Me and Micky

  • Micky Dolenz
    Micky’s beard was pretty successful. Sad day, when he and the others had to shave it off!
  • Micky Dolenz
    Would you believe a beatnik poet? Would you believe a Monkee?



Mike Nesmith
Mike won first prize in the beard-growing competition. His was the fullest and the darkest (and the one most painful to shave off).

It’s been a fab month for fab me and the fab Monkees and especially for fab Micky, my fab friend, all you fab flabs.

Here around my prose you see the Monkees in full (hairy) bloom! What with visiting the bearded and mustached Beatles and having a long vacation with no filming or public appearances, all four boys tried to get as much plumage as possible before the (dreaded) day arrived and the boys had to shave again (sad, sad day).

Mike, as you can see, was the most successful, followed closely by Peter and Micky, with Davy straggling along last. (I don’t think he really put his heart into it—a beard looks so bad when it’s just starting to grow, that he chickened a couple of times and shaved it off again.)

Micky Dolenz
At their latest recording session, Micky’s beard was in full bloom. But the whiskers didn’t interfere with his groovy sounds.

The peculiar-looking instrument that Peter is playing is a steel guitar with a foot pedal. Both he and Mike had a great time with it—it’s featured quite a bit on their new album. The boys are, as you know, doing the instrumental work on their third album, of which they’re very proud.

By now, you’ve read all about Micky’s and Davy’s exploits in England. But here’s one little story that didn’t cause much of a stir at the time, but I thought you might like to hear it.

We stayed at a very large and famous hotel in London, which was quite naturally surrounded by hundreds of excited fans even before Micky arrived.

This upset the manager all all the other patrons quite a bit and he was just about to ask us to leave, when Mick came up with an idea.

First of all, he went down to the front door of the lobby and started talking to the girls. Naturally, they went wild, but within a few minutes he had them calmed down. He explained that he would sit in the lobby and they would line up quietly and come through and meet him one by one.

Micky Dolenz
Micky close-up at the recording session, which Ric photographed exclusively for FLIP!

Mick was there for four hours, shaking hands and kissing cheeks. He was a little tired, but very happy—there’s nothing he likes more than meeting fans. The girls were happy, the hotel manager was happy, the other guests were happy—the Mick had done it again!

Speaking of Micky (where have I heard that name before?), his current project is making a 16mm film of a recording session, only using my pictures instead of live films of the boys. He plans to try to get our producers to use it on the show. Cross your fingers—you may see the debut of Micky Dolenz, film maker, on your TV next season!

More goodies next month…

The Monkees—(before shaving)!

  • Davy Jones
    Davy, who kept shaving his beard off and then letting it grow again, at the session with a tambourine. Davy, by the way, has just formed his own record company, Davy Jones Records.
  • Davy Jones
    “I’ve had better sandwiches!”
  • Peter Tork
    Peter, who never wears matching socks, didn’t wear any this day!
  • Peter Tork
    Peter playing a groovy new instrument. See Ric’s column for the scoop!

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