J. Wilson
Apt. #40
1001 McWilliams
Las Vegas, Nevada 89106

I was very pleased to see Keith Altham’s praise of Simon and Garfunkel’s latest album, “Parsley, Sage, Rosemary & Thyme.” It’s about time someone gave these two fine performers a little credit.

Carol Dockery
Kingsport, Tenn.

Paul Revere makes me sick! I simply can’t stand him! He’s also the most conceited person I’ve ever seen or heard of! What he said about Harpo in the April FLIP gave me an even lower opinion of him than I had before!

Alberta, Canada

Is Mike Nesmith really married? In another magazine, it said he wasn’t. But all the papers say he is. And so do my friends.

Lorene Schneckenbueger
Warsaw, N.Y.

Yes, he is. He is married to lovely Phyllis and is the father of adorable 2-year-old Christian Duval Nesmith.

Down with The Association! I saw them with The Spoonful last year. Their little gimmick started out to be mildly amusing, but, as all gimmicks do, it fell flat very quickly.

Jean Markovitz
Chicago, Ill.

In your May issue, there’s a picture of Roger Hart holding a little Raider doll. Where did he get is? Please tell me where and how much, ’cause it’s the grooviest little thing in the world.

Debbie Stark
Stillwater, Okla.

It was sent by a Raider Rooter, and is not available as a commercial product.

I think The Monkees are a great thing and I dig their records. But I don’t think they’re all fair because they seem to get all the attention.

Kimberly MacCallum
Durbury, Mass.

Recently Eric Burdon and The Animals appeared at a concert in a nearby college town. The Animals at the show were […] Chandler, Dave Roweberry and Eric. I just can’t figure out why the groups aren’t the same and it’s driving me crazy. Could you please explain why the groups aren’t the same? Thank you very much.

Mary Beth Parks
Atlanta, Texas

When The Animals—the ones who recorded your album—broke up, Eric took over the name of the group and organized his own Animals, with his name as the leader. Those are the guys who appeared at the concert. But the group is going through a trial stage, and there may still be many changes before Eric Burdon and The Animals settle down.

FLIP says that Paul is The Beatle who’s been least affected by fame and money. But a paperback book I read says that he’s the only one who’s had it go to his head. Now, I don’t know which one is correct, but since FLIP is the most honest mag, I’ll trust your decision.

Confused FLIP-er
Hoesington, Kansas

Keith Altham, FLIP’s London Editor and one of The Beatles’ closest personal friends, stands by his judgment that Paul has remained a true and natural man despite his incredible success. Success, says Keith, has not spoiled Paul.

Magazine: Flip
Publisher: Kahn Communications Corporation
Pages: 64–65