I Visit with The Monkees (Part 5)

Magazine: Tiger Beat
Editor: Ralph Benner
Volume: 2
Issue: 9
Publisher: New Asbury Ltd. Publishing Co.
Pages: 20–21

Dear TiGER BEAT Readers,

Since I spend practically all my time with the Monkees, it’s just natural that I’ve become fond of them. So many of you keep writing me asking questions that I decided to answer some of your questions this month. Regardless of what you’ve heard elsewhere, Mike is the only married Monkee. Peter does go with Leah, Cass’ sister, but they’re not married as yet. Micky’s girl’s name is Randy. They’re also not married. Davy has no steady.

The Monkees’ show is renewed for next year, so you’ll be seeing it every week. The Monkees DO play their own instruments. If you don’t believe me, just go to a live concert and see for yourself.

The Monkees ARE going to make a film this spring. I don’t know what it’s all about yet, but I’ll give you the story as soon as I find out what it is.

Ann Moses

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